100 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes For Everyone

St. Valentine is the most famous saint in the world, with Christians, Muslims, and atheists all celebrating his day. Many don’t know the story behind the celebration, and some don’t care to know and may never know in their lifetime. But one thing everyone who celebrates St. Valentine’s Day has in common is that they can feel the love in the air.

Love is one emotion that is stronger than any other emotion in the world. The only emotion that has broken past language, past religion, color, or race keeps getting stronger by the day. It’s one emotion that has pushed people to commit crimes, be bold, and face their fears. Love has started wars, destroyed and rebuilt homes, and created and destroyed many things. Love is the greatest emotion, so it’s only fair if we have a day set aside to celebrate this love.

While celebrating Valentine’s Day, sending lovely messages to your friends and loved ones is a way of telling them you love them and you wish them well. It’s a day to share the love.

So, here is a compilation of the 100 best Valentine’s Day messages you can send to everyone to tell them that you love them and that they are always in your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages And Wishes

1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Today is a day of happiness and love, so keep smiling.

2. Love is the greatest thing in life. We may all have differences, but today is a day to put them all away. Happy Valentine’s Day.

3. Love is a thing of pure bliss, to be happy and something to be grateful for. Be happy.

4. Valentine’s Day is a day to share love and happiness with all around you.

5. Everyone deserves to be loved, and that is what this day is all about. So why don’t you share some love?

6. Nobody can be happy without love. Being loved is the greatest feeling in the world. So this is me telling you that I love you on this day.

7. Today is a day to be free and have some fun because it is valentine’s day. Just be happy and don’t let anyone kill your joy today.

8. Life is too short to not enjoy it. It’s valentine’s day, a day to love and be loved.

9. Life without love is hopeless. It’s a day to be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day.

10. Love is a beautiful thing. The world understands it needs a day to celebrate people like you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

11. How are you, my friend? It’s been a while, but today is a day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend, I wish you well.

12. There is no feeling more special than having a friend like you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.

13. Friends like you are rare to come by, and that’s why I celebrate you today. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friend.

14. I am wishing a happy, blissful Valentine’s Day to a friend who has been there with me through thick and thin. I love you.

15. Love is indeed the most beautiful thing in the world and should be shared regardless of the time of year. Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovely friend.

16. Life should be full of love and celebration. And that is what I wish for you all the days of your life on this day.

17. The smallest show of love makes a difference in our lives. And in several ways, you have shown me you love me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my dear friend.

18. Love is what this world needs to heal, and what we need for a better tomorrow. So I celebrate you on this day.

19. “You’ve been my everything on some days when I had nothing and no one.” Happy valentine’s day my everything

20. You are always in my heart, even though we may be far away. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

21. Valentine’s Day is not just a day of love. It’s a day full of love and heartfelt emotions.

22. Valentine’s Day is the one day you can express love to your friends whom you may be far away and have not seen for long. I love you, my friend.

23. Love changes people in mysterious ways. You have changed me greatly, my friend.

24. When people have broken hearts, love is all they need to fix it.

25. Love changes people’s characters. It’s like a superhero that saves you from self-doom. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear.

26. When you come out of a broken relationship, an act of love is all you need to heal.

27. Love can kill, and love can save and do so many mysterious things. That’s why love is the greatest.

28. You never know what will happen when your life is full of so much love. It can burst with happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

29. People cry when they feel a little love after being without it for a long time. This is how strong love is. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

30. Valentine’s day is just one day in the year, but you should know I love you every day

31. I love you. That is the focus of today.

32. Cheers to more years of celebrating love.

33. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day, but once I had you in my life, I understood what the celebration was all about.

34. Every love song reminds me of our love for each other. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

35. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most important person in my life. I hope I make you happy just as you make me.

36. Thank you for bringing so much love and adventure into my life. I love you.

37. I may not say it every day, but I love you immensely.

38. You are the reason I am who I am today. I celebrate you, today and always.

39. Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and partner.

40. May this Valentine’s Day be filled with so much joy and laughter.

41. I’m grateful to have you in my life. Happy valentines day

42. You mean the world to me. I’m not saying this to pull your legs, I’m saying it because it’s the truth. Happy love day to you.

