10 Best Ways To Gauge What He Wants In The Relationship

Are you looking for questions to ask a guy to know if he is serious about you? Search no further; there’s no need to spend a lot of time on the “What kind of relationship do you want?” quiz. You can start right away with this special guide to knowing the answers to what he wants in a relationship with you.

The moment you start a new relationship or rekindle an old relationship, expectations will be very high. You’ll want to do every possible thing to please your guy to win his heart and become his dream woman.

In doing that, you’ll want to find out many things about your man, such as things that thrill him, things that make him happy, things that drive him, and most importantly, things that he wants in the relationship.

10 Best ways to find out where he wants this relationship to go.

So many things are possible in a new relationship.

It may be possible that your new man wants to build a future with you, wants to waste your time, or just wants to use you and move on with his life. Hence, you must understand what he wants from the relationship so that you can make the right decisions. 

1. Deep conversation.

To easily know what a man wants in a relationship, engage him in a one-on-one discussion to find out what he has in mind and what he wants in the relationship.

During this conversation, make sure to ask him questions that will help you figure out what he wants. Honestly, deep conversations are always helpful in getting to know where the relationship you’re about to start or are already in is headed.

2. Does he respect your boundaries?

Relationships just like humans don’t move at the same pace. If a man truly loves you, he’ll respect your pace, needs, and boundaries and will not want to make you feel less.

On the contrary, if he does not cherish the relationship, he will always find fault in virtually everything you do.

3. How honest is he?

When a man loves and cherishes his relationship with you, he will be honest with you in almost all circumstances.

But if he’s not really into you and does not want the relationship to progress, he will display dishonesty and won’t bother about your feelings. To further reveal his level of honesty with you, ask him questions about things you already know and take note of his responses.

4. What he says to family and friends about you.

Discern how he presents and what he labels you to family and friends.

When a man is genuinely in love, he will not hesitate to make it known to anyone who cares to know, especially his family and friends.

He will always introduce you to his family and friends as his love.

In contrast, if he doesn’t want the relationship to be promising, he will often hide you from family and friends or just label you a friend.

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5. Is he interested to get better?

If a man constantly works towards making his relationship with you safe and healthy, chances are that he wants you in his future.

But if his feelings are, on the contrary, he’ll try to make the relationship toxic and unhealthy.

6. Take note of how much value he places on you.

If a man values you, he’ll include you in his plans both big and small. This in turn means that he enjoys being in a relationship with you.

This will make him see you as an invaluable asset and will not want to hurt you

But if a man doesn’t include you in his plans and doesn’t place much value on you, it’s a red flag, which indicates that he is interested in you.

7. How often does he surprise you with a gift?

The truth is, a man that loves and cares for you will make it a point of duty to always surprise you.

If he truly loves and cherishes the relationship, he will go out of his way to make you smile and feel special. Even if it means spending lavishly on you, he will do it.

Thus, if you have been noticing that he often surprises you with lots of gifts, chances are that he is into you. If he rarely splurges on you, he could be a time waster.

8. Examine if he often makes time for you.

A man that truly wants the best from his relationship will often make out r you.

If he is not really into you, he will rarely have time to stay around you. So, if he always claims to be busy and doesn’t have time for you, it indicates he doesn’t cherish the relationship.

9. See if he considers building a future with you.

A man that wants you will not hesitate to include you in his future. If a man loves and trusts you, he’ll constantly see you in his future and will make you understand that.

Hence, if a man talks about only himself in the near future, note that he wants nothing serious from the relationship.

10. Take note of how much he trusts you.

If a man loves you and wants to build a good relationship with you, he’ll trust you. If doesn’t trust you from the onset, chances are that he’ll only waste your time and move on. 

So, it’s very pertinent that you take note of how much a man trusts you as a way of gauging what he wants from the relationship.


It is always very important to know the intentions of a man in a relationship.

Assessing what a man wants in a relationship can be tiring, but taking the measures we have listed above will greatly make it easier for you to understand the best ways to gauge what he wants in the relationship.

Good luck as you understand your man better. Feel free to let out your opinion in the comment section below.