60 Flirty Quotes To Make Him Hard

Have you been going out with this guy for a while now and you like him, you’ve smoothly gone past the knowing stage and you are perfectly satisfied with his feelings towards you and want to heat things but he is not making the first move?

There might be several reasons why he is not doing that. Maybe because he doesn’t want to disrespect you if you aren’t feeling the same way, or he doesn’t want you to think that is the only reason he asked you out, or simply because he doesn’t know if you might be ready for it yet.

There are several ways you can make him know how you feel. You can outright seduce him, or if you don’t want to be too forward or don’t know how he feels about the same thing and want to test the waters, you can send him a flirty text.

This text message will let him know what you want without having to say too many words or make too much effort. The following are 60 flirty quotes you can send to him to make him hard.

Flirty messages to make him hard

1. There are many things I want to do for you, but none of them sound good.

2. I want to treat you to dinner tonight at home. I will have the whole meal, the appetizer, the main course and the dessert, which do you want first?

3. There’s this craving I have that only you can satisfy.

4. I just sent you a pics. I hope your brain goes places……..dirty places when you see it.

5. I dream about you every night.

6. I want to make you smile as much as you make me.

7. When I remember your touch, I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

8. Let’s spend the weekend together, away from everyone else.

9. I’m happy to have you in my life. Let’s make crazy memories.

10. I can’t think of anyone I want to get down this weekend with than you.

11. I love ice cream, but it tastes better on you.

12. Dream about me tonight, and all the nasty things we would have been doing if we were together.

13. I had a terrible day. Thinking about you and how you can make it feel better.

14. After that first night, you’ve plagued my thoughts. All I think about is you in……………….

15. Our first kiss was out of this world, I wonder how the second and third base is going to be.

16. I’m counting down the minutes till I can be in your arms again.

17. I can’t stop thinking about how sweet you are……in and out of bed.

18. I know it might sound cheesy, but damn……you are hot.

19. I just had a change of lingerie wardrobe. Want to come over and check them out?

20. I want to feel your kiss hot on my

21. Body in the middle of the night.

22. I’ve been thinking a lot about you all day. None of my thoughts feels decent enough to say over the phone.

23. I love how my tummy tingles every time I see you.

24. I just came out of the shower, but I still feel hot, want to come over and cool me down?

25. Your thoughts are distracting me. Can I just resign and come be with you in your office? I guess you’ve not explored other things your desk can be good for.

26. Your kiss feels so good, I wish you never leave my lips.

27. Since I met you I realized you bring out the baddie in me.

28. I’m thinking about how sexy you looked the other day with your briefs off.

29. Are you busy? Because I need you now.

30. What would you say if I asked you to come over let’s do nasty things all night?

31. The dreams I have about you every night make me blush just thinking about it.

32. All I can think about is my legs entangled with yours on rumpled sheets.

33. Falling asleep without you next to me is proving very hard.

34. Will I sound greedy if I say I want you all to myself?

35. I want our bodies always gummed together.

36. Just thinking about the first time we made love makes me wet all over again.

37. I want to eat all of you, but in a good way though.

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38. You make me want to sin every day.

39. My mother will cringe from the thoughts I have about you every minute of the day.

40. I’m addicted to your touch.

41. We make a good team. In and out of the bedroom.

42. Your touch sends me to another world. I never want to come back every time I get there.

43. I would give anything to sleep next to you every night.

44. Anytime you touch me, the only thing that matters is you.

45. After you told me your favorite color that has become the only color of lingerie I wear these days.

46. Is it bad that every time I set my eyes on you the first thoughts that come to my mind are dirty?

47. I’ve always fantasized about how you will look beneath me. Should we try it at night?

48. Do you want to come over? I’m just about to hop into the shower.

49. Our trip to the moon last night was mind-blowing. Do you want to take another trip?

50. Your smile turns me on.

51. You taste like heaven.

52. You know exactly how to turn me on.

53. I miss you. I miss your kiss and how it makes me feel.

54. Come home quickly. I have a surprise, bet me you will love it.

55. I want you to tie me up and have your want with me.

56. Tell me 5 things you want to do with me tonight, I will make all your wish come true.

57. Do you want to keep working this weekend or do you want to come over and let me make you have a good time?

58. I would have loved to hear your voice but it turns me on.

59. You looked dashing in a suit today. I would love to take it all off you today.

60. Where do you want your dessert served tonight? In the bedroom or the kitchen?

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Over to you

No matter how long you’ve been in a marriage or a relationship, a flirty message once in a while is good to spice things up a bit and make him rush home to you after work. Have you been concerned that he isn’t responding to your texts quickly these days and is using work as an excuse? Send him a flirtatious text and see how quickly he responds.