10 Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

What does every woman want in a man? We will reveal to you in this post, 10 of the most important qualities every woman looks for in a guy.

So, what do women really want in a man? This question has been asked for decades, if not centuries, by men of different statuses and races. It has been adapted into novels and movies and used as topics for talk shows on radio and television programs, all in a bid to finally discover what women truly want, but till this moment, they are yet to find out what women truly want.

Some who claim to have discovered what all women want will say they want money. And then others try to put this latest discovery into action and discover that money is not the most important thing women want from their men.

While some others have decided that all a woman truly wants is to be showered with attention, they go ahead and do this, but it still turns out to be an abysmal failure, and they are left still confused about what women truly want in order to satisfy them.

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Just as not all men are the same, every woman is different in her own way and has her own uniqueness. What may work for “woman A” may not work for “woman B”. The very first thing to do is learn her love language; find out your woman’s soft spot, her weakness, and her strength, as those are the things that help build up her preferences and what she truly wants. When you’ve finally discovered what ‘YOUR’ woman wants, you can go about knowing how to satisfy her wants.

Here are the 10 most important things a woman wants in a man, some of which she may never say because she expects a man to know them already, but at the end of the day, they are what determines how happy or how long your relationship or marriage is going to last.

1. Love

signs of true love in a long distance relationship

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Love is the bedrock on which any relationship can stand. You both can go through and overcome any trials together as long as you love each other. One may say women easily fall in love. And, while men are initially moved to like a woman based on what they see, the woman expects him to fall in love with her beyond physical attraction, which if it does not happen will cause her to question herself, feel sad, and feel insecure, and, at the end of the day, end up quitting the relationship and looking for love elsewhere. Because good sexual chemistry, how good you look together, and physical attraction will never be enough to hold up any relationship when the trials come knocking at your once peaceful relationship.

2. Financial security

Whoever said love is never enough was saying it because they knew money is almost as important, if not more important, for some women in a relationship. Women, irrespective of race or social status, have one thing in common: they need financial security from their men. They may not want a wealthy man who flies in a private jet, but they do want a man they can always count on to bail them out if they are in financial trouble. While some women want to be spoiled by their men because it is their love language, a man can only spoil his woman if he has money.

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3. Attention

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One of the fastest ways to lose your woman to an intentional man is by denying her your attention. Some men concentrate more on making sure she always has the money to spoil herself as she wishes, never paying attention to their feelings. Some women just want you to listen to them wail about how bad their day was, how awful their boss was to them, who they bumped into during the day, or the color of their newest underwear. It will be an unforgivable sin for your woman to grow new hair, and you will not notice it the moment she walks in the door and you shower her with compliments because most women go through hours of pain just to look good for you.

4. Gifts

Although this works both ways, women pay more attention to it than men. Buy her gifts on a whim. You don’t have to wait until her birthday or an anniversary. Some women would rather you buy them gifts than give them money. It shows them that they are always in your thoughts. Imagine buying her a gown, and while giving it to her, you say, “I was driving by this boutique and saw this on display, and the moment I saw it, I knew it would look perfect on you.” Every time she picks up that gown to wear, that will be the first thing that comes to her mind.

5. Equality

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Equality in a relationship between a man and a woman means that both partners are on equal footing and have the same rights, opportunities, and responsibilities within the relationship. It means that each person is treated with respect and dignity and that both partners are able to express their thoughts and feelings openly and without fear of being judged or dismissed. Equality in a relationship, means that both partners have an equal say in decision-making and are able to pursue their own goals and interests without interference from the other. Overall, equality in a relationship means that both partners are able to be their authentic selves and are able to support and encourage each other in their personal and professional endeavors.

6. Vacations

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One thing most women love more than money is a vacation to a nice place where they can wind down after a stressful period and also snap pictures for Instagram. Taking women on vacation will not only score you major points, but it will also earn you mind-blowing bedroom activities you won’t forget for a long time.

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7. Emotional vulnerability

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The phrase “be a man” has done more harm than good to the men in our society today. Not just mentally, but also in relationships. Because men are taught at an early age not to wear their emotions on their sleeve, not to talk about how they feel, and not to ask for help. And they go into relationships with this mindset, which ends up spoiling a lot of things. The majority of women prefer their men to be emotionally vulnerable to them. to tell them when they’re down and rely on them to hold their hands and ask for help when they need it so that things don’t spiral downward into the worst-case scenario without them even realizing it until it’s almost too late.          

8. Protection

Most women may not agree, but every woman wants to be a damsel in distress for her man. Every woman wants to know that her husband will protect her from other men who may want to bully her and that he will protect their children from the evil that the world truly is.

9. Trust

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The world, especially in this social media age, can be a very scary place to live. Every woman wants a man who can trust her enough to stand by her even when the world is against her, not one who will doubt her and make things more difficult for her than they already are.

10. Long-term plans and focus to achieve them

When women think about their future, they don’t just think about their own; they also think about the future of their unborn children. This thought alone influences most of them in their choice of a life partner. This is because no woman wants to bear a child with a man who isn’t sure about the career path he wants to follow yet or his plan for the next 5 years of his life. They want someone who, if not already stable, has a clear-cut goal for himself and is already working towards achieving it.

Final thought

It may still be difficult for men to say what a woman truly wants from men, but we know what women don’t want from a man. Women do not want to be abused, disrespected, shamed for their bodies, or neglected. If you are not doing any of this, then you are already on your way to discovering what your woman wants.