Best Deep Emotional Love Letters For Him To Make Him Fall In Love With You

A love letter can be one of the most genuine ways to express your admiration for your lover, although it may appear outdated. 

Do you wish to express your unwavering love to your sweetheart or just express your admiration? A love letter is an ideal choice for expressing your entire heart to someone. 

We are aware that it might occasionally be challenging to express your feelings. This article contains 13 examples of brief love letters that are passionate, sweet, and the best deep emotional love letters for him to make him fall in love with you. You may be sure to find the ideal love message is to express your affection for him.

These love letters are intended to be used in any romantic circumstances in which you feel the need to convey your feelings of love for the other person. These letters won’t just benefit you; they’ll also show him how much you value and adore him.

Deep emotional love letters for him

Dear Name,

You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. It will be an incredible feeling to call you mine. Your giggle makes me laugh harder than anybody else could, and your smile makes me feel loved and adored. You are just perfect love

Dear Name,

I appreciate all of your love and concern for me. You have no idea how you make me feel, how knowing you makes me feel. And the fact that you chose to be nice to me. It makes me even happier, because I’m sure I’m the happiest girl on earth. I’m sending you my love, and if it’s not enough, you can come around. I give the warmest hugs. 


You are the best I have ever seen. You are the one I want to see every time I wake up. You are the reason I want to smile, and I want to be the reason you go to bed smiling. Your existence is a gift to me, and I’m grateful for knowing you, for our paths crossing, and for choosing to love you and you alone.

Sweet Name, 

Do you realize how powerful you are, how you make me feel when you walk past me while chatting with your friends? My heart leaps for joy as though it has seen its reason to live. Your laughter is so magical, what would I give to hear it again? 


You entered my life as the most wonderful blessing ever, you smiled at me, and my soul glowed with light. I smile when I hear your name; I smile when I hear your voice; I smile when I think of you; and I smile because I know you. I love you with all of my heart.

Darling (Name)

My life is brighter because you are in my life. With each day that goes by, my love for you grows deeper. 


I know you don’t feel the same about me, but I can’t force you to. Still, I want you to know that you are the bravest man I have ever known. I love your confidence, I love your charisma, and I love that you are not backing down until you win. Here are my fists up for you, sending you lots of luck, and wishing that you succeed. 

Dear Name,

My love for you will continue to grow every day, even if I try not to let it, all it takes is for me to see your smile, whether you are smiling at a silly joke your friends had made, it jolts my heart. And the love is stronger. Smile even more, even if not for me, but because it suits you, it makes you so beautiful. 


I loved the time we spent together today, even though it wasn’t just with me, but the fact that we were both in the same room with all those people. I still felt like it was just you and me. I like how you stride into a room full of confidence, I love the mannerism in which you spoke and everyone listened. Did you forget to wear your tie? Um…no biggie! You looked sexy still.

My favorite friend,

You are my best friend and I can’t see another life with someone else. With you, I feel I have found everything I need and want in life. You are by my side, supporting me, listening to me when I need someone to talk to, you clean my eyes when I get so emotional about a movie scene, and you are the pillow I lay on when I want and need comfort. I wish you could be my favorite man on earth and not just a favorite friend. 

Dearest Name,

I am glad to know you, I am glad to be this lucky. You are amazing, you are creative, you are gifted, you are a blessing to many, including me, and you are intelligent and the most handsome ever. I smile when I remember how you chided your friend and told him to put the camera down while you had a mouthful of your favorite snack. But he was only just going to take one picture.  If only you know the pictures of you I have in my head, ones when I saw you strutting down the hallway in a hurry not to be late. At the sports arena, when you stuck your tongue out at Miss Gracy’s dog when she wasn’t looking. When you confidently aired your thoughts to the professor who spoke to the student wrongly. Smiles. 

Sweet Name,

I wish we could be together, I wish I’m the one you call babe. I wish I’m the reason you smile, I wish you are mine. I wish love was so easy, I wish you would love me. I wish you could just say you love me too. I wish you don’t have to say it just in my dreams, I wish our reality was us together in love.


The first time I saw you, I wasn’t that interested in you, but suddenly it was like at that first thought of not wanting to know who you were, oblivious to me that you have consumed my heart and taken a place right there. Each night I speak to my heart, in hopes that you will hear me and leave, but it seems impossible. Since it’s you and you probably would listen to yourself, could you please come and talk to me? Sorry, I meant my heart…tell your sweet self in there to let go, or maybe tell him to drag you along. I wish it was the real you here with me, smiles. 


I hope you liked our collection of sweet love letters that are sure to win a guy over. Men do have hearts, even though they may not always express their feelings. They do, and just as with women, the best way to win that man over is with a love letter! Good luck!