Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone?

Can your heart ever stop loving someone? Yes. It’s possible to stop loving someone you once cared so much about. It could be a romantic or platonic love affair, but you can’t stop loving someone without reason. Love is a sweet and beautiful emotion that is pleasurable and enjoyable. However, it’s also a slight feeling that calls for deep understanding and can only be handled by applying wisdom.

When you find yourself in a healthy relationship, you feel assured, satisfied, and uncontroversial, and you start experiencing a certain level of contentment with your lover. Although there are situations where you will find yourself asking; “How to stop loving someone you see everyday or how to stay away from someone you love.

Honestly, when that love becomes poisonous, it results in questions like, can you ever stop loving someone? This question comes because you’ve attached yourself to your lover, and leaving is becoming difficult. Now, let’s find out the reasons that can make you stop loving someone.

Reasons That Can Make You Stop Loving Someone

Before thinking of stopping to love someone, there must be a reason, and we’ll be looking at 4 of the numerous reasons that can make you stop loving someone.

1. Incompatibility

Being compatible is one of the essential ingredients that every love, both platonic and romantic, should possess. When you’re in love with a person, you find it very easy to overlook their flaws. That’s why people say love can be blind because, at this stage, it’s quite easy to readily accept everything your lover does with the mindset that you can transform the person.

But in the long run, the incompatibility may become in excess, and the love for the person decreases. So, being incompatible is one of the reasons that can make you stop loving someone you once cared about.

2. Lack of communication

Having a strong connection in a relationship can only be built on deep communication. At first, in every relationship or love affair, people are usually good with clear communication. They are kind and considerate, and they pay attention to how they communicate with their partner.

However, this may deteriorate as time goes on, and lack of communication may step in, which is one of the reasons that can trigger you to stop loving someone. If you want to get back to how you used to be, you should reestablish your communication channel.

3. Lack of love and care

People seem to stop loving someone because what they initially felt for the person wasn’t love. Lack of love and care from a partner can end in reducing the love the other party has for them, and it’s one of the reasons that can make you stop loving someone.

Sometimes, you may feel it wasn’t love that you had for the person initially, but it was love, just that the other party did not reciprocate with the same energy. Before falling head over heels for a person, first, find out if they can match your energy.

4. There’s no more attraction

Before falling head over heels in love with someone, something attracted you, which triggered the love for the person. Once there’s no more attraction, it’s a good enough reason to stop loving the person. Lack of attraction can be a reason to stop loving someone.

Although, attraction can be found again and only involves looking at your loved one differently. Uniquely seeing the person and reminding yourself of what attracted you to them in the first place can bring back the lost attraction.

How Do I Stop Loving Someone?

When the love you share with a person becomes toxic, there is a need to stop loving the person. However, on some occasions, it’s often hard to stop loving someone. So, below are four tips on how to stop loving someone that can help you. Take a head read!

1. Understand yourself and  know what your deal breakers are

Understanding your personality type and knowing what your deal breakers are can help you stop loving someone. Knowing the things that are deal breakers for you in a relationship, will enable you to know when the relationship is no longer healthy and can help you stop loving the person.

Are you the type that loves deep communication? What are the things you like and dislike? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you detest infidelity? Understanding more about yourself will help you know when and how to stop loving someone.

2. Pay more attention to yourself

When you’re head over heels in love with a person, you rarely pay attention to yourself. Everything you do revolves around what the other partner likes. You always want to please the other person at the expense of yourself. To be able to stop loving someone, you have to channel all your energy into paying more attention to yourself. You should love yourself more.

It could be that you started dressing a certain way to please your partner; you can focus on dressing in the ways that make you happy now. Or let’s say you denied yourself of some of your hobbies to please the person; you can start engaging in them again.

3. See a therapist

Is it difficult for you to stop loving someone, and your efforts have been futile? Seeing a therapist will do you a lot of good. If moving on is becoming hard, visiting a counselor will get you on the right track.

This can be very important when the situation is a bigger part of your happiness. A relationship expert will pay attention to your problem and sincerely communicate with you. However, get a counselor who understands their job very well to find4 a solution to your problem.

4. Let Go Of The Past and Look To The Future

You may never be able to look into what the future has in store for you if you invariably keep the focus on the past. It could be quite difficult for you to achieve happiness if you frequently reflect on your past or compare everyone you meet to your ex. When you’re prepared, think about going out on a date. You can use a dating app or ask your friends to introduce you.

Also, you can choose to remain alone and improve yourself if you’re not ready to try out another relationship. But once you’ve moved on from your last lover, things will get a bit easier, and you’ll find a new one. No matter how challenging it may be, it will be good if you move on from the past and focus on the future.

Final Thought

Lastly, giving a genuine answer to the question, can you ever stop loving someone? The answer is yes, but with reasons which we’ve mentioned earlier. Although, this is not an easy thing to do. It’s not a walk in the Park to stop loving someone whom you once cared about.

But it’s important if it’s messing with your mental health and emotional intelligence. Also, we discussed a few ways you can stop loving someone. Try them out and let us know how they worked for you.