What To Say When A Girl Asks You “How Did You Get My Number?”

Are you looking for what to answer when a girl asks where you got her number from? Search no further because we’ve prepared the most reasonable who gave you my number reply for you.

How did you get my number? So many people ask me this. What can you say when a girl asks you who gave you her number?

It happens to us all at some point. Whether it be at a bar, a social event, or even random encounters with people on the street, something will happen and someone will spark up a conversation with you for no reason. It becomes an interesting game of cat and mouse as both parties try to think up an excuse as to why they are talking to each other. It is this conversation that can lead you down the path of why the girl wants to know how you got her information.

The question “How did you get my number? “Who’s this?”, and “where did you get my number?” that she asks after you start texting her for the first time can seem harmless. And it is! Unless it wasn’t. When she asks you, ‘how did you get my number?’ it’s time to make a good impression.

The modern age has brought with it a number of new technologies by which we can obtain information about others. It’s no different when it comes to finding romantic partners. The age-old method of approaching people at parties and asking for their phone numbers can be troublesome, especially when a person has hundreds of numbers on his phone. Luckily there are few ways to determine someone’s exact identity without violating security and questions with answers that one would rather not reveal to others.

If she asks how you got her number, tell her the truth.

You know what? I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you: lying to her that you just asked for their number from an anonymous is a little bit creepy. When a girl asks you how you got her number, it’s likely she already knows and probably testing to know if you would lie. Or she’s curious and needs a reason to feel safer talking to you.

So ignoring her questions and going off with certain kinds of introductions can be a major turn off


Hey there!

You’re a beautiful, intelligent woman and I’m glad we got to meet. I saw your profile on Match.com and thought it was time for us to meet.

I know you have a lot of questions about me right now, so I’ll answer them as best I can.

I’m an engineer who likes to help people solve problems. I like the outdoors, good food and wine, hiking, camping, and road trips with my dog. We both love animals (dogs in particular) so we try to take him everywhere we go. He’s pretty amazing and always seems to know what we need when we need it most!

I’ve been told that I am very easy-going and friendly by those who know me well (and those who don’t). My friends say that they can count on me being there for them at any time of day or night. They also tell me that they don’t have enough good things to say about me because they are all true!

So here are some answers that are more likely to get your message across without scaring her off when she asks how you got her number:

1.  “I asked your best friend”

When someone asks how you got their number and you don’t have a good answer to the question, this is the line to use. You can say that you asked your friend that she knows, or any other plausible explanation. If your friend has given you her number at some point in the past, then it may be difficult to explain why she didn’t just give it to you then.

If she asks how you got her number and you don’t have an answer, this is the most convincing way of explaining yourself when it comes to getting people’s phone numbers.

2.  “One of my friends has your number and gave me it.”

This is the most common response when a girl asks how you got her number. It’s not necessarily a lie, but it is misleading. If she didn’t give you her number, then there was no way for you to have gotten it. You’re saying that someone gave you the number, but not saying who or how they did it. That’s why this is such a wrong answer: if she really wants to know how you got her number, she can find out easily enough by asking her friends or looking on social media.

3.  “I saw your show and loved it. I just wanted to say hello.”

You can also say, “I’ve always wanted to meet you. I saw your face on TV and thought it would be fun if we could meet up.”

Or you can say, “I saw your show and loved it. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it!”

4.  “I found an old phone with your number on it and dialed to see if it was still active”

She’s a busy lady. She’s got a lot on her plate, and she just wants to know how you got her number. If she asks you this, what should you say?

The answer is simple “I found an old phone with your number on it and dialed to see if it was still active”. This answer will make her laugh, and you can move on from there.

If she asks you for the name of the company that gave out her number, and you don’t know who they are, don’t lie — instead, tell her that you can look up their website or contact info later.


It will be simpler for you to explain how you got a girl’s number if your tactics for doing so are completely sincere. If you obtained her number illegally, you should either apologize or refrain from contacting her because she will undoubtedly ask you how you got her number.

I believe I have fairly answered the question “What should I say to a girl if she asks me where I got her number from?” from my own perspective. You could come up with other cleaver responses when a girl asks you this question, and if you find it difficult to respond well or come off as creepy, this could be the end of something beautiful that would have ensued