120 Nicknames For Your Best Friends

Nicknames are used for a variety of reasons. They assist in identifying people by using names that are not their true names but are names that they believe fit them. Depending on your friendship, you can give a friend a good nickname. For your closest friends, you can use endearing, sweet, or hilarious nicknames that are inspired by their appearance, personality, or perhaps a special experience you both share. 

Some others use the term “nicknames” to easily communicate their emotions. Whatever the reason, nicknames are very helpful. They help us communicate our thoughts and feelings to others more effectively.

Friends use nicknames as a way to communicate friendly love for one another. They are expressions of affection, and since one name is typically given to just one person, they are typically highly meaningful.

We’ve all been in a situation where we gave our friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends cute, funny, and lovely nicknames. We have a wide collection of nicknames for you in this article, so don’t worry if you haven’t yet thought of a good nickname for your best friends. Make your dearest friends feel special with these cool nicknames below. 

If you’re looking for funny contact names for your best friends that are unique? We’ve compiled a list of unique nicknames for friends that are close to your heart.

You will occasionally refer to them by a nickname that only you have for them, whereas everyone else may use their actual name. Yours will be unique and special.

120 nicknames for your best friends

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1. Meme lord/lady

That friend who has the best meme collection and never fails to share one with you. We all need that friend. 

2. Sass

For that friend who says she is sorry for the mean accurate things she said. 

3. Miss fiery 

That friend who isn’t made of sugar and spice but of whiskey and ice. 

4. Joker 

This is for the friend who won’t stop cracking up your ribs with jokes, it’s never a dull moment when they are around. 

5. Lazy rag

For the friend who says they are not lazy but they are just highly motivated to do nothing. 

6. KIA (Knows it all) 

The friend who you keep telling if her name isn’t google should stop acting like she knows everything. 

7. CM (Cash machine) 

For a friend who is very rich and spends a lot. 

8. Angel 

The friend you feel was sent by God into your life. You feel so blessed and lucky to have them. 

9. Aphrodite 

This is for a friend who is always in love and can also be used for that beautiful friend of yours. 

10. Single Pringle 

For that one friend who is always single. 

11. Coach

For that one friend who is a relationship expert but never in one. 

12. Spice

For the friend who is very naughty and gives you tips for spicy moments when you’re with your man. 

13. Red

This is a perfect name for that friend who turns red in the split of a moment. Especially when offended. A firecracker.

14. Forever 

For that friend you never want to lose to another. The friend who has been there for you the longest time.

15. Code

For the friend who knows all of your secrets and you’ve never once heard it from another. 

16. Chef kiss

A lovely name for a friend who always makes delicious meals. 

17. Kiddo

A playful nickname for a friend who never stopped watching kid’s cartoons. 

18. C-Gee (crazy gas) 

That one friend who has a weird food combination and you know they have crazy gas. 

19. Frost 

That best friend who is easily cold. 

20. Mama

For the friend who treats you like a mother would a child, and is super lovely. 

21. Soul sister

A good name for the friend whom you have an overwhelming connection with that is so much deeper than what people see or think. 

22. Chica 

A Spanish word that means girl. Used to refer to female friends, and also to that friend who is good-looking. 

23. Homegirl

A name for a friend who is from your hometown or neighborhood. 

24. Chun Li 

Just like the fictional character from the street fighter video game, Chun Li is a perfect name for a friend who is always ready to fight. 

25. Risky head

For that friend who loves to take risks. 

26. Chatterbox 

This is a perfect name for a friend who loves to talk endlessly. 

27. Rare gem

For the friend who always makes you happy and is always there for you. 

28. MB (Music box) 

An awesome name to call that friend who loves music and is blasting up the whole house and is often on headphones when out. 

29. Foodie

For the friend who eats a lot of food. The food is happiness kind. 

30. Hero

For the friend who always saves the day, and helps in every bad situation. 

Body features/personality inspired nicknames for friends 

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  1. Ginger 
  2. Elf
  3. Aura
  4. Beauty 
  5. Big (?) first name initial 
  6. Lil (?) first name initial 
  7. Hulk
  8. Oldie
  9. Giggles 
  10. Pixie
  11. Blondie 
  12. Dimples
  13. Freckles 
  14. Doll face
  15. Brownie 
  16. Sweet
  17. Fresh air
  18. Delight 
  19. Bright 
  20. Skin

Funny nicknames for best friends 

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  1. Bummer 
  2. Rocky
  3. Nuggets 
  4. Shortie 
  5. Gangster 
  6. Ms. Tiny 
  7. James bond
  8. Kid
  9. Toothy
  10. Hairy 
  11. Doll 
  12. Greeny
  13. Ms. Clumsy
  14. Chipmunk
  15. Bugs 
  16. Silly chica
  17. Minions 
  18. Cheeseball
  19. Goofy
  20. Punk

Cute nicknames for best friends 

  1. Bubble 
  2. Rainbow 
  3. Charmy  
  4. Smiley 
  5. Sky 
  6. Cotton candy 
  7. Bloom 
  8. Angel’s face 
  9. Jolly
  10. Gummy bear 
  11. Sunflower 
  12. Baby boo
  13. Sugar 
  14. Choco 
  15. Hottie 
  16. Charmer 
  17. Cakes 
  18. Dovey
  19. Pebbles 
  20. Bestie 

Nickname for male friends

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  1. Mate
  2. Mr
  3. Best bud
  4. Buddy
  5. BFG
  6. Trouble 
  7. G
  8. Sir 
  9. Bro
  10. Ace 
  11. Bruv
  12. Champ
  13. Homie
  14. Playboy
  15. Hercules 
  16. Bond 
  17. Hot Mister 
  18. Brat
  19. Sh*t head
  20. Alpha 

Jobs/title/professional nicknames

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  1. The great tech
  2. Doc
  3. Bakes 
  4. Lappy- for the friend who is always on their laptop.
  5. Captain 
  6. Chief 
  7. Ceo
  8. Sir
  9. Boss
  10. Talent/ gifted


After having gone through this list, I hope you were able to find the perfect nickname for your best friend. When others call them by their real name, yours would be different and special.

After all, it must have taken a lot for you two to reach the best friend stage, it must have undoubtedly required a lot of effort and time in your friendship too. In a sense, you have the right to refer to them differently than other people do. Go ahead and address your best friend with that special nickname you got for them.