Best Things To Do On A First Date To Get A Second Date

Are you looking for what to do after a first date if you want a second? Search no further, you’re here and we’ve got your back!

The first impression matters a lot and says a lot about you in every situation, especially when you are getting to know someone on a romantic level. You don’t want to screw it up the first time.

Going on dates is stressful, and it is even more stressful when you are coming out of a failed relationship. You want to do things the right way to score a second date, especially if you like the person. Although everyone is different, what you may do on a date with “Person A” and have it go well with them may not go well if you do it on a date with “Person B.”

Regardless of the complexities that come with getting to know someone, you can guarantee a second date by increasing your chances of going on a date with him or her for the second time. Here are some basic dos and don’ts to abide by on a first date if you like this person and want to go on a second date.

How To Get A Second Date With A Girl Or A Guy

Whether you’re looking for how to get a second date with a guy or a girl, the following tips will help you ask for a second date without saying it.

1. Be on time

“Fashionably late” doesn’t go down well on a first date. Your date will first think you cheated on them and may be angry and leave before you arrive, or they may think that’s exactly how you are and maybe late on your wedding day if they end up marrying you. This alone can ruin the entire mood of the date, and you don’t want this, do you?

Try leaving the house on time if you know you will be held up in a traffic jam. And if you are held up in a traffic jam, don’t just ignore your date; call or text her to let her know why you are running late. If something came up that required you to attend before your date, or if you will be hours late, shift the date on time, rather than when the person is already on their way to the venue, or inform the person earlier so that even if you arrive late, you will not meet an angry date, but rather a worried one who will want to know if everything is fine.

2. Don’t talk about your ex

This is like the golden rule of a first date. Don’t start going on and on about what you went through in your old relationship or how good or bad your ex was to you. Your date may think you are comparing them to your ex and that you are not over them, and they will never call you back, or they may think that you are yet to heal from your old relationship and may just want to use them as a rebound.

3. Pick the right place for a first date.

Before coming out to finally meet face-to-face you both must have spoken and chatted at length over the phone, so by now, you should know one or two things about the likes and dislikes of your date. It is ok to pick a cinema for a first date if you both are movie lovers, but if you are a film lover and she is an opera lover, she may just fall asleep in the cinema. Pick a place that will connect the both of you and give you the right atmosphere to either discuss at length or see something that interests the both of you.

4. Don’t use sex-related innuendos

If you are looking to score a second date, then avoid talking about sex, either directly or indirectly. Your date may just think you asked her out because you wanted to sleep with her. If you must talk about sex, then let it be. It’s just a continuation of a discussion that must have taken place over the phone, and you never know what may happen on the first date. But if this is not the case, avoid it and just get to truly know your date.

5. Have a dating budget and pick venues based on this

This is critical if you don’t want to embarrass yourself and your date, which may result in not only not getting a second date, but also a slap, a block, and even a trip to the police station. It’s ok if you don’t have so much money to impress her, but you still want to see her and get to know her better. There are other, less expensive places you can take her that offer just the same services or food as the other, more expensive place. Don’t go to an expensive place just because you want to impress her; at the end of the day, you won’t be able to foot the bill.

6. Dress well

Nobody wants to walk beside someone who is poorly dressed. You may not know a lot about fashion, but you should know how to wear something that suits your body type or complexion and how to wear the right colors together. Dress in a way that will make your date proudly walk beside you so that everyone can see you two are together, not in a way that will make your date hurry up the date because they are embarrassed to be seen with you. Believe me, you won’t be getting a callback, not to talk of a second date.

7. Don’t bore your date

You both are trying to get to know each other, which means you will know something about each other. It’s okay to tell your date about your interesting job, but it’s not okay when that’s all you talk about without letting your date talk about theirs too. By doing this, you are not being nice, and it may paint you as a selfish person.

8. Compliment your date

Everyone loves a good compliment. You both certainly put a lot of time into your look to make sure your date is impressed with you when they see you; a simple “you look amazing” can score you five more dates. Genuinely look interested in what they talk about and ask questions here and there; this will show that you are listening.

9. Should we kiss or not kiss?

Now you’ve had a beautiful date, and you are dropping her off at home. From the movies, you’ve seen how first dates end and that they kiss at the door of the lady’s house, after all, is said and done. Don’t let Hollywood fairytale romances deceive you; in real life, things don’t usually go down like that. If you don’t read the mood right and try it, you may seem too forward or rude. If the mood is right and the look in her eyes is asking you to do it, then go ahead and kiss her; if not, abort the mission. If you don’t know if she will like it, ask her if you can kiss her. She will appreciate you asking for her permission; it will make you a real gentleman.

10. Lock down a second date

Take what you want; don’t just wait. You enjoyed your first date and want a second one. Then asking her or him will help you faster than insinuating it and waiting for the person to decode what you mean. It can be via text message when you are wrapping up your first date, or on your way home. A simple “I enjoyed being out with you; can we do this again?” can score you a second date and more.


The dating world is not easy and can make you look like a fool if you don’t play your cards right. Doing simple things like this on your first date will not just score you a second date, but will also put you in the person’s good book.