35 Small Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

How do I come up with a small tattoo idea? From small meaningful tattoos for females to small tattoo ideas with meaning for guys and everything in between, you will find our compilation helpful in understanding the deep meanings behind every one of the 35 small tattoo ideas contained in this post.

If you’re a trend lover, you will know that tattoos are one of the latest trends in town. Celebrities can go the extra mile to get this done, and some are pretty expensive, while others are not. Even those who are not celebrities spend a lot to get small tattoos done on their favorite body spot.

You may be wondering if these permanent small tattoos drawn on various parts of the body have any meaning. Yes, they do mean different things to different people. To some people, it’s just for the love of fashion and culture, and to others, it has some natural significance.

So, in this article, we’ll explore 35 small tattoo ideas and their meanings. If you’re planning on getting one on any part of your body soon, follow through to find out which one you chose and what it means. Check them out below;

Small tattoos for men and women

1. The Sun Tattoo

sun tattoo

What does a sun tattoo mean and where should a sun tattoo be placed are two frequently asked questions about sun tattoos. The sun tattoo is said to represent a new beginning and rebirth. Sunlight showcases the best things we have inside us. It represents positivity, energy, a strong spirit, and encouragement. When you get a sun tattoo, it means you’re connected to positive vibes and everly ready to overcome a hard time.

2. Paper Crane Tattoo

What does a paper crane tattoo mean? Crane is well-known among the people of the Far East. It has a unique spot in their culture. The crane is a bird that is thought to bring good fortune and excellent luck. In Japan, paper cranes, or origami cranes, were a sign of stability, hope, and peace after World War II.

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3. The Infinity Tattoo

The Infinity Tattoo represents timelessness, eternity, and never-ending revolution. For instance, if you want to honor a loved one who has passed away, you can include their date of birth in your infinity tattoo. It can also go well with flowers.

4. The Yin Yang Tattoo


The Yin Yang tattoo symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness in Chinese philosophy. Do you desire a balanced life? Then it would help if you go for a Yin Yang Tattoo, as the Chinese believe the sign represents seemingly opposing forces that look contradictory but may likely depend on one another.

5. Crescent Moon Tattoo

crescent moon tattoo

When you find a person with a crescent moon tattoo, most times, they don’t know it has a significant meaning attached to it. Some have it for fashion, beauty, and class. However, THE CRESCENT MOON TATTOO symbolizes motherhood and fertility. It also exemplifies a new phase of one’s life.

6. Seashell Tattoo

Photo by @humblebeetattoo | @bluestonebabe

The seashell tattoo symbolizes fertility and rebirth.  It is connected to feminine vibes and rejuvenation, good fortune, and renewal. Seashell tattoos also represent the shielding quality of love.

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7. Diamond Tattoo

Photo by theyou.com

So many girls love the diamond tattoo because it is said to be connected to purity, power, beauty, strength, glamour, and invincibility. This is a tattoo idea best for women.

8. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Photo by @_PARK_TAE

The lotus flower is a well-liked type of fashionable tattoo that has been thriving recently. The lotus flower tattoo symbolizes the origination of life, purity, and divinity.

9. Arrow Tattoo

Photo by barneyfrank.net

When we talk about Arrow Tattoo, we talk about goal attainment. It symbolizes strength in different phases of life. It’s a symbol that represents overcoming life challenges.

10. The Hearts Tattoo

The heart tattoo means different things to different people. It embodies love, passion, and friendship. It is one of the most popular tattoo ideas people go for. It can also be used to pay tribute to lost loved ones.

11. Inguz Rune Tattoo

The Inguz rune is a small tattoo represented by characters of the Runic alphabet known as runes. This alphabet comprises several symbols for various concepts and character traits. The Inguz rune stands for expansion and progress. It also represents fertility, family, and love.

12. Signature Tattoo

A signature tattoo is a small idea to signify that a person means the world to you. Signature tattoos will always be a part of you, reminding you of your love for the person.

13. Omega Tattoo

Omega tattoo is a trendy small tattoo idea that is used to represent the final form of a thing. It symbolizes the best version of a person. It can also fit into any part of the body perfectly well.

14. The Wave Tattoo

Photo by bodytattooart.com

The weave tattoo is a small tattoo idea that depicts the consciousness of the soul and emotions. It symbolizes fantasy, imagination, and nature. It speaks more about independence, beauty, love, and power.

15. Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is a popular small tattoo idea that can be drawn on any part of the body. It is easy to obscure. It’s a simple tattoo idea that you can get at any time of day or night.

16. The Cat Tattoo

Photo by Denise Knue

Are you a cat lover? If yes! Then you can take it a step further by getting a Cat Tattoo. The Cat Tattoo is a small tattoo idea that represents grace, luck, uniqueness, and intelligence. It also symbolizes mystery and shrewdness.

