21 Best Virtual Date Ideas For You

Are you staying far away from your partner? This post focuses on the best virtual date ideas during lockdown or while in a long-distance relationship.

When you hear the word “date,” images of bumping into someone while walking to the park, leaning over candles to take a bite of their Cacio e Pepe, and entering the Zoom passcode undoubtedly dance in your thoughts. The latter may not elicit the same kind of butterflies as the first, but these virtual date suggestions will.

It’s true that nothing—not even a body pillow—can quite compare to your partner’s warm hug, but it is possible to have the same feeling while spending quality time virtually. Particularly if you’re in a serious relationship, you have to make do with what you have. Even if these dates aren’t typical, they can nonetheless be enjoyable. Considering how tense everything feels right now, we frequently view these online dates as a chance for normality.

What about the stress of making these online dates “perfect”? It is a snare. Even though there may occasionally appear to be interviewed because we devote so much time to Skype for business, these occasions aren’t them. And what if your anxiety almost overwhelms you as the video connects? Simply naming the sensation will reduce tension and give your partner room to express their discomfort.

Make sure your setup is organized and any temptations are out of view and out of thought before you sit down for a digital date so you can be completely involved.

1. Take a walk

Do you feel like a complete couch potato? Change the environment. Put on your shoes, make a FaceTime call to your significant other, and head out to your favorite hiking route that has mobile service or the city block with the most picturesque brownstones. You will become closer as you walk through each other’s territory.

2. Make the same dish.

Depending on your level of culinary prowess and daring spirit, there are two options here. One: Pick a mouthwatering recipe to prepare together virtually over video. Two: Create a dish with the same combination of ingredients and live out your reality culinary show fantasies. Even though there isn’t a celebrity chef panel to impress, having fun in the kitchen is still the best part.

3. See a film.

You can time your upcoming movie night with the help of apps like Telepathy. Be using the application’s chat feature to express your thoughts after watching a movie on Spotify, HBO, Vimeo, or Disney+. Before you start the movie, don’t forget to show off your favorite movie snacks (Sour Patch Pineapple).

4. Go on two dates.

I suppose the more the merrier. Including friends might help break any bubbles that can emerge in a serious relationship. A night spent catching up with the group helps to restore some sense of normalcy. If they can also relate to the complete distance problem, that is very good.

5. Do the Enneagram assessment.

Castaeda advises using these virtual dates to get to know one another better and have private discussions. What’s one approach to go about doing this? Try the Enneagram personality assessment to learn more about your motivations and worldview. No regardless of how long you’ve been together, self-reflection like this will help you comprehend both yourself and your spouse on a profound level.

6. Take an online museum tour.

One benefit of online dating? Essentially, you can travel anywhere in the world. You won’t need to look over somebody’s shoulder to satisfy your craving for culture, whether it be hearing a researcher from the Art Institute of Chicago’s perspective on George Seurat’s famous. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte or exploring the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.

7. Exercise together.

The key component of a successful online date? Endorphins. Get ’em with your S.O. who has become your training partner and a pulsating online fitness class. With the help of the WHO guide, engage in a 30-day lift challenge or improve your burpee technique. You may frequently sign up for streaming sessions at nearby fitness centers and gyms.

8. Host an art night.

According to Castaeda-Selva, “sticking to what is familiar might occasionally take the joy out of dates.” Unless you and your partner are actual artists, becoming crafty can help you step outside of your bubble. For an impromptu drink and paint night, purchase a kit for making a cute felt succulent or look up an art tutorial on Google.

9. Sip some coffee in the morning.

With something like a video conversation with one of your dearest friends and a morning beverage in tow, begin your break from work correctly. Castaeda-Selva advises finding out your partner’s thoughts on an upcoming day. This morning pick-me-up is an opportunity to check in and drink some coffee.

10. Attend an event.

Get a guitarist you’ve always wanted to see perform live. You’re fortunate, sort of. Likewise, Shawn Mendes has a Direct in Concert available to stream on Amazon. Bandsintown broadcasts live performances (think Phoebe Bridgers), NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Shows are accessible to watch on YouTube, and so on. Lovebirds, sing your brains out.

11. Play video games.

We’re not speaking about romance games here; we’re speaking about entertaining games. You may still heat the rivalry virtually even though you are not present in the same space. Go Fishing and chess are two-player alternatives for playing cards, while Gibbage and Trivia Murder Party are two-player options on Jackbox Games. Recall Sporcle? You bet you can’t name every president…

12. Enjoy a night of cocktails (or mocktails).

Become a waiter for the night, whether you’re a sucker for a complex cocktail or a glass of wine. Watch as your spouse prepares a concoction while coming up with inventive garnishes. Cheers!

13. Place an order from nearby restaurants.

You are forgetting the opportunity to explore a popular restaurant with your plus one if you don’t have the luxury of choosing to go out for supper on a whim one day after work. If you’ve never tasted Vietnamese food, you can purchase from the same eatery and try the same meals display to screen. In this manner, you are both attempting something new and sharing a meal.

14. Truth or Dare is a game.

Do you feel brave? Because of the extended period’s distance, some delicious dares will be off the game, so you’ll need to get inventive with your prompts. Although the game may begin with lovely and heartfelt questions, don’t be surprised if it soon becomes snarky. You dare me to use my sexiest accent when I speak? Oh no, I believe

15. Dress flashy

There is no longer a reason to dress up if there is one thing we’ve just discovered. Why not plan a fancy-dress night? Put on some new clothes, experiment with the internet eyeliner tutorial you saw, and deliver a bottle of wine to each other’s homes.

16. Throw a presentation celebration.

Granted, giving a presentation that requires a lot of research is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office. But! There are benefits to making your spouse sit through your babble about your specialized hobbies (such as who you’d be in an agreement with on The Challenge). Oh, and there will be a follow-up pop quiz.

17. Get up and move.

I’d like to think Natasha Bedingfield was referring to dancing wildly in your room by yourself and on film with your SO(significant other) when she sang about letting go of your inhibitions. Try to master the newest TikTok dance, or put together a Spotify playlist of pop-punk music to dance the night away.

18. Send a care gift, but turn it into a game.

Think chocolate dipped, eye color, or something that makes you think of them when you think of the hilarious couples grocery competition, where each person purchases items from the same list. Make a list, decide on a price, buy, and then swap on Zoom, showing each item individually. After that, package the treats and sent them to your lover.

19. Play a game of questions.

“Just because the dynamics of a date are different online doesn’t mean you can’t become closer to them. She advises against using the proximity of the camera as a justification for having a superficial chat. If you’re concerned that you won’t be capable of thinking of any conversation starters beyond simple questions like, “What’s your personal favorite? Attempt the 200 Not-Borning Questions to open up and get personal.

20. Share a book.

Although corny, there are times when you just need to hear your partner’s voice. What’s one way to go about it? Create a private book club for the two of you. Read your favorite passages or a chapter to one another during your book-related video conversation.

21. Invite them to stay up late.

In a scene depicted in the film Normal People, Marianne is video chatting with Connell from another nation as he is dozing off. TBH, as an example, you could try the sandwich store next door. Castaeda-Selva claims that when long-distance dating, there is pressure to discuss important topics during phone calls. “Be careful to pay attention to the tiny victories you experience daily, too.”


Ideas for virtual dating are almost often quite private. Active, adventurous virtual dates are entertaining, but peaceful company can also deepen your relationship. You often discuss the less exciting aspects of your day in these commonplace moments. When you’re in a committed relationship, your spouse doesn’t have to miss you for long—just schedule a date.