35 Best Romantic Gestures For Him

What are some simple romantic gestures?

Romantic gestures for a new relationship feel so good, keeping it up, in the long run, feels better. Whether you’re looking for big romantic gestures for him or some simple romantic gestures for him with no money, you will find this special guide helpful even when you’re in a long-distance relationship with him.

It is one thing to fall in love and another thing to remain in love and maintain the spark that you both felt at first.

Keeping love alive is not just the duty of the man, a woman can also contribute to making sure that what the man felt at first and the love they share don’t die off.

Thus, If you want to rekindle the love and make him desire you more and more, then this piece is for you.

35 Romantic gestures for him that will make him fall in love with you every day.

Presented in this article are 35 romantic gestures for your man to make him feel loved. They can also be a very good way to say sorry if you think you’ve hurt him in any way and you want him to forgive and love you.

1. Cook His Favorite Meal.

No doubt, most men feel good when you prepare them a special meal, especially when it has to do with their favorite.

So, if you intend to show your man love, you can just prepare his favorite food, as this will make him love you more.

2. Dress to impress your man.

Romance your man by dressing to his taste. Just decide to appear in those wears you know he likes so much. This will make him hug, kiss, and even want you more.

3. Give him lots of compliments.

Complement your man’s attire, hairstyle, and overall look. Often remind your man how handsome he is so that he’ll always feel cherished.

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4. Massage him.

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Definitely none.

Giving your man a massage after a hectic day is a good way of pampering and showing him how much you care about him. So, you can do this often

5. Give him pleasant surprises.

Make it a point of duty to always surprise your man. Give him surprise gifts on your anniversary and ordinary days, and do not forget to give him surprise kisses.

We all love surprises and always feel loved when given a pleasant surprise, so often surprise your man to make him feel loved.

6. Hug him.

Hugs may be all your man needs to reaffirm you love him.

Hug your man often. Hug him before he leaves to work. Hug him when he comes back. Hug him when he does what you like. In fact, just keep hugging him.

7. Participate in his hobbies.

Having been married to your man for some time or having known him for a while now, you know the activities that interest you.

Participate in leisure activities to show him how much you care. Spend time engaging in those activities that interest him.

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8. Write him love letters.

Love letters always work magic in relationships and marriages.

Write a love letter to your man, expressing how you love and cherish him.

9. Display your love publicly.

Show your man how much you love him by showing him affection publicly. You can kiss or touch him to show anyone that wishes to know that he is yours.

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10. Serve him breakfast in bed.

It’s not only ladies that enjoy being served in bed; men enjoy it too.

Serving your man breakfast in bed will definitely make him feel on top of the world.

11. Make him feel special.

Make your man feel special by doing the things he likes.

Serve his food in a special way, specially serve his foods, and romantically cuddle him to make him always feel special.

12. Don’t forget his birthday.

Birthdays are special days for virtually every one of us. Always celebrate your man’s birthdays so that he’ll feel loved on his birthdays.

13. Plan a romantic vacation.

To show your man you love him, you can plan a romantic vacation for you both.

This will enable you to spend quality time together away from your family and have your love rekindled.

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14. Appreciate him often.

Appreciate your man for the little things he does for you because appreciation encourages men to do more. When he helps with the chores, when he buys you things, and when he does little things that matter, show him your deepest appreciation.

15. Allow him to be the man.

Allowing your man to be the man in the relationship may just be all your man needs to see your love for him. Allow him to make decisions and feel like the head.

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16. Kiss him.

Let your man know that you still love and cherish him by kissing him often. There are a lot of scientific benefits to kissing, and you have to show him you’re a very good kisser.

17. Always cuddle him.

Don’t always expect your man to be the first to make a move. Reach out to him, cuddle him, and make him feel you need him.

18. Give him attention.

Always give your man attention and a keen listening ear so that he’ll not feel lonely when you are around.

Give him reasons to miss you when you’re not around by always giving him a shoulder to lean on.

19. Know his love language.

Study your man and know his way of showing love and care.

Don’t give him a reason to feel you don’t understand his gestures.

20. Check up on him.

Check up on your man while he is at work. Call or text to know how he is fairing. Enquire about his day so that he’ll know you have him in your thoughts.

22. Buy him something you know he really needs.

To show your man you care, buy him something you feel he needs at the moment. You can get him a new pair of shoes when his shoes are looking for out.

23. Carry out one of his regular activities.

You can show your man love by doing those things you know he does often. you can wash his car, iron his clothes, or polish his shoes to show him how much you love him.

24. Hide a love note in his pockets or his wallet.

Nothing lights up a man’s day more than opening his wallet to see a love note written by his partner. This always makes men feel loved.

25. Laugh at his jokes even when they are not funny.

Men always feel happy when they are tagged as hilarious. So, to make your man feel overwhelmed with love, always laugh at his joke even when the joke is dry.

26. Get him his favorites.

Buy your man the things he admires as a show of love. Buy his favorite perfume, soap, or anything you know he fancies to make him happy.

27. Take him out on a date.

Yes, you read that right! Take your man out, spend on him and give him a good treat then watch him remember that for decades.

28. Smell nice to bed.

When you smell nice, you’ll make your man want you. In fact, it’s romantic to smell nice, especially while going to bed.

29. Flirt with him.

You can show a man that you love him by flirting with him, saying his name often, making eye contact, smiling, and occasionally touching him to display your love.

30. Get him flowers or cookies.

Occasionally buy your man flowers, or cookies to display your love towards him. You can choose to do this on his special days like on his birthdays.

31. Plan a romantic date night.

Plan a date night with your man and make provisions for his favorites. Take him to the latest places in town and wow him with your love.

32. Send him a sexy picture.

To crown it all, send your sexy picture to your man when he’s away from home. You can do this when he’s out on a business trip or when he’s at work.

This act will make your man know that you miss him and he’ll definitely want to behold you.

33. Respect him

You can’t possibly claim to love your man when you don’t respect him. Show him respect always as a sign of love.

34.  Make the first move

While in bed with your man, try to initiate intimacy. Don’t always wait for your man to initiate it. Show him you love him by making the first move.

35. Allow him to be himself

If truly you want to be romantic to your man, allow him to be himself. Don’t try to make him feel less of himself and don’t make him feel intimidated by your presence.

Final thought

Honestly, they say that action speaks louder than words, and this applies equally to relationships.

Romantic gestures, especially when made by a woman to a man, can help to reaffirm love. So, we hope that these 35 romantic gestures for him will help you rekindle the love in your relationship.