10 Signs He Is The One You Should Marry

How do you know if he’s the one you should marry? One of the most important things to do in a serious relationship as a girl is to know if a guy is serious about marrying you while getting married to the wrong guy could be the worst thing ever.

A healthy marriage is the best thing that could happen to anyone. A husband on the other hand is the pillar of your home and the father of your children. It is pertinent to note that marriage is a course that doesn’t have a perfect text work nor does it have a straight formula that would arrive straight to the answer. This is because what worked for this person might not work for another person. On the other hand, love isn’t enough to keep a marriage. This is a point that has been proven by couples and divorcees. There are many other important things that would keep a marriage in line with love.

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Marriage isn’t a common relationship, and unlike the girlfriend and boyfriend break up, separation of husband and wife is a deeper wound most especially when kids are involved. Contrary to what is being played out in the world today, marriage is a decision that must be decided by the heart and brain. If the brain doesn’t play its role well or you decide to leave the situation for the heart alone, be rest assured to come out like millions of wives out there who get separated within the first few years of their union.

In his article, I have written down signs you should look out for before getting married to him having in mind that he is the pillar of the family. To avoid regrets and divorce, here’s how to know if you found the right person.

10 Signs He Is The One You Should Marry

1. Economic stability.

This is the most important and practical thing you should note in a man who you are looking out to start the life journey. I am not saying you shouldn’t marry him if he is poor, I am saying that you should not marry if his finances are messy. This is to say that if he doesn’t have a stable income and doesn’t have any intention of securing one, you should know that marriage is far from the line.

2. He has built strong communication with you.

Communication is the key factor in life as it bears energy which is the source of life. Consider if you can talk to this partner comfortably about anything and he can do the same.

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3. Physical attraction.

We are talking about a life partner here so this just needs to be perfect. If you don’t have this exciting tingle in the pit of your stomach when need is or if there is no chemistry or maybe the chemistry isn’t strong enough, then he is not the one for you. The sexuality of a romantic partner should be at its peak.

4. A sense of responsibility.

Responsibility comes with knowing your duties and diligently doing them. A man is the pillar of the household and the responsibility of the pillar is to hold the house firm, once the pillar starts to crack and fail, the building will collapse. This is the same way a family will collapse once a man isn’t taken responsibility. The key thing you should look out for in a man is the ability to be responsible and take charge of things that matter.

5. A man who understands you.

Rather than love, understanding is more important. This is to say that without understanding, love won’t last. Understanding in other words is emotional intelligence. The ability to be aware, sensitive, and intuitive with others. It is not easy to understand one but love makes it easier, and once your partner can master this skill then know he is a step closer to being the one you should marry.

6. You should have more than just physical attraction with him.

This is an important thing between two lovers, but the attraction alone is not strong enough for a lifetime journey. Apart from cuddling and sex, there should be something deeper that bonds you two so that even without the cuddle and sex for days and months that the connection will still be stronger. Once you have this with your partner, hold and keep him closer.

7. Quality time.

If he would rather hang out with you than anyone else, you enjoy each other’s company whether you are out with a group of friends partying or at home together cuddled up and discussing life or movie then, forgo his favorite activities just to be with you, then he is the one for you.

8. Respects you.

This is a very important feature because more than just love, respect is one of the major keys to a happy marriage. You have to see in their actions and hear in his words that he respects you unconditionally. Respect is reciprocal, so it should come from both ends you should walk side by side in mutual respect.

9. Caring and loving.

The big mistake you can make as a student I by marrying someone who doesn’t love you with the hope that he will start loving you. You can try that in a relationship but not in a marriage. To stay with someone who won’t return the love you gave and take you for granted in life.

10. He shares similar goals and values with you.

This doesn’t mean you should be trained by the same parents as values are inculcated right from childhood nor does it mean that you should have the same value and goals in life. These goals and value here means having the same long-term vision like having kids, money, and similar training pattern and life principles

Wrap up

A few years ago, immediately after my graduation, I didn’t see a need to be in a relationship, not to talk of marriage because I felt I had nothing to offer especially when it has to do with finance, I am that kind of person who believes that I should be able to render what expectations I would have for my partner and bet me, I did have a high expectations in my head. In other not to want what I cannot give, I shunned all relationships.

Fortunately for me, I entered one without knowing and my partner pushed me into becoming a better me and I was able to gain financial stability. What I feared was what I could overcome with someone by my side. This is to tell you that your partner has a very important role to play in your life and you should be careful while picking them. You have to take note of what he has done, can do, and  is willing to do and how you feel about him before taking into consideration the life bond