17. Heartbeat Tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo is one of the small tattoo ideas that has so many meanings. It is associated with the heartbeat. It symbolizes life and breathing. It tells you that you’re alive even on the most challenging days.

18. The Ohm Tattoo

OHM tattoo is an excellent example of a small tattoo idea with many unique meanings. It represents the totality of all the sounds of the universe. It signifies oneness, creativity, fullness, and growth. Ohm’s ink also talks about invincibility and truth.

19. Birds Tattoos

Photo by tattooeasily.com

The bird’s tattoo is a small tattoo idea with an important message. The birds flying off stand for liberation. The term “faith” that appears next to them refers to the confidence people feel in their own identity and independence.

20. Snowflakes Tattoo

snowflakes tattoo

The Snowflake tattoo signifies the transformation in nature. It is the perfect homage to the idea that nothing ever lasts forever and that the only thing you see that is constant in existence is changing.

21. Paper Airplane Tattoo

Photo by Tattooer Jina

A paper airplane tattoo has many meanings, which include letting go of strong emotions and memories that are dragging you down so you can move forward.

22. Crowning Glory Tattoo

Crowning glory tattoos symbolize victory, glory, accomplishment, and royalty. Growth and advancement in life. It also means power and self-control. However, it has so many designs.

23. Glass Tattoo

Eyeglass tattoos have numerous designs and meanings. It represents intellect, hard work, resilience, and high intelligence. It is also used to describe age, experience, and a hint of the wisdom of an older adult.

24. Fingers Crossed Tattoo

Fingers Crossed Tattoo

Fingers crossed, the tattoo is not that common. However, it still has so many people who draw it on their favorite body parts. This tattoo idea signifies good luck. You can get this ink drawing if you’re keen on achieving a particular goal as a keepsake.

25. Fine Lines Tattoo

fine lines tattoo

Fine Lines tattoo has many designs crafted in a modest way that can mean many things to many people. It means religion and spirituality to some people. It can also be seen as just fine artwork. Some people go for this due to their love for history.

26. Circle Tattoo

Circle Tattoo

The circle is a basic geometric form in nature, philosophy, religion, and art. It opens up practically endless possibilities for making lovely and significant tattoos. It also symbolizes that your circle of friends matters because they count in your life journey.

27. Palm Tree Tattoo

palm tree tattoo

Getting a palm tree tattoo signifies so many things, which include not feeling too far away from a beach and a motivational tool that helps to remind you also to enjoy your life amidst hard work. If you love to add relaxation to your life schedule, getting a palm tree tattoo helps remind you of that.

28. Capricorn Tattoo

If you’re a December 22nd and January 19th born, you should wear a Capricorn tattoo. This is a small tattoo idea that is symbolized by being trustworthy, energetic, dynamic, ambitious, and accountable.

29. All Seeing-eye Tattoo

All Seeing-eye Tattoo

The all-seeing eye tattoo is a popular small tattoo idea that is usually shown as a single eye inside of a triangle surrounded by flashes of light. Numerous ancient civilizations adored this symbol, and it served as a significant icon in many different world faiths.

30. Bicycle Tattoo

bicycle tattoo

If you’re a lover of bicycles or a professional bicyclist, you should consider a bicycle tattoo idea. It is not difficult for people to recognize what this symbol signifies, and you don’t have to explain it.

31. Olive Branch Tattoo

Olive Branch tattoo is a small tattoo idea design that is aesthetically pleasing and loaded with significance. Most individuals know that extending an olive branch will end a conflict and promote peace. Therefore, it stands for tranquility and harmony.

32. Fire Symbol Tattoo

Photo by @rentattoos via Instagram

Fire is known to represent so many things which include cooking, burning down bushes and forests, and lighting up a dark place. Fire symbol represents brightness and being assertive. Flame tattoos are a small tattoo idea you should consider.

33.  Elephant Tattoo

An elephant is a tattoo idea you draw on your body. It represents loyalty, good fortune, strength, and power. It also symbolizes strong connection, empathy, and memory. Longevity is not far from this tattoo symbol.

34. Sailboat Tattoo

A sailboat tattoo is a small tattoo idea that symbolizes a new start, exploration, and a life adventure. It signifies a solution to chronic wanderlust. When sailing, you may go through difficult times that might not be easy to pull through.

35. Rose Tattoo

The symbolism of the Rose Tattoo is femininity. It is a small tattoo idea you should choose if you’re a lover of symbols that has to do with purity and love. It also represents a new phase of one’s life and growth.

Final Thought

Knowing the different meanings of tattoos will help you choose the one that aligns with your belief, style, and fashion. The 35 small tattoo ideas discussed earlier help explain the different types of tattoos available.