Medusa Piercing – Everything You Need To Know Before Getting It Done

Does Medusa Piercing make your lips bigger? Can you eat after it? Why is it called medusa piercing? These are common questions people ask about piercing the medusa, and we will be more than glad to reveal everything you need to know about this type of piercing.

There’s no doubt that medusa piercing is getting more and more well-liked among all people these days. Before you get one, know about it, the cost, pain, and healing. Above all, make sure it is carried out by an expert piercer and educator who will make the process easy, and neat without leaving scars.

What is medusa piercing? 

medusa piercing

During a medusa piercing, a stud is inserted in the philtrum, the groove found right beneath the nose and above the middle of the lips. 

A lengthy labret stud is typically used by the piercer to fit the piercing. To avoid harming their teeth and gums, a person might switch out the stud for a shorter one once the piercing has healed.

The double and the vertical medusa piercings are the other two varieties. To accommodate two separate studs, the philtrum is twice perforated, one on top of the other. Because the philtrum is perforated vertically, what may appear to be two holes are one. This makes the vertical variation unique.

This article will cover every detail of the medusa piercing, including what to anticipate before, during, and after the procedure. You must follow the right aftercare instructions, allow enough time for healing, and be aware of any possible health threats. You’ve arrived at the right site if you’re interested in the piercing procedure!

Is medusa piercing painful?

Though the pain is brief, the lip area has more nerve endings than the ear lobe. Since everyone has a different tolerance for pain and the piercing needles are extremely sharp. it is difficult to predict how each person would react to the occasion.

Quick pain is reportedly experienced when the needle first pierces the tissue. It goes by in the blink of an eye and is most likely similar to any other piercing.

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The cost of a medusa piercing 

The cost of jewelry is an additional expense, and the Medusa piercing can cost anywhere from $40 and $80. Be aware of studios that sell cheap piercings using inferior materials. The labret stud is typically the greatest choice when deciding what jewelry to wear first.

But don’t let cost influence who you choose as a piercer. We advise looking for a piercer with plenty of experience performing this style of piercing, even if it costs a little bit more.

Preparation for medusa piercing and all you need to know before getting it done.

  • You or your legal guardian must sign a consent form on your behalf to indicate you’re not under the age of 18. 
  • Plan a consultation with the piercer. The client should feel at ease asking questions and picking the jewelry of their choice. The piercer should provide the patient with aftercare instructions and go through potential dangers, complications, and the healing process. The client may inquire about the piercer’s experience and methods for maintaining and developing their craft. Particularly when getting a Medusa piercing, you should choose a skilled expert with extensive experience. One should use a trustworthy body piercer which will help to lower the danger of getting an infection or catching diseases like hepatitis or HIV.
  • The medusa piercing has a complex placement that, if done incorrectly, increases the risk of problems like dental decay and gum recession.
  • The lip area will be cleaned by the piercer, who will also mark the location of the piercing with a non-permanent marker. If necessary, the mark should be moved if the person is not satisfied with where it is. Additionally, it must be positioned precisely in the middle of the philtrum area because even the smallest deviation can seriously ruin the structure of your face. 
  • All jewelry and tools should be contained in sterile, airtight packages. If a piercer cleans their needles by soaking them in liquid, the client should refuse the service and leave immediately.

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What to anticipate while getting your medusa pierced 

One should anticipate: 

  • A spotless workspace with designated spaces for waiting, sterilizing tools, and performing the piercing operation;
  • Observe the piercer washes their hands before starting work; 
  • Sterile gloves. Your piercer will put on clean gloves and clean the area where they are piercing you with an antibiotic solution first (usually alcohol). Before starting the operation, you will be given an antibacterial oral solution to rinse out your mouth.
  • After cleaning, the piercer will hold your upper lip stable with a clamp. As the thin, sharp hollow needle is inserted by the piercer using forceps to pierce the philtrum from the inside out. 
  • As the needle punctures the skin, a person could experience minor pain. 
  • The piercer places a metal stem with a flat back into the piercing. Labret stems are 1.2 mm thick and start at a length of 6 mm. The circumference of the decorative head gem or pin is typically 4 mm. The threaded head, which is often shaped like a ball or cone, is pushed onto the stem to firmly fasten it.
  • The procedure is finished after the piercer gives it a short clean with an antiseptic solution.
  • A single-use needle; and the piercer who discards the needle in the right place. 

