50 Best It’s A Girl Instagram Story Caption

What should I caption my newborn baby on Instagram Story?

Babies are a precious gift and bring joy to every household they enter. They bring laughter and happiness to a home with a sprinkle of noise and crying every minute of the day, which is a beautiful sound to us.

From the moment they are born, baby girls have a way of wrapping their fathers’ tiny fingers around their tiny fingers, and they are like the competitors their mothers never knew they would have.

Now that your tiny bundle of joy is here and you want to announce it to the world so that they can share in your joyful moment, you need to come up with ways to do this. You can simply share her picture online, but where is the excitement in that when you can come up with intriguing and beautiful captions for your Instagram story for a newborn baby girl?

From short captions for newborn baby girls to lengthy cute mommy and baby captions for Instagram and everything in between, you will find our curation of the best newborn baby girl Instagram captions interesting to showcase your latest family member.

Best newborn Instagram story captions for a baby girl

Here are 50 best ‘its a girl’ Instagram story captions to announce the birth of your baby girl;

1. Welcome to the world my baby girl.

2. From the moment I set my eyes on her, she stole my breath away.

3. I never knew I could love someone so much till she came into my life. Welcome my little bundle of joy.

4. I dreamed I had a baby girl, I woke up and saw her right beside me.

5. Words can’t explain how much joy she has brought into our lives already.

6. My world has become even better with the birth of my baby girl.

7. She has touched us with so much love already.

8. I can’t keep calm, my baby girl just arrived.

9. There’s no blessing like the blessing of a daughter.

10.  Meet the tiny little girl who has stolen our hearts.

11.  My gorgeous baby girl, now that we have you, we have everything.

12.  How such a tiny baby girl is such a big miracle to us will be a wonder for life.

13.  Dear baby girl, until we had you, we thought we had everything.

14.  You are the greatest gift my hands have held my dear sweet girl.

15.  I’ve gotten a girl I can die for.

16.  My fierce little girl is here.

17.  Here is my little wildflower.

18.  Oh, my baby girl!! She is brighter than the sun.

19.  I was blessed with a daughter more precious than jewels.

20.  A daughter is the most beautiful gift from God, and he chose me to give it to.

21.  I’ve been blessed with an addition to my tribe of strong women.

22.  Our house is about to be filled with pink everything!

23.  Meet our baby girl.

24.  Our baby girl came with spice and ginger.

25.  Meet my little rainbow in my cloud.

26.  My baby girl shines brighter than a diamond.

27.  All hail our newest alarm clock in pink!

28.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest lady in the house.

29.  We are excited to announce the birth of our baby girl.

30.  Baby girls are the icing on the cake, and we got the best icing of them all.

31.  There is nothing more precious than a baby girl.

32.  A daughter is a treasure and a miracle that never ceases to amaze us.

33.  Little girls are magical creatures.

34.  Daughters are the real definition of boundless love.

35.  This baby girl is the miracle of my life.

36.  My little princess made me a king today.

37.  I thought I’ve seen the cutest people there is to see till I met you, my princess.

38.  The beautiful ones are not yet born. That’s what I believed till I gave birth to you my angel.

39.  Here comes the queen of my heart, my baby girl.

40.  It’s with a burst of joy in my heart that I Introduce to the world, the angel who has shaped my world in ways indescribable.

41.  A super girl just arrived at our home.

42.  Say hello to the newest princess in town, my beautiful baby.

43.  There is no better feeling in the world than holding you, my precious girl.”

44.  The first day of you has become my best day on earth my baby girl.

45.  A girl child is the most beautiful gift this world has to give.

46.  I have a new baby, and her favorite color is pink.

47.  I have seen my only favorite reason to lose sleep, my amazing angel.

48.  I am blessed to hold you in my hands, my baby girl.

49.  It’s amazing how someone so tiny has changed my life so immensely.

50.  My dear baby girl, I want to take every single step of life with you.


As parents of newborn baby girls, you have to know the feelings you have to know no bounds and are immeasurable, and it’s more than ok to want to shout out to the world how you feel. At times like this, words may not be able to describe how you feel at that very moment. So, with all these captions now, all you need to do is take a picture of your baby or any part of their body, like their hands or legs, or a picture of what your baby wears, and then post it with any of these captions. Simply choose what resonates with how you feel right now.