Romantic Texts For Your Long Distance Love

Looking for romantic long-distance texts for your boyfriend or girlfriend? When you are separated from the ones you love, you miss them a lot and crave their company. You can let them know how you feel with sweet text messages for long-distance relationships over text.

However, you can’t tell whether or not they are busy. Therefore, texting is the only option to communicate your feelings to them. Since you barely get to meet and spend time together, it can be difficult to maintain the spark in a long-distance relationship. So, your only means of communication are texts.

It is sickening to be so far away from the person you love, and the time spent apart is accompanied by pain and longing. 

You should never be afraid to express your true feelings to someone you love. Putting your thoughts and feelings into a few words might be challenging. 

However, you might learn that these long-distance romantic texts are the ideal way to express how you are feeling.

Romantic texts for long-distance boyfriends/ girlfriends.

With the following suggestions, it would be much easy to craft your own sweet message for a busy boyfriend long distance or what to write in a long-distance relationship letter for a girlfriend. Send the messages with love and trust, using any of your favorite messaging apps, and not be afraid to add your own words from the heart.

Romantic texts for long-distance boyfriend:

  • Darling, you are the first in my thoughts every morning I wake up and every night before bed. I miss you and I can’t wait until you return.
  • I am dreaming of the day that you will come back, and I will lie down in bed, right beside you, watching your pretty face as you sleep. Thinking about how lucky I am to be yours and you mine.
  •  I miss your face, your smiles, your deep chuckles, your hands, and your eyes.
  • The distance between us is sickening, and I wish I can make you appear here with a flip of my fingers. I miss you so much that you are the only one in my thoughts, when I’m working, when I’m out eating, hanging out with some friends, or sleeping and I wish my dreams were my reality so I can truly be with you, in your arms. 
  • You being so away from me saddens me, but when you call me and at the sound of your voice, my heart smiles with me. Imagine if you are here, right in my face, looking at me, and speaking to me. Tears of pain* 
  • I don’t know if it’s because you are far from me, that my love for you grows twice bigger and each day I miss you even more. Darling, you need to pity me now and let me see your pretty face, I promise you, you’re the only thing that has occupied my whole thoughts and life. 
  • Is it just me or time seems to be slower? How much longer until you come home and I will be right in your arms?
  • Ssssshh, can you hear the wind whispering to you? It says “Name” misses you. 
  • Even if you’re a thousand miles away from me, my love grows every minute. It will be lonely sometimes but what keeps me going is that I feel you close to me right here in my heart.
  • Do you miss me when you toss over to the other side of the bed and you don’t see me? Do you miss my soft little giggles when you tickle me just to wake me up? Because I do miss you, love, I miss being the first face you see when you wake up. 
  • It’s so sad and lonely here, knowing you are mine but I can’t see you or be with you every time. I want to scream! But would you appear right here if I do? I just wanna be with you dear love of my life.
  • Guess who became my new friend? The calendar! Sad. I visit her every day, counting on the days till you return, be ready to take lots and lots of I miss you kisses from me. I might even eat you up too! Help!!! Missing you is tough! 
  • If I am granted two wishes, I will use it all to wish for you to be here with me. 
  • If I don’t see you before Christmas, guess what I will do? (sinister smile) I will ask Santa Claus to wrap you up and put you in a pretty gift bag, because you are always a gift in my life, and send you here to me. 
  • I should be the one seeing today, not all those people! I am so jealous of them. What more do you want me to do, to be with you again? Should I compliment you more? Because you have the prettiest smile ever, even better than mine, and boy did you look good in that grey suit? I could have put you on my plate and tasted every part of you because you looked so yummy. So can I see you now? 

Romantic texts for long-distance girlfriend:

  • I feel truly incomplete without you. While I’m writing this, it’s as though no words are enough to express how much I miss you. Every morning you wake up and before you go to bed, remember that someone somewhere loves you and can’t wait to be with you again. I am that someone.
  • I wish I am your bed and pillows, they get to be so close to you, cuddle you and take in all of your scents. I wish we are not this far from each other, I would’ve been the one instead of the damn bed and pillows.
  • I am the luckiest man ever to be able to call you mine and me yours. God has indeed blessed me with you in my life. Even though we are far away, I feel your presence every time in my heart. I love you and miss you. 
  • I am proud that you are mine. Darling, you are indeed the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to say that I love you always babe, and I can’t wait till I have you in my arms again. 
  • The nights are lonely because you are not here. You have indeed occupied my whole heart and life. I wish you never leave, I wish you stay, I wish to always call you mine. I wish you are not so far away. 
  • Not being able to see you every day is tough for me to handle. It’s almost like you are the air that I breathe. I miss you, love, I miss your smiles, I miss kissing you. I miss it when we are together alone. 
  • What they said, about absence making the heart grow fonder, could be true. Because I miss you every day even though we speak and text often. 
  • I woke up today with lots of love in my heart. I wish you were to hug me so dearly to feel what I feel for you. 
  • The distance between us can never dim what I feel for you. What I feel for you is strong and alive. But I know us being apart is worth it, because the next time I see you, you will wish to never leave again. 
  • All I can think of are your beautiful face and smiles, your soft cute giggles, and the peace you give me. Please come back to me soon, my sweetest heart. 


Long-distance relationships are challenging to maintain because you must try and handle the distance barrier in addition to any other potential difficulties. To keep your relationship solid amidst any misunderstanding, it helps to keep things extra nice and pretty between you two. 

As a result, writing long-distance romantic texts to the one you love can be a wonderful method of maintaining a relationship. Pour your feelings out on words without worrying if it sounds sappy or emotional. They are the love of your life and who cares if you are pouring your whole heart into those words? Keep the spark burning and alive and who knows what will be lit up when you two meet again?