7 Qualities Of High-value Women That Attract Quality Men

Have you ever wondered what makes a man chase a particular woman relentlessly?

Well, it’s because this woman probably possesses the qualities that attract men. The unsaid fact is; men choose quality over physical attributes. They’re not only looking at your appearance or only attracted to pretty and sexy women.

You must have also noticed that most men marry women that are not even close to sexy or pretty and still love them to death. For a man to see you as a high-value woman, you have to exhibit certain traits of a high-value woman.

Have you tried to know why?

The reason is that before a man comes to you, he must have been subjected to examination and analysis to determine your quality first, and once he finds out your characteristics aligned with the qualities of high-value women he wants, he chases you relentlessly not minding what it may cause him.

Then again, you asked what these qualities of a high-value woman attract men.

Well, don’t stress yourself. This post here answers your question.

7 Amazing qualities of high-value women that attract men.

Before any man decides to start a friendship with you as a lady, there must be some qualities that motivated and attracted him to you at first.

Qualities that attract men include:

  1. Friendly and intelligent.
  2. Motivation and commitment.
  3. Good virtue and personality.
  4. Respect and humility.
  5. Supportive and lack of pretense.
  6. Listener and kindhearted.
  7. Submissive and godliness.

Now let’s look at these points in detail so you understand better.

Friendly and intelligent.

Men are attracted to a woman who will not only impress them but a smart and friendly woman who knows what it means to be a woman and can easily build a decent connection with a man. A woman apart from being intelligent should also be hospitable.

Even in the Holy book, Genesis 24:14 Rebecca’s provision of water to Abraham’s servant brought favor to her. She took the first step to be friendly and intelligent, and you know she ended up marrying the rich son of Isaac.

So you see, any man can make the first move to become friends with a woman, but one of the qualities of high-value women that attract men and keeps them connected is being friendly and smart.

Motivation and commitment.

Another trait of high-value women that attracts men so much is being encouraging and devoted. Men are more attracted to women who believe in them and who motivate them. Women who will be committed to them forever, women who won’t think of adultery but who can be trusted for a longer time.

For sure every man aspires for a presentable woman, but when you combine your facial beauty with these attributes, men see you as a well-to-do woman and hence become more interested in you.

Good virtue and personality.

When I talk about looking like a high-value woman and being most attracted to men, it is not only about your appearance but also your virtue and personality as a woman.

A man wants an attractive woman that is brilliant because beauty is not just enough to keep a man in a relationship with you forever. Your brain, knowing who you are and what you want, being able to mellow down your ego even though as a classy woman, your dress, and other qualities are what is needed to become a high value and highly needed product for men.

Respect and humility.

A woman’s attitude will either attract good men or kick them away. Men are put off by women who disrespect others, hence may likely see such women as someone rude and insubordinate.

Understand that men prefer a woman who is respectful and humble to a woman who is too arrogant and bossy. If you possess this negative trait, men will tend to avoid you.

Therefore, if you wished to be needed not just wanted by a man, be polite and reserved, that way men will be begging for your attention.

Supportive and lack of pretense.

This is yet another quality of high-value women that attracts men. Men want women who can accept responsibility for their actions, managers in the affairs of their home, a supporter of the family, trustworthy, and who would be good mothers to their kids but detest a fake woman.

Men observe every little detail and behavior about you because they want a high-value woman they can present to their friends and extended family. So it’s time you work beyond your beauty, and build your inner self as a woman to be able to attract the right man.

Listener and kindhearted.

One of the qualities that magnet a woman to a man is her listening ability and kind-heartedness nature.

Of course, I don’t think anyone will ever reject a great listener, and the same thing is applicable to men. They appreciate every other gift from a woman but what enticed them most is a woman who would be available to listen to their communication, a kindhearted woman with whom they can share their emotions and fears and still be cherished.

Submission and godliness.

Men are always cautious of women who appear irritable and wouldn’t like to have anything to do with such individuals. They desire especially high-value women who would allow them to lead as the head of the family.

As a woman, you’ve to understand that there is no need to compete with a man even if your position and achievement are higher than his. Let them feel safe in their natural leadership role. Have in mind that, your femininity and gentle manner is your greatest asset that makes you more desirable to men.

Additional qualities of high-value women that attract men.

Dress modestly: My adorable ladies, if you expect to attract your dream man, stop exposing your sexual bodies as there is a clear distinction between being sexy and being trashy. You can still dress well and be classy. So take care of your health and inner virtues instead, to become more than attractive to a man.

Make time for your man: Men don’t want a woman who is married to his job, rather they feel satisfied when they finally find that special woman who would want to spend quality time with them.

Always wear a smile and be confident: these are other qualities of high-value women that attract men. Men are mostly attracted to women who always put on a genuine smile outfit as well as a woman who is goal-driven and confident in their selves but will try to avoid a woman who is always looking miserable.


Good character is always the most significant virtue in life and the greatest asset for any woman.

Having seen some of the qualities of high-value women that attract men, as a woman you need to be more cautious of your inner qualities not just concerned about your physical looks, show kindness to people around you, be forgiving, dress well, be meek, be responsible, focus on building yourself around these qualities and watch men attracted and glued to you as the bees stick around the honey.

Good luck! I hope you had fun reading this. Please, don’t forget to embody these qualities listed above, and use them to attract the outstanding men you deserve.

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