How To Text A Girl On Bumble For The First Time

Aside from numerous searches for how to chat in bumble without paying, there are a great number of young men out there asking how do you start a conversation with a girl on Bumble?

What’s the one thing that makes a dating app like Bumble so much more successful than all the others? It’s the ease with which you can strike up a conversation with another user.

The world of online dating is a scary place for anyone. You never know who you’re talking to, and that can lead to some awkward conversations. But the good news is that there are dating apps out there that help cut through the noise and get straight to the point. Bumble is one of those apps, and it has changed the way people date forever.

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If you’ve ever tried your hand at online dating, you know how awkward it can be when you message a girl on another dating app for the first time. The stakes are so high because if she doesn’t respond, then you might not get another chance with her again. Bumble reduces much of this pressure by giving women the opportunity to make the first move. If they aren’t interested, they have to pass on your message by extending their own virtual fist in response to your message – but only if they think you’re worth it! Even guys with great personalities and good looks struggle to get the attention of girls on Bumble

However, texting is an important aspect of dating, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. If you want to text a girl, then it’s important to know how to do it right.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of texting a girl on Bumble for the first time so that you can get more bang for your buck!

 How to start a conversation on Bumble with a girl

1. Scour through her profile

As you’re scrolling through her profile, take note of the things she’s posted. If she’s into travel, it might be a good idea to message her about that. If she’s talking about all the parties she goes to and the fun times she had with her friends, you might want to ask her if she would like to hang out sometime.

If there’s something specific on her profile that interests you like if she has any photos or videos of herself doing something cool, send her a message right away! She’ll appreciate that you took the time to look at her page and noticed what interests you.

2. Show off your sense of humor

First of all, in order to text a girl on Bumble, you will have to be ready to laugh at yourself. You have to be able to laugh at yourself because if you’re not, she won’t feel comfortable around you.

If you think about it, there is nothing more attractive than a guy who can laugh at himself and take things in stride. It’s actually an awesome quality because it shows that he’s confident and has a sense of humor about himself and his life.

3. Compliment her

If you like a girl that much, you know what to do. Compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is.

 Say: “You are so beautiful” or “You’re sexy as hell” or “I really like your hair color.” Tell her she’s smart and funny. You don’t need to be too specific if you’re just starting out.

Compliment the things she does that you like about her, not what she does that you don’t like about her. That way when she does something else that makes you happy, it won’t feel like a big deal because it’s already a part of who she is!

4. Use sweet bumble emoji

If you want to express your interest, use a cute bumble emoji. For example, you could use the heart-eyes-thumbs-up emoji so she knows you’re interested. Girls love cute bumble emojis. It shows that you are thinking about her and that your texts are not just spam messages. You can send a heart-eyed face to her for example, or a smiley face with the text “lol”.

5. Don’t bug her with messages

There’s no need to hit her up every second with a bunch of texts. She already knows you like her and she may have already seen your profile, so just be cool and keep things simple. Don’t try too hard.

6. Check your grammar and spelling

Check your grammar and spelling before and after you start texting her. If you’re not sure of your spelling, look it up on Google or ask someone else in your group what they think of your grammar. This will make a big difference in how your message is received by the receiver.

Sometimes being nervous can lead you to commit a lot of grammatical errors, so don’t be afraid to take a break from texting if things start getting too intense. You can always come back later when you feel more confident about what’s going on between the two of you.

Remember that if something doesn’t seem right, don’t worry about it. There are no rules when it comes to texting a girl for the first time! Just try out different things until something clicks and then move on with your life!

7. Match her texting energy

When you text a girl, she’s going to respond. The question is, how long will it take her to respond?

A lot of guys are intimidated by the idea of texting a girl for the first time. They’ll be nervous about what message to send and when to send it.

But don’t worry! You can get over that hump pretty quickly. All you have to do is match her texting energy.


The way you do this is by thinking about how much fun you’re having and using that as your guide. If she’s texting back really quick, then respond in kind — but if she’s taking a while, wait until she returns your texts before sending yours next time.


So there you have it – the 7 easy steps to follow if you want to text a girl on Bumble for the first time. The secret is not being afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine through in all your messages. That’s what will make you more interesting than any bottle of wine or gift card and will set you apart from all the other guys she gets messages from on Bumble. The only thing left for you to do now sends her a message.

So, good luck out there, grasshopper. Never stop optimizing your approach. Never stop improving. Never settle for one way of doing things. Go forth boldly and bravely, and take back the “game”.