How To Compliment A Girl On Instagram Story

instagram story for a girl

One unique thing about Instagram is that it is like the boogieman of all social media apps. It gives off an air of class, which is exactly how people, especially women, want to be seen when they post on Instagram. They want to be seen as boogie, gorgeous, and with class.  Instagram stories are a …

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How To Respond To How Was Your Night From A Guy

how to respond to how was your night

What could be the perfect thing to say in reply to “How was your night or did you sleep well?” The question “how was your night?” has become a very common form of greeting these days, and “my night was fine” or “great” has become a very common answer for it. And although there is …

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100 Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning

nicknames for boyfriend

In a relationship, giving each other nicknames is top-notch. Picking a nickname shouldn’t be a big deal, but the name to choose for him might be challenging. All you have to do is check in on your shared memories or his quirks to find a charming nickname for him.  So if you are looking for …

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How To Ask A Girl Out In 6 Simple Ways

a guy asking a girl out

You may be wondering how to ask a girl out through text, via WhatsApp or how to ask a girl out in public. We’ve got you covered with the most creative ways to ask her out and score yourself a date with her. Guys frequently ask this question because most times when they see the …

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10 Best Dating Tips For Single Mom

single mom dating

Is it hard dating as a single mom? Being a parent is difficult enough, then there is the most astounding and challenging one, being a single parent. You have to know that being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but it is a journey for the strong.  If you are a …

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100 Hot Romantic Text Messages For Him

hot romantic texts for him

You can express your thoughts to your partner in a way that will increase his desire for you. Sometimes in our busy lives, we fail and forget to communicate with the people who are dear to us. But if we take time out of our hectic schedules to send some romantic text messages to our …

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100+ One-Sided Friendship Quotes

one sided relationship quotes

Friendships can come to an end just like romantic relationships. Most of all it feels like the most painful. And yes even the strongest bond can be broken, it is either one person does the majority of the work and the other does nothing. You may provide 100% of the support and the other gives …

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70 Dirty Texts To Make Her Laugh

dirty texts for her

Are you looking for romantic text messages that will make her want you badly? The best is the one that will make her laugh all day. There are several things to do to keep a healthy and fun relationship, and one of these simple acts is the act of dirty texting. Occasionally the ones we …

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