The Best Ways To Respond To I Want To Kiss You Text

How do to respond when a guy asks if he can kiss you or what to say when a girl says she wants to kiss you?

It’s very fun to text a guy in the beginning. Your heart begins to beat quickly whenever you see his nickname on your screen, and you also notice that you are flushing and nibbling your lip. Your thoughts are absorbed and your interactions become exciting.

Your texts can take on even greater significance if you’ve gone beyond the initial date and it went well. The best way to win him over is to close the deal with an enthralling discussion. I want to kiss you SMS might help him accomplish this goal, especially if you two have a lot of chemistry. 

We’ll show you what you can say to him to make him think of you and long for your lips. The most popular way for long-distance couples to communicate with their loved ones is to send messages like “I want to kiss you” via text or other messaging apps.

They send kiss texts to their admirers, and some prefer to send a kiss text to their crush than to speak to them. I’ve also noticed that some people, while they’re with their spouse, would rather compose a text message than say, “I want to kiss you,” out loud.

In the beginning, texting a guy is a lot of fun. Each time you see his face on the computer screen, your heart begins to beat faster, and you flush and chew your lower lip. Your conversations become engaging and entertaining,

If things went well on your first date with him and you’ve since moved past it, the importance of your texts may increase. It’s time to seal the deal with some captivating conversation that will make him yours for good.

If you have incredible chemistry, texts like “I want to kiss you” can help you accomplish your aim. We’ll teach you how to speak to him in a way that will stay in his memory and compel him to kiss you. However, you are under no need to respond to the I want some kiss reply; if something doesn’t feel right, make sure to stop sending him texts.

1. Play him off-balance by making hints about what you want.

If being straight is a little overwhelming for you, you can still get the same result by purposefully skirting the subject. This simply means that you shouldn’t tell him you want to kiss him straight away; instead, you should only obliquely broach the matter.

Guys who can see beyond the lines will fare better with this type of strategy. You might want to steer clear of this tactic if the person you’re interested in is a little unaware and never appears to catch up on your clues. Examples: “My lips are hankering after something—do you know what it may be?”

2. Tell him that you’ve appreciated our previous kisses.

Guys can experience self-consciousness about their kissing prowess, as we previously noted. If you don’t tell him how much you’re enjoying it, he can start to question if there will ever be more. or if he discouraged you from kissing him once more.

An excellent choice for very sensitive guys is to tell them you appreciate your kiss. This will offer him something much more positive and help allay any fears he might be experiencing.

Heck, this might even be effective for males who are more self-assured in their abilities. Never hurts to receive a little flattery now and then. Examples: “Last night, when we kissed, I felt weak in the knees. I wish I could go through that again.

3. Laughingly teasing him will make him smile.

Taunting him is one of the best methods to text him. Nothing will bring him more joy than little lighthearted taunting. Hopefully, he will tease you right back. This approach is a terrific, limited way to inform him via text that you want to kiss him. 

It doesn’t appear to be awkward as declaring affection for him when you do it in a lighthearted manner that doesn’t sound overly serious. Examples: “I believe you could learn from some of my kissing teachings, but not awful for our first kiss. or “I guess I’ll need to kiss you more to prove my nagging intuition that you kiss well.”

4. Add some spice by using dirty phrases.

Feeling a little sinful? Then you can use your longing to kiss him to convince him that this is just the starting to set a more explicit tone in your texts. 

Nothing will catch a guy’s eye faster than even the slightest suggestion that you two might spend some time in bed together. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to make your chats s*xual if you’re not yet at ease doing so. Take your time and wait till you are prepared.


  • I adore kissing your lips, but I’m curious how much I’d enjoy kissing other parts of your body as well.
  • Whenever we kiss, you use your tongue so skillfully. I can think of several uses for that later.

5. How is it that someone can kiss so perfectly?”

To be more precise, this is a direct complement. After a kiss, your sweetheart will be watching to see how you reply to the text “I want to kiss you,” so be aware of this. This is a fantastic chance. Why don’t you compliment him on how great he is? He’ll recognize that you’re requesting more. It serves as a form of inspiration as well, pushing him to try even harder for the subsequent kiss.

6. It is insufficient to give virtual embraces and kisses.

“I had been sorely missing you!” This is a great approach to expressing your longing for your partner. When your partner is away on vacation or you are in a serious marriage, this kind of response is ideal.


Guidelines to take if you believe you have to improve your short messaging skill sets. You can feel as though you are unsure of what to say to him even after arduous web research that lasted for hours. Even though kissing is enjoyable, it’s not always simple to incorporate it in ways that seem genuine. 

We advise using tools like the Text Chemistry course if you are having trouble crafting the ideal text. You can select from various text template options using this software to send your lover. Additionally, you’ll learn tips on how to make men fall in love with you, giving you a greater grasp of how to craft the most seductive texts he’s ever received.