Apart From Sex What Can A Lady Offer In A Relationship?

What does a girl have to offer in a relationship, and what else can I give to a man apart from sex? These are common questions most people ask. So, if you really want to know what else can a woman offer in a relationship, this post is specially baked for you.

Men and women have various viewpoints on sex; men may use it to fulfill emotional desires only, while women may use it to prove their love for their partners. 

When a man often wants and receives this from a woman, the man starts to believe that the only thing she is good for is sex. For intimate desires, men are typically drawn to women. The majority of men think that a lady has only her physical body to give for sex in a relationship or marriage.

All they believe so wrong in is that the only thing women can give is sex. While other men who are interested in other qualities in women are rarely heard expressing their opinions about what a woman can offer in a relationship For some people, sex is the pillar of a loving and affectionate relationship. 

Stop thinking that having a woman in your life is solely to have sex; rather, realize that she is there to improve your quality of life and that she can provide more to it than just sex. I can’t believe this is still in question at this time and age. 

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. Everyone must possess additional traits that will maintain the bond during the relationship’s various highs and lows.

The important thing to remember is that being a woman attracts both decent men and jerks. You can find a guy who isn’t interested in having only sex with women, as well as one who is only interested in having sex with women. Some of them believe that to be considered manly or to maintain their status, they should solely desire sex. However, as men age, they realize that life is much more than just engaging in sexual activity.

Apart from sex what can a lady offer in a relationship?

1. Care

Women naturally have the desire to care for others in any way they can. This is a genuine trait in a woman since she can perceive exactly what should be done in a relationship.

Women are naturally nurturing and want to be there for you when you need someone; they will always stick around and make sure you get all the love you deserve. It’s just natural for them. 

2. Intelligence 

A male will likely pursue an intellectual woman if he intends to be with her for the rest of his life. a person with the intelligence and sensibility to handle any circumstance.

3. Friendship 

She is that one who will always be with you, she is your friend, and the only person she can trust is you, and you should trust her too. You two can always express yourselves and talk about everything as you would with your friends. The truth is that you will trust her more than your male friends.

Women can be more than just a physical body for sex, as they can build a wonderful relationship with you. Keep each other company, spend time with each other, make jokes, and engage in some activities you both enjoy. 

4. Emotional support

We all need people to support us and stand up for us. Women are inclined to support and encourage. They congratulate their men on a job well done and remind them they are skilled in their field. and motivate them when they want to give up on a project or at a trying time in life.

The secret is having a companion who encourages you to strive for excellence. That solid foundation is the basis of every healthy relationship. 

5. Love

You can enjoy sex, but you have nothing if you don’t love the person you’re having sex with. Love is an amazing emotion that is difficult to describe. But you are aware of when you feel it and when you don’t. While sex and love can coexist, they are also two very distinct concepts.

Women love, love. And often, most women think the only thing they can use to show their love is sex with their partner. Meanwhile, they can be the ones to offer their shoulders to you when you are feeling down, not your shoulders to put their legs on. 

There are just so many ways women can express love in a relationship, like giving warm hugs, and sending texts reminding them of their love. Laughing frequently with him and making time to have fun while leaving love notes in places he sees will make it difficult for him to wipe the smile off his face. And these acts are what keep the spark alive and glowing. 

6. Being confident 

What appeals to a man more is a lady with great confidence. A lady who exudes confidence is fearless and capable of handling any situation. The man may rely on his partner and confide in her during the highs and lows of the relationship. 


There are a lot more of what women can offer in a relationship apart from sex, like; compassion, loyalty, friendship, joy, positivity, improvement, inspiration, support, and appreciation. They can encourage, respect you and be understanding.

People frequently place too much focus on sex and too little on other things. This is the reason why some relationships end before they get through the passionate honeymoon period (The beginning stage, new things, and new feelings). Most times, lust is involved. 

There are other aspects to a man and woman’s relationship than sexual desire. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind the other characteristics that are essential for a happy relationship. There are things within you that a man desires and requires. Determine which of these qualities comes more naturally to you, and then take it up. If you want to have a committed and lasting relationship, allow these characteristics to shine through you in such a way that they speak for themselves.