How To Passionately Kiss A Girl And Make Her Want More

How do you give a girl a passionate kiss and make her want more? From how to French kiss a girl to make her want more, to how to make her kiss you for the first time, and everything in between, this post will be your special kissing guide.

Every girl wants to be kissed on the lips properly, while every boy wants to kiss a girl to the point where she wants more than just the kiss. Every girl wants to be kissed with emotion in such a way that she feels loved and cherished. Only then can she want more from you.

The huge difference between the kiss of a male and a female is that males tend to kiss as a means of gaining sexual favors, while females kiss more as a way of accessing the true feelings of their partner. In other words, she kisses you to ascertain whether or not you are suitable for her as a match, while he kisses you to get you excited and get you into bed.

Most times, the important detail about kissing is not how often you do it, but where to kiss your girl to get her turned on to the point where she wants you with a hunger and urgency that transforms your sex into more passionate lovemaking.

If you want to take a step further in your relationship or get it more heated to the point where it leads to the bedroom, then you need to know that a woman’s body is an amazingly sensuous creation. The slightest kiss on the right spot can send shivers down her spine, give her chills or goose bumps, and make her body shake with delight.

Do you want your girlfriend to not just kiss you in the normal boring way anymore, but kiss you more often to the point of wanting to go freaky with you, and you don’t know how to do it? Then here is the answer you’ve been looking for.

1. Timing and mood are everything

kiss and nibbling

Women are more dramatic than men. Knowing when and in what mood to kiss her is the first step toward kissing her passionately and making her want more. If you want things to go downhill, you must study your lover and learn when and in what mood she becomes naughtier.  a kiss at the moment or how addictive her kiss is, it will help deepen the kiss and get her bolder and more in the mood. Women are moved by what they hear; tell her things that will make her tingle all over and want to kiss you more.

2. Don’t rush

close mouth kiss

Take your time and allow the kiss to flow the way it’s meant to. Not rushing the kiss gives her time to prepare for what may happen and also allows her to compose herself. If you rush the kiss without setting the tempo for it, she may react unkindly and quickly move away. And from there, things will end up becoming awkward, and she may just end it with laughter if she is kinder.

3. Read her reaction.

kiss on the cheek

She may want to kiss you but isn’t ready or comfortable enough to go that deep. It’s not a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it; it just means you should give her more time to get used to the idea of kissing you. Be sure to note if she is smiling and blushing or if she is bewildered and uncomfortable. If she is smiling and inviting, then continue to flirt with her or compliment her and express your feelings. If not, just try to naturally move forward with the conversation. If she pulls away, respects her feelings and give her a minute to process her feelings. Give her time to search through her own emotions. so that the story doesn’t change from attempted seduction to sexual harassment.

Tease her and make her want more

kiss on the nose

Now you’ve shown her how good it can be and have ignited the chemistry to be stronger between the both of you, which is very good! It’s time to find out if you’ve succeeded in making her want more from you than just a kiss. Tease her with words to make her want to kiss you, and your body language. Try to move away or break the kiss. If she moves with you and is not ready to break the kiss, then congratulations! You succeeded in making her want more from you than just a casual or boring kiss. Now you’ve set the pace for anything to go down, and it’s time for you to decide if you want to just make out or if you want to make love with your girl.

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Over to you

Now that I have shown you how to kiss your girlfriend romantically and make her want more of your kiss, ensure that the next time you’re with her, she will fill the pro kisser in you and who knows, you may win the best kisser of the year in her heart.