How To Impress A Girl On Instagram Story

How can I impress my crush on Instagram stories? Instagram is a popular social media application meant for connecting with people of like minds and similar fantasies. People upload adorable videos and photos and also send inbox messages. Instagram has so many unique features, which include Igtv, photo filters,  Insta stories, live videos, reels, etc.

Instagram Stories is one of the unique features that allow users to share their images or short clips that expire in under 24 hours. It can also stay in your highlights when you save them in your preferred category.

Wait a minute, do you have someone you have a crush on and you’re wondering the best way to DM her without being creepy, or do you desire to impress on your Instagram Stories? This guide will teach you the perfect way to impress a girl on your Instagram story.

So, take a head! But before we proceed further, do you have a question like, what is the Instagram story? Take a look at the answer below;

What Is Instagram story?

Instagram Stories is one of the features of the social media app Instagram that people use to capture and share their images and video-related content. This is done in a slideshow format, and you can also adjust them using the app’s distinctive features.

On Instagram stories, content is only there for 24 hours, after which it’s no more. Stories posted on Insta Stories are for family and friends to share more of what is happening in their lives with people close to them.

Now, let’s take a deep look at how you can impress a girl on your Instagram Story.

Pro tips to impress a girl via Instagram Stories

1. Be Unique

Do not forget that while looking to impress a girl on your Instagram story; you should not lose yourself. Be unique. Many people lose themselves while trying to impress others on their Insta Stories. Post things that speak about the real you, not the other way around. Don’t claim to be someone you are not. Remember that the real you might be all she’s been searching for. Post only things that are relevant and represent your personality.

2. Post fun and captivating things on your Insta Stories

Make your handle fun to visit. Who knows, she may be impressed by visiting your page. You may also try sharing photos of lovely scenery, cuddly animals, and cute photos of yourself on your Insta stories. Adding flattering pictures of you working, hitting the gym, partying hard in an open field, and having a fun outing with friends and family won’t be a bad option. The pictures you post should also highlight your best features. A collection of photos from your life will make you appear more fascinating, concentrated, and outstanding!

3. Write more funny captions on your photos

While posting your images or video content on your Instagram story, write more funny captions. Write something that would interest her enough to want you and engage in your posts. Funny captions can make her laugh and capture her attention, which is what you desired in the first place. Remember, don’t overdo it, or you’ll lose your relevance and self-respect.

4. Follow her on Instagram

Have you followed her back? If the answer is no, do that right away. Her thought about you may be that you are rude and full of yourself, which is why you couldn’t follow her back. Also, when you follow her back, you will always see her content, watch her stories, and engage in them. Always say sweet things concerning her content and images whenever she shares them.

5. Ask For Suggestions

By using Instagram polls, you can ask your followers for suggestions. You can find out where they are located and where they are responding from. You can post about a circumstance you’re in and ask what they’d do if they found themselves in such a situation, or you can ask for a music suggestion on your Insta stories.

People will start expressing their opinions. One of them could turn out to be your crush. Due to the numerous imprints, you have made on their hearts, they may realize at this point that you are someone they could speak to. You can use this to catch the attention of the girl you’re trying to impress.

6. Share a photo of the girl you want to impress on your Insta Stories

Sharing a beautiful photo of the girl you want to impress on your Instagram stories is one of the ways to trigger her to pay attention to you. Post the picture or video with sweet words. Appreciate her looks by raining praise on her. You can also add a love emoji to the image to let the girl know how you feel about her.

7. Unlock your private account

Make sure to unlock your Instagram private account to give access to your crush so they can message you. If you leave your account in privacy mode, the girl you want to impress will not be able to see who you are and follow you back. Also, if you unlock your account, she signs into the great content you share in your stories.

8. Share funny memes

From time to time, sharing funny memes and humorous videos on your Instagram stories will show the girl you’re trying to impress that you are a fun and lively person to be with.

9. Take good pictures

Ensure to take good pictures that capture attention. You can take photographs beside the ocean, mountains, and places that depict your love for nature if you are a nature lover. If she loves things about nature, she will engage in your stories.

10. Share pictures with your family

Are you a family lover? If yes,  sharing your family time videos and pictures on your Instagram stories will give your admirer a peep into your life. Also, this will let her know that you live a happy and loving life. Take those vacation photos, go to dinner, on holiday, or just for a simple visit.

Take pictures of your adorable younger sibling. Get to create a lovely video with them; the girl you want to impress will be pleased to see this aspect of you and know that you can make a good partner.

Instagram stories FAQS

Can you view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing?

It is possible to view Instagram stories anonymously only when you’re not connected to the internet (probably you’re on flight mode) otherwise, it will be recorded that you viewed it.

How do stories work on Instagram?

Instagram stories can allow you to upload and share videos or photos that can last for only 24 hours on your story and disappear thereafter. Aside from uploading your own content, you can also share other people’s post on your stories or great a story group and share group specific stories.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram story?

It is not possible for someone to see the number of times you repeated a visit to their stories, Instagram will record all the multiple vies from a user per story as one.

How long Instagram story lasts?

Instagram stories lasts for only 24 hours.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram?

No, you cannot see who screenshot your Instagram stories, Instagram will not notify you when someone screen grab your stories.

Can you screenshot Instagram posts without them knowing?

Yes you can screenshot without the other person knowing you just did.

Wrapping Up

Trying to impress a girl in your Instagram stories can be achieved by following all we’ve discussed above. While doing these things, do not forget not to overdo things so that you will not lose your relevance. When people come to your inbox, always be open-minded and cheerful.