List Of Best Movies To Watch With My Boyfriend

From the best Netflix movies to watch with your boyfriend to good funny movies to watch with him and everything in between, the movie suggestions in this post will help you feel like the newest couple in town.

In the era of internet dating, the phrase “Netflix and chill” has become meaningless. However, nothing beats watching a movie with your boyfriend if you want to unwind over the weekend.

Are you unsure of the movie you should see with your boyfriend? Making a choice might be challenging with so many alternatives open on OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms and in theaters. 

You can lie with your partner entwined while watching a movie, so don’t worry. In this close-quarters sleeping position, the legs are tucked in and the two people are face-to-face in an embrace. In this position, 80% of couples watch movies. It can mean that you and your lover are close. The films on this list are suitable for viewing with your lover.

Best Movies To Watch With your Boyfriend

Here are some of the most popular romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend;

1. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days 

What transpires when wagers fail? Love! Sparks fly and wigs fly when Ben, an advertising executive, and Andy, a journalist for a women’s magazine, place bets with their employees to get rid of a guy in 10 days and to make a woman fall in love in 10 days. You experience a comedy and passion thrill ride in the film.

2. Just Friends

Sparks are meant to fly when Chris, the attractive man who was bullied for being overweight in high school, and Jamie, the lovely, gorgeous girl, finally cross paths after ten years, but not so quickly! With a crazy diva, an ex-girlfriend, and Christmas thrown in, this film looks to be hilarious!

3. Friends With Benefits

With this romantic comedy movie, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake capture hearts. There’s no way Jamie could have predicted what would happen when she agrees to hire Dylan. You and your companion will definitely like this movie and chuckle at how wonderful romance is.

4. The Princess Bride

There is nothing more beautiful than when the hero intervenes to save the damsel in distress from getting married against her will. Nothing. Before being taken captive by the Dread Pirate Roberts, Buttercup is ready to be married to the vile and obnoxious Prince Humperdinck. Then, in the ideal comedy film, Buttercup discovers true love and the Prince meets his untimely demise.

5. Sleepless In Seattle

Do you know who the world’s top cupids are? Kids. Hearts are certain to melt when a little child who has been grieving the loss of his mother for so long decides to take up the cause of saving his father’s love life. Include a little child provocation and a little adult romance. After a busy Friday, cozy up with your significant other and watch this romantic comedy!

6. You’ve Got Mail

The first internet romance may have been shown in this movie. Through AOL, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan developed the strategy behind modern-day Tinder! Joe works for the large Fox Books chain, while Kathleen owns a smaller bookshop. Their passion is brought to life in a way that will surely melt hearts.

7. Set It Up

Even Cupid is astonished when two exhausted assistants decide they’ve had enough and will have to set up their bosses together. With their wonderful chemistry and clever-but-dumb ideas, Harper Moore and Charlie Young turn this romantic wit into a heartwarming comedy that will make you laugh and cry.

8. About Time 

Tim Lake was raised as a straightforward boy, but as he turns 21 years old, his father shares a delightful secret with him. The men of their family are capable of traveling through time. Naturally, Tim is ecstatic with this lovely talent until he learns the drawback. If you’re seeking a light comedy that emphasizes experiencing life to the fullest, go no further than

9. The Proposal

What can I do to prevent deportation? Get married! Margaret Tate discovers that getting married to the assistant is the greatest way to avoid being deported back to Canada. After she meets the family of her assistant and finds she might like him, what was supposed to be a relationship based on mutual advantage goes awry.

10. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Every time Jean Covey has a serious crush, she writes a letter. She expects no one to learn about these letters, which are her secret. before they are published. Bring disruption into her life by bringing back former acquaintances and perhaps even feelings!

11. Office Space 

Peter, a worn-out office worker, accepts his girlfriend’s offer of hypnosis when she makes it. When the hypnotist passes away during the session, Peter grows incredibly self-assured, his girlfriend departs, and he decides to exact revenge. on every subject. This film is a fantastic romantic comedy.

12. Marley And Me

What transpires when Marley, a young Labrador Retriever, is adopted by newlyweds John and Jenny? Marley makes them crazy but also develops into the connection that helps them mature. You should cuddle up to your lover and smile while watching this romantic comedy.

13. When Harry Met Sally

The ideal choice for a romantic comedy date night is without a doubt this classic film. Two alienated individuals, Harry and Sally, make friends, cease being friends, meet again, make friends again, stop being friends, set each other up with each other’s friends, and finally start dating. It’s breathtaking and takes your breath away.

14. 17 Again

A 37-year-old office worker named Mike is sick of his life, and his wife has requested a divorce. His entire world comes crashing down, and then one day he becomes a teenager. He’s 17 once more! Discover his journey as he decides what is most important to him in life and discovers that he needs love more than success.

15. Definitely, Maybe

What happens when you finally find and let go of your real love? Despondency and hopelessness set in. Will Hayes has wasted his good fortune in love on people he shouldn’t have and doesn’t find his real love until his daughter points him in the proper route.


One of the most wonderful experiences you can have with your sweetheart is cuddling up in a blanket and watching a romantic movie. You can choose from horror movies, comedies, or even rom-com. You two must have a good time watching the show and spending time together. You can choose soft lighting, get in your favorite meals and food, or prepare it yourself to make the experience even more enjoyable.