15 Surefire Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

What does a man want most in a woman?

Besides every successful man is a woman. This popular saying is what every man has in his head and what he works toward while planning to get married. Marriage is a lifetime experience and this is one of the reasons why it seems as if men while trying to settle down prefer a certain woman to others. 

Appearance is one big thing that attracts a man, but only that, cannot get him into a relationship that can lead to marriage. The genuine answer to what can lead to a healthy relationship resulting in marriage is deeper than appearance.

I am a very pretty sexy girl who no man passes without turning back to appreciate God’s creation. I am in a situation where I feel I have made it in life. Yet men would never want to keep me for long. This issue became a thought of trouble for me and I began to research it. My story changed when I understood myself, found self-development books, and improved my life.

Do you have a similar case to mine? Or perhaps you are confused as to why you haven’t found a romantic partner, do you need an answer to this big question, “What do men want in a woman?”

Then get your eyes to glue on your screen as I will tell you 15 surefire things every man wants in a woman. Though men are different and have different perspectives, this is the surest and most fundamental thing a man needs in a woman.

Things Every Man Wants In a Woman.

1. A self–reliant woman.

Contrary to what most people believe, men of this era are actively seeking self-reliant and independent women. They respect and cherish an ambitious hard-working woman who contributes to the partnership on many levels, finance not excluded. Don’t get me wrong, men are still perfect with their old-fashioned role of providing for their family but they don’t want a child in a clone of a woman to take care of. They highly appreciate a woman’s ability to add to the living in all aspect

2. A heart of placidity and harmony.

There is no better peace than mental peace and there is no better way to get this than a woman’s heart. Mental peace is an underrated heaven on earth. Every man looks out for a woman who can achieve this. Imagine an arm where you can shut yourself away from all life’s puzzles and hustle for hours without argument or fighting.

3. An attractive woman.

Here we are, with no one thing that attracts a man but not the one thing that keeps him. The importance of physical looks and tidiness can never be overemphasized. A man is moved by what they see, for you to always move your man, you need to step up the game by always being attractive. I am not saying you should always have a picture look, but men love it when you are always put together and always looking amazing.

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4. Consistency.

Consistency is a key factor in life and love. It’s considered one because it is that virtue that portrays your real you. It is always peaceful to know that no matter what happens this is who this person is and this is what to expect from them. It is one factor that grows trust and every man wants a woman he can trust.

5. Understanding and empathy.

Love alone cannot sustain a relationship. Understanding is a determinant of a healthy relationship. With much not being said, a man is attracted to a woman who is patient enough to understand him and how is empathetic enough to be in his shoes. Life is full of ups and down and the best gift a man can get is an understanding and empathetic woman. The majority of them look out for this feature in a woman.

6. A woman who is generous.

Men are usually expected to do all the work of planning dates and gifting. It might not really sound like what they need but bet me, once you learn to be generous to a man, he can never leave you. This is because, most times, nobody really gives a man, everybody is interested in what they will get from him. Moreover, a man wants a woman who would see beyond what every other person sees and be generous to him.

7. Smart and Intellectually challenging.

Being able to hold a meaningful conversation of any type and any kind builds communication in a relationship. This can only be achievable when you are smart. Many a fling was built on physical attraction alone and that is why they don’t last long.  Being smart and intellectually challenging will give you an enticing and fun-filled relationship that won’t be practically based on physical attraction.

8. A good listener.

Men find it hard to open up, especially in a very difficult situation. The ability to listen to them, not just hearing them talk but understanding what they are saying without being too quick to throw your own thoughts or judge them is what they want from their partner. A guy bonds to someone he can open up to and he can only open up to you if you listen well to him.

9. Positive energy and positive attitude.

Men prefer warmhearted women who are tough when they need to be but are kind. This is having the right energy and the right attitude at the right time. It is a turn-off when a woman has a bad attitude and negative energy all the time. Everybody wants to be associated with positivity because it is one of the things that give peace of mind.

10.  A woman with similar values.

Most value system is constructed during childhood and from the lessons, you learn from your parents. Finding someone with a similar vision is not always easy as everybody has a different upbringing. However, there are fundamentals that a man looks out for.

11.  A woman with a grateful heart.

Everybody loves being appreciated but it is a button of action for men. It is more of an advantage to women than ma as it opens room for more action, however, nothing makes a man happier than knowing that he has done something that you are so grateful for.

12. Admit when you are wrong.

Pride comes before downfall is a popular saying. Nobody, not to talk of a man likes people who never admit they are wrong because they think too highly of themselves. To sustain a healthy relationship, both parties must say sorry when it is necessary

13. A woman who loves herself.

You cannot give what you don’t have. For a man to want you and love you, you must first love yourself. Don’t be obsessed over your insecurities and let them go.

14.  Show interest In what he loves.

Learn, understand and fall in love with what he loves the most. Instead of always dragging him to what you want and what you would like to do, learn those things he loves the most and start to love them too. This way you expand on your challenges and get along well.

15.  Show you care.

The act of caring is what you must master as a woman. It is a verse visa equation but you must know this act at your fingertips.


With these 15 points listed out, you would sustain a healthy and long-term relationship with any man. Just bear in mind that every point listed out here is as important as each other and must be mastered to achieve that dream romantic relationship you want. With all this, I was able to shift my story to a better and more romantic relationship tale. I wish you the same as you step into your own journey. Good luck!