30 Best Seductive Quotes Suitable For Him/Her

Seduction is an act where one person sets out to attract the other person.

Originally, seduction refers to a man enticing a woman into romance and not the other way around, however, in this era, it can be for both parties. It must not come from a man. As many would say, the act of seduction is based on looks, on the contrary, I have discovered that the act of seduction is more than just looks, it is knowing what your partner wants and slowly giving it to them in a breathtaking way.

Looks and actions are perfect for seduction but it is entirely useless without words. Words have a way of igniting and rekindling fire at any moment. The right words on this note are the ultimate enhancer of the action and look.

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The right words matter and plays an important role. In this article, I will be giving you the perfect and most seductive quotes suitable for him or her. Before then, it is pertinent to note what these words are based on these three stones which is the keystone to seductive quotes. There are;


Before this act could be effectively communicated, the other part involved must have been acknowledged either through previous work or what they are doing recently.

Specific Instruction and Request;

This is the easiest road map to pleasure. Telling your partner what and how you need them to do whatever you want them to do with your body is an automatic turn for anybody.

Asking for permission to do things and listing things you want to do;

This doesn’t mean that you cannot go straight to do what you have in mind for your partner, but throwing that question makes them yell for the actions.

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With these 3 points being expressed, let’s dive into quotes that represent significant concepts that you can fetch whenever you are connecting with your partner and want to make desires you never expected.

Best powerful seductive quotes

1. Would you mind me taking you to heaven by allotting you a smooth ride with my tongues anywhere convenient?

2. My nipples are getting hot from the way you are kissing my neck, I can’t wait to feel you inside of me

3. Hey babe, you know kissing ignites this burning sensation in me, why don’t I spread it to you?

4. Just the gaze from your eyes elevates me to another world and as such, I can do anything for you.

5. You just smiled at me, are you aware that a quick smile is more seductive than a silky dress

6. Why don’t you take me down your spine and show me the wonders of God’s creation

7. I can resist everything except the temptation that your touches bring.

8. The fire that your looks create in me can make my teasing turn into pleasure.

9. The mystery behind your look has turned me into a detective, now I want to come into you and unveil them

10.   I know you wear pants but my hottest part is my mastery to control the zip

11.  Oh yea, my mind is dirty and right now you are sprinting through it naked, let me make it a real baby.

12.  Everybody has an addiction, mine starts from fondling you to dipping your pants

13.  I see the fear in your eyes and I want to play with it, can I?

14.  It took me ages to notice your face and yearn for your body, but a wink to fall in love with the soul that dwelled within it.

15.  Hey babe, do you know you scare me, how she asked because the thrill from your eyes makes me tell you what I can’t even tell myself.

16.  No matter how long I have thought about this, I still can’t explain how your eyes strip off my clothes and the sound of your voice make me feel butterflies

17.  You seem to capture my mind every minute, I wish I can stay in your arms till eternity.

18.  I would do anything right now to be able to curl up to you, bury my head in your chest, lock my fingers with yours and my legs in between yours and wait for the best to happen, what should I do?

19.  Hey, good morning, can I crawl up to your bed and spend the rest of the day under the duvet with you.

20.  I woke up early thinking I would get some work done, but the only work I could think of is the one that would lead to caressing my hands all over my body.

21.  You are my worst distraction, can I just leap into you to avoid being distracted?

22.  What would you like for dessert tonight? My pants on the bedroom floor or ice cream on my body

23.  Just your cuddle makes me want to wake up, can we sleep on?

24.  Hey babe, I just realized your undies match perfectly with my bedroom center rug, and my body matches yours, why don’t we allow the two parts to enjoy their match?

25.  If you could guess what I am thinking, I would give it to you on my lips

26.  Play games with my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I am yours forever

27.  I want to hold you close, skin on skin, and let our hearts have a conversation, how does that sound?

28.  When I wake up, I always wish for one thing, to feel your hand all over my body and go through that process again.

29.  Every man turns his lady on with more than a kiss but you make me forget how to walk with just a kiss, can you show me how you do that?

30.  My tongue can do a better job of teasing you, especially turning your hip than my words, should we try it?


With these quotes and the already listed fundamentals, you can get your partner down pleading for you and your services. Do not forget that appearance, actions, and words work in hand for a perfect seduction with the right words being the ultimate.