10 Signs You Need Relationship Therapy Exercises

How do you know when a relationship needs help?

Many people think that the only time you may need a relationship therapist is when you are on the verge of divorcing or separating from your partner. While they are correct that you may need one at that point, there are also many times when you will need some relationship therapy exercises.

There are certain signs that, when you notice them in a relationship, represent a silent call for some relationship exercise. These exercises will help build intimacy, strengthen your bond, and build a better relationship. Below are ten signs that show you need some relationship therapy exercise.

1. When You Are Not Fine But Pretend To Be

While some couples fight, some shove things down their throats or sweep unattended issues under the carpet. If you find yourself dismissing essential cases you are not okay with and pretending you are alright, you may think of getting a therapy exercise.

If you keep on with the pretense, it may work, but in the short term, the effect will become massive. With therapy exercises, you’ll learn how to respectfully address issues without hurting anyone’s feelings.

2. When You Fight About Everything All The Time

One of the most obvious signs is when you fight all the time when you have a conversation. In a relationship, you are bound to have a healthy disagreement with your partner; however, if all your disagreement tends to be unhealthy, like shouting, yelling, and cursing. Relationship therapy exercises can help you learn how to communicate more healthily. You can always agree or disagree without being unhealthy.

3. When You Don’t Speak The Same Language

Even without fighting, sometimes your partner doesn’t seem to understand your language, and it can feel like an impossible way out. You may say something, and your partner would think of it differently, and vice versa. It can be frustrating because you may say something without meaning any harm, but your partner will interpret it otherwise.

From then, it can lead to arguments or exchanging hurtful comments. Getting a therapy exercise will help you communicate more naturally and adapt to each other’s language. Therapy exercises will also teach you how to listen and understand before replying.

4. When You Have A Distinct View And Idea About Money

Money is one of the most significant issues in a relationship. Every couple fights about money at some point, from fighting due to financial indiscipline from one of the couple or splitting bills. Some couples can have these issues to a point where it becomes more severe than they should. Relationship therapy will take you on a journey to understanding relationships with money and how to manage and compromise when it comes to financing.

5. When Thinking Of, Having, Or Having Had An Affair

There are numerous reasons people have an affair, but one fact is that there is a crack in their relationship. If you feel like going against your relationship boundaries, communicate with your partner and seek therapy exercises.

If you’ve already had an affair, I promise you won’t want to make amends without a therapist. You will need extra support when dealing with infidelity cases.

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6. When A Similar Issue Keeps Reoccurring

If you have to keep reminding your partner about serious issues, then it is a sign you may need a therapy exercise. It’s almost every day that you have to bug your significant other about doing the laundry or getting dressed on time for dates, but when this extends to important issues like having kids, it calls for urgent help. If you and your partner cannot resolve and find common ground about serious situations, therapy can help.

7. When You Are On Different Pages Regarding Sex

Sex is one of the main reasons couples get into misunderstandings (others are money, kids, etc.). When you and your partner have different sex drives, or if one is open to exploring new things and the other is not, this will lead to many issues you may not think is an issue.

Some couples may fall victim to having extra affairs, which will end up ruining everything they’ve built. Getting therapy can help you communicate better, understand what each person’s expectations are, and learn how to adjust and make compromises.

8. When Your Needs In The Relationship Are Different From those of Your Partner

Isn’t it hard enough to find a person who you want to go on a second date with? While you may wish to do that, have you ever considered if the person is on the same page as you? How about if you are proposing a wedding date to your fiance, but she isn’t ready at your proposed time?

If you find yourself in situations like this, getting relationship therapy will help you understand your goal for the relationship, how compatible you are, and possible ways to adjust for everyone’s happiness.

9. When You’re About to Make A Big Life Decision But Have Doubts

Even when you are sure about a big step you are about to take, you may get cold feet and doubts now and then. Examples are when you are planning to move in together with your partner, relocating to a new city with your partner, having children, or proposing.

You know this is what you want, but it may get overwhelming. A therapy exercise will help you prepare for the changes and how to adjust and adapt.

10. When You Want Your Relationship To be Better

Relationship therapy exercise is not just for when there is a problem at hand. Just like you go to the gym to get in shape, you may get some relationship therapy exercises if you feel you want your relationship to be better than it is. It is a way of showing you value your relationship, yourself, and your partner.

Final thoughts

Ignoring the above signs leads to more troubling issues in a relationship. If you happen to experience one or more of these signs, the next best step is to seek the service of a therapist for some relationship therapy and therapy exercises. After all, we are all about a healthier, happier, and more sustainable relationship.