30 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

How do you know if a guy cares about you more than a friend? You might have known this guy for some time now, or you might have just met him. In either case, at least to you, it seems to be more than just friendship. And all you want to know is what’s going on, what his problem is, and whether he feels the same way about you. 

You don’t want to ask outright since you run the danger of ending the friendship and creating unpleasant situations. However, you can’t help but feel that your romantic desire is mutual. 

Subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

Pay attention to the following for signs he sees you as someone special and wants a relationship with you. Although he might be hiding it, the following signs will reveal his true feelings for you.

1. He is very touchy with you 

Have you ever observed that he likes to embrace you or touch you, like on your back or hands anytime you are together? If so, he may have romantic feelings for you. 

It’s essential to figure out if he flirts this much with other women as well. If he is, it might just be a matter of personality

2. He talks about no woman

Men are notorious for discussing women, especially when they are around friends. If your male friend never talks about women when you are there, it may be because he has his sights set on you. 

This also applies to dating. If he has never made it known to you about who he is dating, going out with someone, or hookups? Then, it could be that you are the one he is waiting for. 

3. He flirts with you 

Now, this one might be more difficult to see, especially if you’re already really close to the guy. However, if you notice that he has just started to flirt with you, it might be his attempt to discern how you feel about him or he is just trying to give some hints that he is interested in you.

4. He makes out time for you

 A male friend who likes you and cares about you more than just a friend would constantly make out time for you. Regardless of the time of day or night, you can call him. As soon as he notices you are trying to reach him, he will quickly respond. He will always want to be the one you tell all about your day, whether good or bad, he is ready to give you the ears and let you vent it all. 

5. The difference in tone, when talking to you and other people 

He converses with you differently than he converses with other people. Observe how he communicates with other people and how he converses with you. Do his actions with his friends and other ladies remain the same or do they become more flirtatious with you? If he uses flirtatious language with you alone and is not his usual self, that man likes you. Does he appear more eager to talk to you, and does he speak to you in a different tone? 

5. Observe his body language 

People express their feelings for someone through specific body language signals in addition to physical touch. These body language signs are indicators that a guy likes you. If someone likes you, they’re likely to be physically drawn to you, sit and stand closer to you than they would with others, or might look at you longer than he looks at other people, whether it’s from across the room or while you’re facing each other directly. Most times his face would occasionally flush. If you observe that your male friend behaves sweetly differently around you, this could be a sign that he wants you.

7. He contacts you first

He opens a conversation. Does he always make the first move and contact you? Maybe a lot more than you do when you approach him? Maybe he sends you a funny meme or a joke to try to get your attention. If true, this can imply that he likes you more than just a friend and loves to speak to you, even making it his business to inquire about your day.

8. He gives you more attention even in a crowded room

Imagine that you two go out together or that you are at a party. But he chooses to look in your direction despite there being many other persons he could speak to. Due to his focus on you and you alone, it may even feel as though there are only the two of you in the room, even if it is crowded or full. Chances are that you are the one he would rather spend his day talking to than the rest of the group, even if he engages them from time to time, he seems to be paying more attention to you than them.

9. He wants private time with you

When you are in a crowded room and he pays extra attention to you, he seems like he would rather spend the day with you. Because of that, he wants to hang out with you one on one. Where it’s just the two of you. He might invite you over for lunch, a date that looks friendly, a picnic, to the movies, games, a bar, or hiking. He might even ask to come to see you at home or invite you over to his to hang out and relax. 

10. Observe the way he acts when you walk into a room.

Observing his behavior when you walk into a room can help you determine whether your male friend really likes you. You can tell a guy likes you by his body language when you’re near him. When you are around, a guy who likes you might start to act a little differently, fumble his words, or even try to show off. Does he straighten his clothes or fix his hair? Does he steal a few glances your way and look away when you see him, or does he maintain eye contact with you? Does he tuck his shirt in to look neater? He would love to impress you, which explains why. 

11. He remembers the tiniest detail of what you’ve told him

A male friend cares about you when he actively listens to you when you speak, when he recalls specific conversations you have had with him in the past, or when he probes more into an issue you have raised with him. He is most likely interested in you if he recalls even the tiniest information about you, such as your birthday, your favorite color, and even the last meal you had. 

He might buy your tickets to see your favorite band perform in town, or he might know what your favorite movie is; he knows every aspect of your personality. As a result, if you change something about your appearance, such as a new dress or a new hairstyle, you can be sure that this man will notice. If this isn’t a clear indication of his strong feelings for you, I don’t know what is.

12. He acts like a gentleman around you.

You know the gentlemanly behaviors like holding doors for you, bringing out a chair for you to sit, and offering to pick you up after work. He might even offer to help you with your heavy luggage to the door.

13. He gives you cute nicknames 

A guy who likes you will use adorable nicknames to address you rather than your name. He is showing you his affection when he calls you baby, honey, or sweetheart. You may even get fond of it and frown when he teasingly calls you by your real name. You may like him too to frown upon that. Winks! 

14. His face easily lights up at the sight of seeing you.

These unconscious signals might be very telling about his genuine feelings, even if he isn’t verbally expressing them to you. If he sees you, watch to see if he smiles and if his whole face lights up. He is very much interested in you, as shown by this.

15. He is jealous 

After he learns that you are dating someone. He becomes jealous even if he knows he has no right to be, he desperately tries to disguise his jealousy.

