The Art Of Flirting With The Hard To Get Man

Flirting is an art, fun, and social tool to signal your interest to someone to get their heart or attention.

Flirting doesn’t come naturally, but it’s a skill anyone can learn.

As a lady, being a good flirter doesn’t only make you more likable, and charming, but it’ll also give you the skill to attract any man you want, even the hard-to-get ones.

Of course, the rare fact is that most men play hard to get, and for a lady to get this kind of guy’s interest is often a bit difficult.

But there is always a way out. Flirting is one of the healthy and harmless ways to get the heart of a hard-to-get man.

As a girl, maybe wants to get this handsome guy’s heart, but he is busy playing hard to get it.

Well, you are not alone in this. There are lots of them out there. But luckily, this article is written just for you.

Here, you are going to learn the art of flirting with the hard-to-get man.

7 unique ways to flirt with the hard-to-get-man and win his heart.

Below is how to be a masterful flirt to attract that hard-to-get guy.

1. Know the right time.

2. Take care of your look.

3. Listen more and talk less.

4. Be sincere and fun, around him not mean.

5. Call him by his name during the discussion.

6. Tease him with a compliment.

7. Give him a simple warm smile.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Know the right time.

Flirting is all about timing. You don’t just see a guy and start flirting around him. Try to read and understand his moods at any point in time. With this, it will be quite easier for you to hit your points in the right place.

Knowing the right time to hit will help to flirt at the appropriate time. Don’t flirt around a guy at a sobering time or in sad moments. The summary of this is, no matter how badly you want to flirt with a man, never should you flirt around a funeral or sad events.

Take care of your look.

You’ve to be comfortable and confident enough around him to draw his attention as men love this trait in a lady. Don’t be afraid of his rejection, remember you are flirting with a hard-to-get man. So focus on your confident look.

Also, your look includes your physical looks. Men feel more attracted to beautiful ladies that dress to kill. So always dress smart and sexy, and with this, he’ll likely turn to look at you, and when this finally happens, show him your other skill – give him an inviting and charming smile that he can’t resist.

Listen more and talk less.

This is one of the attributes everyone loves including men. They loved to be listened to. Therefore when you are together, instead of saying everything about yourself, just listen to him. This is what makes flirting fun.

Never tell the man your whole life story, this goes for both over text. Just listen more and talk less around him, this is to get him thinking about whether you’re flirting or just being friendly, so he won’t interpret your actions wrongly.

If you want to get a hard-to-get man, the best approach is, using non-verbal communication – this is the key to flirting.

Use eye- contact or touch to communicate more, nothing moves a man crazy like a subtle touch, but if at all you have something important to say, talk a bit and then politely excuse yourself. Believe me, this will leave him wanting more of you.

Be sincere and fun around him not mean.

Another flirting art to drive a hard-to-get man wild is being sincere and fun around him

Don’t act mean if you want to get him as this won’t have the right impact on him. Never overthink if he’s being attentive to your flirting or not. Just focus on showing genuine interest in him, respect his boundaries, have fun and enjoy every moment of it, you can flirt all the way to win his heart by just abiding by this particular rule.

Call him by his name during the discussion.

According to Dale Carnegie, the author of the popular book “How to win Friends and Influence People, he explained that, “Someone’s name is to that person the sweetest and grabs his or her attention faster.

So as you went on a date with him, keep using his name as you discuss, though make it fun and warm. This will captivate him and makes him develop a feeling of intimacy and closeness around you.

Tease him with a compliment.

The art of flirting with the hard-to-get-a-man is about giving him enough compliments to leave him wanting more.

Men are mostly famished for compliments because who dash them any? Just like a fellow posts photos of himself on social platforms and all his friends just commented with fire emojis.

So you see, men lack compliments, and you giving them to them will help to spark that physical connection.

But how do you do this?

Well, ensure to notice stuff about him and compliment him, it could be about his stunning looks, his dress, etc.

According to relationship therapists, men crave to be recognized and appreciated for who they are. Therefore, appreciating a man with warm teasing compliments like; Hey, James, you always look so hot, hope I am the secret?”

By using this line of compliment, it goes a long way to get him feeling loved and connected, and with this flirting trick, you got him wanting to take things further and seriously with you. Though limit how you do this, to avoid him saying you are just complimenting him to earn his likes.

Give him a simple and genuine smile.

Smiling is one of the major art of flirting with the hard-to-get man. You don’t need to work so hard to get a man to fall handily for you, your simple and genuine smile can do the magic.

What do I mean by a simple and genuine smile, it means you feel at ease and smile freely when over him. This will not only create a positive vibe but will rouse his interest in you.

How often should you flirt around a man?

Well, flirting is all about being yourself. Hence, whatever you do, just keep it modest and unique. Don’t force yourself all over him. Have a limit to your flirting around a man. If he’s interested, he’ll show it and take it to the next level.


The art of flirting is to delight the hard-to-get man so he feels engaged and wants to take action. Though when done appropriately. Don’t overdo anything.

The point is, you need to stand tall with a self-reliant outlook and trust you’re hot enough to attract the right man.

However the most essential of all these points listed above is to place enough confidence in yourself and remove the fear of rejection. To earn a hard-to-get man’s attention faster, smile at him, say a few interesting and fun words during discussions, and he’ll likely request more, when this happens, politely excuse yourself. With this, he’ll want more of you, and by so doing, you’ve succeeded in winning his heart.

Thanks, for reading. We hope you learned and gained insights from this amazing post. Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.