What Should I Put On My Instagram Story?

What should I put on Instagram Stories? This is a common question often asked by people who are looking for the best thing to post on Instagram story to get attention.

Have you been wondering what to put on your Instagram stories? Take a seat; this guide is for you. Nowadays, It’s common to get lost or run out of ideas on what to share on your Instagram stories. We understand the stress involved, and that’s why we’ve come up with detailed answers to your question.

Regarding Instagram stories, many people post their daily life occurrences, their lovers,  captions about their business, family time out together, etc. So, In this guide, we’ll share some fantastic Instagram story ideas for both singles, those in a relationship, brands, etc. I’m sure this will interest you, so dive into it immediately.

Things You Should Post On Your IG Story

If you’re finding it difficult to know what to post on your Insta stories when you’re bored or have some new photos, check out our top-notch Instagram stories idea below;

1. Make a poll

One of the best Instagram story ideas for personal accounts or professional bodies is making a poll. You can create a new story by asking your audiences to vote or detail their preference through a poll. It is a great way to engage them, and guess what?

It’s super simple! You can use Insta built-in poll stickers. Interestingly,  if the poll is referencing a product, there is a possibility of linking the product to the same story.

2. Post a story with caption, #couplegoals

When creating a post for your Instagram stories, it could be about love and relationships. Amazing, right? Yes! You can caption it this way; are you wondering what couple goals are? Take a look at this. Maybe a picture of you and your lover in a loved-up position. #notSorryAboutIt


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3. Create graphics and photos

While creating an Instagram story, you can create beautiful graphics or photos that could mean many incredible things. The graphic or photo should be pointing to the reply bar at the bottom. Your audiences should be able to engage in the stories. The graphic can be one for lovers or just for anybody or your business.

4. Throw a question to your audience

For those who are not yet in a relationship, you can ask a question that will compel them to engage with your story. Your question can trigger them to open up and share things about themselves, their career, thoughts, emotions, academic struggles and successes, and their likes and dislikes. It may also lead to a better understanding of your followers.

5. Share freebies in celebration of your lover’s birthday

Who doesn’t love the sound of giveaways? Everyone does. You can do a giveaway to celebrate your lover’s birthday with your audience. Let your followers share in your joy through the tokens you can give out. Asking people to share your photos and old posts in order to enter the giveaway can also get them more involved.

6. The happenings in your relationship

Creating some slides around the beautiful things happening in your relationship is one of the Insta story ideas you shouldn’t leave on the table. Get hold of all the beautiful images and videos of you and your partner and caption the story #ourlovesummedupin15 seconds!

#Whosaidloveisn’tabeautifulthing? Sharing this fantastic story on your IG stories will make your followers engage in it by saying lovely things to you and your lover.

7. Post inspiring content on your story

Hey! Do you know that sharing inspiring content on your Instagram stories is one of the ways to generate engagement? It doesn’t matter if you are a business, a single person, in a relationship, or a creator; you should always share inspiring stories. It could be an outing,  a vacation, an indie song, or anything you feel will inspire your audience.

Remember that sharing aspiring videos of your brand’s story is also beneficial. Your love stories can also communicate true humanity to your audiences.

8. Encourage your audience to ask questions concerning things they want to know about you

You can encourage your audience to ask questions on things they desire to know About you, your brand, your love life, vacation, and your family if that is not extreme because so many people do not like flaunting their family on IG.

Use a simple caption that communicates your intentions well enough. Also, encouraging your audiences to ask questions will help you gauge how informative and educational your story content has been for them.

9. Post about your mood

Sharing your mood over time is also an idea for an Instagram story and may serve as another avenue for your followers to get to know you better. Your audience deserves to know the real you, and this is one of the ways you can achieve that. Sharing your mood can also be a way to let your followers know how you’re feeling right now, your highs and lows.

For instance, if you’ve been off Instagram for some time due to one reason or another, you can share that with your audiences. However, ensure it’s conversational and honest because your followers won’t appreciate lies.

10. Publicize your work

What is that job that foots your bills aside from Instagram? Talk about it. Are you an engineer, real estate consultant, broker, or sales expert? Whatever business it is that you do? Talk about it from time to time in your stories with short but fascinating captions.

Are you an artist or freelancer? Do you design for people, a video editor, or a professional photographer? This is an excellent way to get your followers to know about your fantastic work, and who knows? They may patronize you.

11. Announce an upcoming event

Is there an upcoming event you will be organizing? Sharing about it with your audience using Instagram stories is an IG Story idea that works. They will see the date and time and show up for it. Do not forget to use a captivating caption.

The event may be a live event on your Instagram handle or a business event. Whichever one it is, you can announce that on your Instagram stories. You can also tell your followers about an upcoming celebration or coaching on any course through the announcement.


Posting on your Instagram stories has been one of the ways to keep up with your audience on IG, and I hope I am able to show you some creative Instagram story ideas you can use when crafting your stories. Guess what? Everyone can source IG story ideas from this article. So, read, digest, and utilize this idea to stop thinking so much about what to post on your story.