How To Be Irresistible To A Girl Over Text

Do you want to make a girl chase you through text? Search no further, this article is specially baked for you.

Have you ever felt that talking to a girl over text instead of physically is not enough to make her fall head over heels in love with you or find you irresistible? I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels this way at times.

If you’re not a boring texter, it would be easier for you to entertain a girl over text because you know a number of conversation starters to use, or even flirt with her without being obvious.

Trying to woo a girl over a text can be difficult; there is no need to sugarcoat the truth. You have to first summon the courage to get her number, then you have to introduce yourself the right way and say the right things to get her to even reply before you even start working on her finding you irresistible. Doing it physically would have saved you all this extra stress!

But then, since you won’t be with her all the time, what happens then? You stop wooing her, and someone else grabs her attention? This is why knowing the right way to text her for her to find you irresistible has become paramount. You have to know the right words to use and the right thing to say at different times.

How to make a girl chase you over text

And because we are in the business of building your confidence and making your bond stronger in your relationship, here is a compilation of certain things you need to know or do while trying to be irresistible to a girl you like over a text.

1. Give her space

We understand that you like her, and she gets it too, but even while you text her and try to woo her, don’t overdo it. Don’t flood her phone with text messages. It will only make you seem desperate and jobless, which are two things no girl wants in a guy she may want to say yes to. Maybe a text in the morning to wish her a beautiful day and a text in the evening to ask her how her day was, which may lead to continuous texts into the night with you both enjoying it and her not feeling like you are doing too much, is more than ok. But sending her messages continuously throughout the day is too much.

2. Don’t send her sex-loaded texts

There are several ways to compliment a girl and make her feel good without using sexual innuendos. You are still practically a stranger to her; don’t do it. It will make it seem like you are texting her just because you want to sleep with her, and unless she wants the same thing too, she will never take you seriously.

3. Be confident

This cannot be overemphasized. You don’t want her to feel you are nervous or scared of talking to her. You got her number in the first place, right? Then you’ve passed the hardest stage. Girls like guys who ooze confidence, so articulate yourself well when you want to text her. Even if you are nervous, it mustn’t show through the text.

4. Don’t ask her boring questions

Questions like ‘what’s up? How is it going? How was your day?’ is ok, but when it becomes the only thing you ever ask her anytime you text her it becomes monotonous and boring. And if she is polite enough it may go on for a while before she stops replying to you completely.

5. Start an endless conversation

Try bringing up conversations that will make you both talk for a long. If you bring up conversations that need one or two answers before you know it, that will be done and you will start cracking your head about what to text again so that it doesn’t go cold. Try talking about the most trending topic. Topics like the upcoming election and the running candidates and who each of you is voting for and reasons why are conversations that can go on for hours. Or talking about a scandal in the entertainment industry or a business that interests both of you. That way you both can have endless things to gist about.

6. Tease her

Making fun of her in a good-hearted way is a way to show her that you are also ready to be her friend and not just her lover. While teasing her don’t use things she may feel insecure about. Things like her body may be a no for her.

7. Make her smile

If you can make her smile every single time she sees your text then you are well on your way to her finding you irresistible. You can do this by being funny, telling her a joke, guessing her answers, and making her feel good after having a stressful or bad day.

8. Make her feel special

This is a trick to make her hooked on you and always expectant of your messages. She already knows you like her, and that is the reason you chose her over other girls that must have been there the day you got her number. Now make her feel like you will choose her over and over again, no matter how many girls may be there at any given time. This will have her chasing after you.

9. Know when to stop

Know how to end your conversations to avoid over-familiarity. Make her have something to look forward to the next time you both text each other. Not knowing when to stop and continuing your texts for too long, especially when it’s not about one particular thing, can become like a disturbance to her, and when she begins to see you like that, it will take another extra effort on your part to make it right again.

10. Replying instantly to her text

This can be tricky, so listen carefully. While you want her to know that she is special, also let her know that you are also “the prize” and not desperate. If you text her and she takes 20 or 10 minutes to reply to your message, then don’t be in a hurry to reply. Don’t make it seem like revenge, but don’t also make it seem like you are jobless, lying around, and waiting for her to reply to you. Know your worth; that is the only way she can respect you.


Do not be a boring texter; make her smile constantly and bring up engaging conversations, and you will be well on your way to winning her heart. You can also play the “getting to know you” question games to get to know more about each other and have deep conversations.