First Date Flirty Games To Get Him To Like You

According to psychologist Powell, Flirting is a mind game where you have nothing serious about someone, usually with no end goals, except for your enjoyment and to soothe your emotions.

When someone is playing a flirty game with you, they will be so excited when discussing with you, act as if they already know every detail about you whereas they know nothing, and will often use eye contact to communicate with you in a way to get your attention.

Flirty games are played by both gender but permit me to say, it’s mostly practiced by gals to earn their prey’s interest, the guys.

Are you on the first date with your dream guy, you need to get him to start liking you but don’t know exactly how to go about it.

If yes, feel happy. We got you covered.

In this amazing post, you are going to learn first-date flirty games to get him to like you.

Let’s get started with these cute flirty games to play with your crush.

6 Amazing first-date flirty games to get him to like you.

Although there are numerous first-date flirty games to get him to start liking you, here, we’re going to list out the most important ones that will catch his attention and melt his heart easily and faster.

There are as follows:

1. Smile at him often.

2. Give him a tight hug.

3. Make use of eye contact.

4. Compliment his looks.

5. Plan to always hang out with him alone.

6. Use texts or chats to flirt with him.

Having listed that, now let’s explain in detail each of these points.

Smile at him often.

It’s said that if you want to catch the attention of a man faster, make use of a smile when around him and watch him hooked up to you without much struggle. So putting on a smile outfit is proven to be one of the smartest first-date flirty games to get him to like you.

However, understand that not anyhow smile can do this magic. You can use a charming smile on him when you both are out there on your first date, smile often as you discuss with him and make him notice it, but never overly use this flirty game trick too much, so you don’t appear much like you lose your sanity.

Give him a tight hug.

When around a guy you plan to get him to start liking you on the first date, instead of just hugging him casually or with upper body contact, give him a tight hug, that way he won’t resist being ON.

What I mean by that is, don’t just give him an ordinary hug, but hug him with your whole body contact, touch him with your warm hands so he feels the spark of you run through his spine.

Doing this, will not only get him to like everything about you but will make him always have you In his mind. And with this, you’re just a step close to getting him to start liking you.

Make use of eye contact.

Another unique first date flirty game to get a guy to have the thought of you all day is using eye contact to communicate with him often.

You can do this by making sure to look directly into his eyes, that way, you both can have eye contact and then you communicate using eye contact as body language.

Read what I mean here;

During the holidays time, Mr. Lawrence’s son, a family friend came to ask my sister for a favor.

So, as I heard the knock on the door, I try to check who was there but my sister made it to the entrance first.

Though I didn’t stop there, I followed her up to the door to be sure who knocked, but as I opened the door and tried to ask him why he came, I noticed that my sister oddly moved her shoulders, batted her eyelashes, and chatted with him and the guy responded to her with a smile.

Immediately, I realize both of them are flirting with their body movement, but I don’t think they knew it.

However, you too can use these flirty signs on your first date to get him like you. Just be chatty around him, flip your hair as you speak with him, or indirectly sexually touch him. Believe me, this flirting art will undoubtedly make him develop a likeness for you afterward.

Compliment his looks.

The research has it that, men love compliments and feel loved when being complimented by a gal. So, this is another flirty idea to use on your first date to get your guy’s attention and makes him like you.

Just follow this simple guide, as you’re out there on the first date with him, ensure to notice the cute way he dresses and compliments his outfit. You can do this by telling him how gorgeous he looks in his new shirt to keep him feeling flattering all day.

You can say something like this – “You look so sexy, Cutie!“,

You are looking so cute!” Or,

You look so hot in your blue shirt, I can’t just stop staring at you“.

By using these flirty words on him, he will not only think about you but consequently see you as his dream gal.

Plan to always hang out with him alone.

There is always this bond that exists between two people who are constantly around each other.

Of course, it’s proven that when you start staying with the opposite sex often, both of you will develop a connection. This’s why teenagers are advised to limit the time they spend with someone their parents see as a bad influence to avoid getting too attached to them because they won’t even know when this feeling starts to exist.

So this is another magic you should consider as a first-date flirty game to get him to like you.

All you need to do is, always hang out privately with him so he develops a strong feeling for you that will leave him feeling lonely anytime he founds you absent, by the time you’ve achieved this, then make yourself less available to him for a while.

With this, he misses you and often be the one begging to see you, and by so doing, there’s no need to tell him that you are still single, he would indeed be aware, and likewise tries to stick around you and wouldn’t like to share you with anyone.

Use texts or chats to flirt with him.

If you want your guy to start liking you on the first date use text and chat to flirt with him.

How do you do this?

Well, it’s simple.

Just start sending him an outward funny text or chat with love emojis to communicate with him. In that case, here are some texts that would fit in; Hey! Sexy, I am still much single in case you were admiring. Or I’m so delighted to text/chat with you always, I can’t text you enough.

Advise: remember to make your texts or chats or whatever charming and entertaining so he feels engaged till he begins to show his intentions and likeness for you.

In summary.

In flirting, you feel nothing serious about someone and have no end goals, it’s all about satisfying your feelings. These tricks work perfectly well, though when used properly on your first date.

What this means is that, even though you are using these first-date flirty games to get him to like you, it demands you to be smart enough when doing them to avoid too much of it. Try keeping it real until he shows you inviting signs of staying glued and committed to you alone for a longer period.

Hope you got this article invaluable.

However, we would also like to read your thoughts or idea in the comment section if you feel there are other first-date flirty games to get him to like you that we didn’t mention in our post.

Good luck with your first date with him.