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Aftercare and medusa piercing healing process

There is a chance of infection, as there is with most piercings. The aftercare recommendations of a qualified piercer should be followed.

The piercing site may first enlarge and turn discolored from bruising. There can be some minor localized bleeding, irritation, or a yellow crust on the jewelry. 

One should take care of a fresh piercing by: 

  • Washing their hands well before handling the jewelry
  • Cleaning the piercing area with sterile saline wash on a piece of gauze. At least twice or three times per day, clean the piercing with a saline solution or sea salt soaks. Make sure you clean both inside and outside when you are cleaning.
  • Do not rotate the jewelry. People should be warned that removing a lip piercing could leave a hole or scar.
  • Avoid tugging or fiddling with the jewelry because doing so will irritate the piercing and slow down the healing process. If you have to touch the piercing, wait until you’ve cleansed your hands well before doing so. You can be certain that you will contract an infection if you touch it with unwashed hands. 
  • After eating, one should brush their teeth, and keep their piercings clean. It’s crucial to brush and floss your lovely whites. The entire mouth should be spotless since dirty teeth lead to the growth of bacteria, which considerably raises the risk of infection. 
  • When you are brushing your teeth, take special care to avoid triggering the jewelry. Do not forget to keep your toothbrush clean at all times. 
  • Since mouthwash includes alcohol, which might irritate the piercing, avoid using it.
  • During the first week, kissing, smoking, and yes, even drinking, may not be the best ideas. Alcohol causes dehydration, and in this circumstance, dehydration is not advised. 
  • Avoid using cosmetics or other items for your face because they contain harsh chemicals that might irritate your piercing and potentially trigger allergies.

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The healing time for the Medusa piercing might range from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your general health, your immune system, and the jewelry you’ve chosen. During the healing process, it’s important to take proper care of your piercing as this might hasten the process and lower the risk of infections. The speed at which your piercing heals will depend on how well you take care of it, so be sure to go by these specific aftercare instructions.

Oral piercings could seem to heal rather rapidly, but the inside of the area might take longer to fully recover. 

Following a piercing, the area may swell, bleed a little, bruise, and experience some soreness. Additionally, a tiny amount of white lymphatic fluid, which is not pus, may be secreted by the wound. The piercer should change the labret stud for a smaller one at this point because the swelling will entirely go down in about 1-2 weeks.

  • To relieve pain and reduce swelling, one can use over-the-counter (OTC) medication. To assist numb the area, one can also suck on tiny bits of ice. 
  • Throughout the entire healing process, a person should keep cleaning both the inside of their mouth and the external wound. 
  • If a person takes off the jewelry from an oral piercing, the hole might shut up quite rapidly. If required, a person should return to the piercer to have the jewelry taken out before the wound has fully healed.

Possible dangers and negative effects of medusa piercing 

An infection could develop in a fresh piercing. For the first two weeks following a new piercing, a person should refrain from kissing or other oral intercourse. Infection signs and symptoms include: 

  • Blood or pus leaking from the wound 
  • Swelling and redness around the piercing location and a person feeling queasy or uncomfortable 

If a person thinks they may develop an infection from a recent piercing, they should schedule a visit with a doctor. Until a medical professional can check the wound, the jewelry should remain in place.

Briefing the guide for medusa piercing 

Anyone thinking about getting a piercing should learn more about the dangers and issues that could arise. The reputation of the potential piercing facility should also be investigated. 

  • One will need to take special care of the piercing spot, which includes practicing proper oral hygiene. This entails using an alcohol-free mouthwash and brushing their teeth after every meal. 
  • After two weeks, when the swelling has subsided, the wearer should switch out their initial labret stud for a shorter one. For a short period, a person might have to switch out their jewelry for a longer stud if the skin starts to grow over the back of the labret.
  • One should avoid fiddling with their piercing, wash their hands before touching it, and use caution when eating while wearing an oral piercing. For the first two weeks after getting a piercing, one should refrain from kissing or having oral sex. 

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If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a doctor right away. If your piercing is infected, it will be red, hurt (after the first few days), ooze pus, give you a fever, and feel tender. Ignoring any of these signs will simply make the situation worse.