It’s one thing if you are dating a jerk and your male friend becomes too protective. If he disapproves of your relationship despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with it, it is a sign of his romantic feelings for you. If he tells you often that you deserve better, he might be trying to get you to go out with him.

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16. He values your safety. 

When he likes you, he will want to protect you. He will do everything it takes to make you feel safe and secure around him. If the time is late, he will walk you home. He will arrange a cab if you are too far away and he will call to check if you arrived home safely.

17. He chose to call you rather than text. 

He has an interest in you if he continues to call and talk to you in his leisure time. A man won’t spend his time with lengthy phone calls unless he is interested in you and loves to hear your voice.

18. His lips give out Infos

It’s completely normal for a man to want to kiss you when he likes you. But he can’t do that if you consider this man to be a close friend.

That does not, however, imply that he can suppress his wants. That is precisely why he would fight to escape the friend zone. Additionally, he will lick his lips each time he sees you. We all have a natural reaction when we see something we desire.

19. Observe his behavior toward you and his behavior toward other women 

A clear indication that he cares more about you is if he treats you with extra kindness and courtesy and treats you differently from any other women in your group. However, if you believe that it is most likely only because he likes you more than the others, pay attention to how he behaves when you don’t reciprocate the energy.

20. He is interested to know what matters to you

He may even know more about you than all of your friends. This is because he has given you the welcoming space, to be able to be free around him and tell him things that matter to you. 

This is true because he truly pays attention to you and considers everything that is happening in your life. He’ll be the first to notice if you’re feeling particularly cheerful or having a difficult time in life. Your love life is one subject, though, that will cause him to respond oddly.

21. He is interested in your love life

If your male buddy shows a particular interest in your personal and dating life, that could be one of the telling signals that he likes you more than just as a friend. 

He also wants to know if there is anyone you like, or if you’re in a relationship. On top of that, he never acts that way regarding other people’s relationships; instead, he only displays an intense interest in your romantic life.

He does this to ascertain his chances of success. And he is questioning you about your relationship to know the type of guys you fall for. 

22. He is always there for you 

When you invite him somewhere, he will cancel everything to be there. If you wish to speak to him even late at night he would be there to listen to you. He will keep his word if he promises something to you, no matter what. Nothing and no one could prevent him from focusing solely on you.

23. He compliments you 

Everything is different with this guy. He always takes the chance to compliment you. 

And it’s clear from his actions and words that he means all he says. He thinks you are lovely, intelligent, and intriguing; he is not just saying things to flatter you. 

The nicest aspect is that he doesn’t only pay attention to how you look. Even when you’re wearing your faded, old pants and wearing no makeup, he believes you to be the most beautiful lady in the entire world. 

24. He is playful around you

Who doesn’t like a playful relationship? Men typically act silly, amusing, and flirtatious around significant partners. He will try to make you laugh by making jokes, teasing you with body contact, ruffling your hair, or other means. If he does this often and you can relate to it, then he likes you. What’s your next move? 

25. He has you meet his inner circle

Take it as a strong indication that you are moving toward a relationship if his close circle is aware of you. Men only express possible interest in women when they feel confident in them. He may want you to get to know his closest friends and family members if he introduces you to his circle of friends.

26. He trusts you

Men typically disclose their dark secrets and past to you and they do not hide their emotions when they fall in love. When he thinks of you in times of need, this is another powerful hint that he trusts you and likes you more than a friend. 

27. He doesn’t mind when you touch him

Is he casually brushing your hand as you two cross paths? He could be joking with you while touching your arm. There is a purpose for this. One of the five romantic love languages is touch. It’s one of the key signs that he likes you more than just as a friend, especially if he finds every opportunity to stay close to you and rub your arms. 

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28. He seeks your opinion

A person who seeks your opinion on a matter does so because he respects it. He will want your opinion if he is changing his way of life! He respects the way you think and knows he can count on you for wise counsel. This is a sign that you two have a solid relationship. 

He may be feeling a little nervous around you if he requests your opinion of how he looks. He’s interested in knowing what you prefer and finds most attractive.

29. Ask around to know if he likes you

Ask his friend who is closest to you about his relationship status, and be careful not to meet one who would report back to him, even if that may be hard. Ask your friends what they think about it also, if they’ve found signs he might like you or if he is seeing someone else. 

30. If he likes you he will probably talk to you about it

You are probably thinking by this point that men are complicated. However, I  assure you they are not. All you need to do is be alert and watch out for these hints that he sees you as more than just a friend. Just keep in mind that he would like you to know if he likes you. So pay attention to the subtle signals he is providing you. You can never predict what the results will be. 

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The aforementioned signs can help you determine whether a guy likes you or not. 

Assess your friendship with the male friend and the kind of relationship you hope to have with him in the future. If your male buddy has just told you that he has romantic feelings for you and you need some time to understand it, you might also need to take a step back. If you are taken aback by your friend’s feelings, taking a step back from the friendship might also help you avoid making snap judgments or mistakes.

Tip: Ask him how he feels about you or you can probably tell him how you feel about him if you are confident that he likes you too, or if you simply feel fearless and confident that you have nothing to lose. 

He will make an effort to go further than friendship by asking you out if he likes you more than just friends.

Asking him, though, is the only definite method to find out if he likes you. There are times when a relationship will not advance unless one person takes the initiative, even if it may not be as simple as it sounds. It’s okay to approach him and inquire about the nature of your relationship if you are certain he likes you more than a friend. To avoid him taking the question too seriously, attempt to make it humorous. Find a clever and entertaining method to pose the question to him.