10 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love

If he loved me why did he let me go?

Is love enough in a relationship or marriage? There’s no straightforward answer to this, but from all the everyday life happenings, you will find out that love is never enough. There are many other things that make a relationship sweet that your partner expects to see. However, he may leave the relationship if he can’t find them.

Also, there are things men consider toxic and a threat to their happiness and mental health that, once they start seeing them in a relationship or marriage, they don’t hesitate to walk away. Do men leave the women they love? The answer is yes! A man can leave the woman he loves, but not without reason.

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Are you eager to know those reasons that can trigger a man to leave a woman he loves? This guide will look at the ten reasons men leave the women they love. So, keep reading!

Things that make a relationship sweet in addition to love

There are a few other things that beautify a relationship in addition to love. A relationship becomes more of a war zone than a love arena when the following items are lacking;

  • Healthy Communication
  • Respect
  • Closeness
  • Compatibility

Look out for the ten reasons why men leave the women they love below;

1. When the relationship is becoming toxic

A man would love to stay put in a relationship that makes him feel good. This is why he won’t hesitate to abandon the relationship when it becomes toxic. However, when he no longer finds peace of mind in the relationship or marriage, he sees himself as stuck in it and will find a way to leave, no matter how much he loves the woman.

The truth remains that it’s not just about a man here. A woman will do the same once It becomes toxic. When fighting becomes too frequent,  it can lead to both parties being unhappy, which is one of the reasons why men leave the women they love.

2. Lack of sex

How icing beautifies and makes, the cake attractive is the same way sex adorns any relationship and marriage. When The sex life of the parties involved in the relationship starts lagging, the bond will no longer exist. So, one of the reasons that a man can leave the woman he loves is lack of sex.

When sex is lacking in a relationship, the couple can no longer have intimate moments with one another. Notwithstanding that, it can happen in a long-term relationship. However, there are times that you will notice that your sexual life is beginning to slow down; it’s pretty different from when your partner is not giving in at all. In a situation like this, the man can easily walk away from the woman he loves.

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3. When both partner’s goals do not align

Men leave the women they love when their life goals do not align. For two adults to build a life together in a relationship, their life goals must align. You cannot have a long-term plan with someone who prefers a short-term goal. When a man finds out that his life goals do not align with yours, he will walk away regardless of how much he loves you, especially if he’s forcing you to take a life-transforming step.

4. When he feels the woman no longer takes care of herself

A man can leave a woman he loves when she fails to care for herself. Change is a constant thing, and people tend to change with time. Men can leave the women they love when they stop caring for themselves. There is a big difference between growing older and failing to put in work to take care of yourself. He may decide to leave if he feels the person he’s seeing is no longer who he fell in love with. When you stop taking care of yourself, it can push him to leave you.

5. No more intimacy

PIntimacyintimacy is essential in every relationship, and when it’s lacking, it is another reason men can leave the women they love. This intimacy does not go beyond cuddling, kissing, and hugging. When there is no physical intimacy and show of affection, it is one of the reasons a man can leave a woman.

6. Sexual differences

Moving past sexual differences can be pretty tricky, even if you both have an intense love for each other. It can occasionally result in increased pressure. It may eventually result in the absence of all intimacy. The two of you need to sit down and have a deep conversation about your love life if you’re not both enjoying sex. Most of the time, no one is at fault, and a solution may be found with good dialogue. However, sexual differences are one reason men leave the women they love.

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7. Mutual respect is lacking

Respect is one of the things a man values so much in a relationship, and he’s looking forward to getting it from his partner. No matter how head over heels in love a man is,  if his spouse fails to respect him, he can walk away from the relationship regardless of how much he loves her.

Men are known to have egos and expect their women to bring respect to the table. When a man’s ego is trampled upon, it’s one of the reasons that will make him leave a woman he loves. If You make your man feel respected, he can move the mountain for you.

8. When cheating is a deal breaker for him

Infidelity is one of the reasons men leave the women they love. To some, cheating is a deal breaker, and to others, it’s not. But men regard cheating as a dealbreaker and find it hard to get over it. Despite the fact that women can forgive cheating from their spouses and continue with the relationship, men can’t. 

They see cheating as a deal-breaker and can leave the women they love because of it. Do not forget that, with wisdom, both parties can make their relationship work after one party cheats.

9. When the woman is above his standard

Men tend to leave the women they love when they discover they can no longer meet their standards. When she compares you to her girlfriend’s man, she is above your standard as a man. There is nothing you will do to measure up. When a woman begins to rant about her girlfriend’s boyfriend taking her on vacations and weekend trips, a man can leave regardless of his love for the woman.

10. The relationship is becoming stressful

In a relationship or marriage, several factors can make it stressful. This might result from personal or financial issues or one of the parties losing their job. These things shouldn’t be a constant source of concern for anyone.

However, when a man realizes that his partner is the source of his dissatisfaction and stress, it usually signals the end of the relationship. Men tend to leave the women they love.

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Wrapping Up

If you’re still confused about why men leave the women they love, they are all detailed above. Lack of respect and sexual differences aside, when the marriage or relationship is becoming stressful and toxic, a man can quietly leave the woman he loves to avoid depression and safeguard his mental health. However,  these things can be handled with absolute wisdom and understanding.