43. Happy Valentine’s Day, my beloved. Thanks for coming into my life.

44. The sweetest fragrance in life is love. Those who wear it as you do are the best humans.

45. Life without love is like a day full of rain with no sunshine. Thanks for being the sunshine in my life.

46. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world on this day because you deserve it and more.

47. Life is worth living because I have someone like you in it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

48. Life is a whirlwind and rollercoaster of emotions. You’ve been the calm to mine since I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

49. I hope you find love and happiness in everything you do, especially on a day like this.

50. Today will never be complete if I didn’t wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Let love keep leading you. 

51. You are an angel in human form. With you, I understood what love truly means.

52. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best part of my existence, you bring joy to my life daily.

53. Having someone as supportive as you makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day.

54. Love is truly the greatest. I understood this after I met you.

55. My favorite place in the world is anywhere you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

56. Whenever I feel like giving up, your love keeps me going.

57. My home is wherever you are. Happy day of love to you, my love.

58. Thank you for being a source of happiness to me since the first day we met. I wish you the best Valentine’s Day ever.

59. Cheers to the best Valentine’s Day ever, because I have you in my life.

60. Knowing that I am loved by you is the sweetest feeling in the world.

61. Thanks for being part of my story. I love you today and forever.

62. Thank you for making me laugh and smile every time.

63. May your day be filled with fun, laughter, flowers, and chocolates.

64. Your imperfections are what make you perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

65. I have never met someone more special than you in my life. This day is to celebrate you, my special one.

66. To my partner in crime. May this special day bring us so much love and peace.

67. Thanks for being such an amazing person. Happy Valentine’s Day!

68. Love is real, it’s in the air today. I hope you feel it now and always.

69. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for allowing me to cry on your shoulders when I needed it.

70. You are the best friend a person could hope for. Thanks for coming into my life.

71. Love is the only thing I can never get enough of. I pray that you feel the same way too.

72. There are a thousand ways of showing love, and one of them is by telling you that I love you on this day.

73. I can’t think of anyone else to whom I’d rather be sending this message on this day but you. You are my extra special someone.

74. I couldn’t have asked for better love than what you show me to that special someone.

75. May our love for each other keep growing and never change.

76. I am the most fortunate person to know someone as good as you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

77. You are perfect just the way you are. I hope that sinks into your head on this day of love.

78. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day because I have you in it, today is no different.

79. Your love makes a dark day bright and a sad day happier.

80. Valentine’s Day without telling you how much you mean to me is nothing. Happy Valentine’s Day.

81. Since I met you, my life has changed in several amazing ways possible. You are the best.

82. I want to use today to tell you to thank you for all you do for me and us. You are a blessing to me.

83. You bring melody to my soul. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.

84. The word “love” can’t describe what I feel for you. But since it’s the strongest emotion, then that’s it.

85. Your love makes me complete in all ways possible. You are the best.

86. Every day I wake up and realize I have you in my life is my Valentine’s Day.

87. You know I love you, right? That is all there is to celebrate.

88. God sent you into my life because he knew no one could understand me better than you would.

89. I love and appreciate you for the huge part you’ve played in my life all these years.

90. Your love is like medicine for my sadness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

91. I celebrate our friendship on this day, may we live longer to celebrate more Valentine’s Days.

92. To the best family in the world, thank you for loving me unconditionally.

93. You guys mean everything to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

94. I’m proud of how far we’ve come. Happy Valentine’s Day!

95. To the people who mean the world to me, may your day be filled with lots of love and laughter.

96. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing I have someone like you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

97. May the power of love heal your broken heart today and open your eyes to endless possibilities.

98. From decade to decade, my love for you will never change.

99. Love is what makes this life worth living. I hope you know this is true in our case every day.

100. May this Valentine’s Day bring us more love, more laughter, more joy, and more peace than we’ve experienced in previous years. I love you.

Over to you

Love can be celebrated on any day, not just Valentine’s day. The celebration of love is the ultimate celebration that will last for eternity no matter what age we find ourselves. Have someone that you want to tell you to cherish but have no words to put it? Send them one of these valentine’s texts today!