10 Best Christian Dating Advice

How to be romantic in a godly relationship and Christian relationships before marriage is common terms most young adults who are Christians are looking for the right answers on.

It can be quite challenging to navigate all the dating advice available for Christians on the web. Spending time with the other person should be an intentional act, but do not pull it to the point where it controls everything about you.

While being vulnerable is essential in Christian dating, it must not be to the point where it compromises your bodily boundaries this sets the difference between Christian dating vs worldly dating. You must try to pose pointed questions but avoid rushing a relationship.

Also, learning to date well can be difficult, perplexing, and downright stressful. But Christian dating should be a way to please God and fulfill their purpose.

Are There Set Rules To Keep In Christian Dating?

Yes. For Christian dating, there are some set rules you should follow, which is the scripture. You can learn many of these Christian dating rules for Christian dating by reading this post and also studying the Bible.

It would help if you decided what you expect from yourself as well. Remember that you’ll probably want to take chastity seriously.

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If you want to learn more or would need extra Christian dating advice, you can speak with your parents and your spiritual head.

10 Top Christian Dating Advice For Young Adults

Christian dating differs from all other relationships we see around us today. To save you the stress of figuring them out yourself after you might have made so many mistakes, here are 10 Christian dating advice to follow;

1. Understand Who You Are

Understanding who you are has so much impact on any Christian dating. While getting into dating as a Christian, you should first discover who you are.

Ask yourself questions like, who am I? What can I offer someone in a relationship? Am I kind or overly harsh? Can I put up with the opposite gender for quite a long time?

You should be able to ask yourself these questions and provide honest answers to them. It will help if you picture yourself from the inside.

2. Take It Slow

Spending your whole date wondering if the other person is marriage material isn’t necessary at all. That will only lead to tension and not be good for you.

Instead, emphasize getting to know people and learning about their lives. Don’t stress yourself out by attempting to envision a future with each person you go out with; instead, concentrate on becoming friends first.

3. Seek For Counsel From The Right Sources

For you to have a successful Christian dating, seek counsel from people in higher authority in Christendom.

Do not seek advice from people that are not of the same faith as you because the advice will never be In line with the word of God

You can go to your pastor, your spiritual heads, and your mentor. A relationship counselor in your church can be of great help as well.

4. Discuss Your Purpose & Plans

One of the important pieces of Christian dating advice you shouldn’t joke with is discussing your purpose and goals with the person involved.

Regarding your faith, the things you believe in and what you want to do with your life are crucial.

You need to determine if you and your partner are on the same page. You might get along in some situations while heading in different life trajectories in others.

5. Go For Someone Of The Same Belief

As a Christian, dating someone who doesn’t share the same belief and faith in Christ as you is disastrous, don’t consider anything dating with the person.

It will be difficult to cut ties with a person you’ve attached yourself to. So, avoid this in the first instance. 2 Cor 6: 14.

6. Be Obedient To The Word Of God

Not all of the right things you engage yourself in are necessary. It may seem right before your eyes, but not entirely the opposite of the scripture.

Giving in to passion is so satisfying. However, your physical desires should not take precedence over Christ’s authority.

You are expected by society to yield to the circumstances at hand. However,  you are instructed by Christ to obey His commandments.

7. Decide What Your Deal Breakers Are

Speaking of the essential attributes you need, if faith and belief are considered a deal breaker, you might want to use an app designed Mainly for Christians or that lets you specify your religious affiliation on your profile.

Also, there are a couple of apps you can use, which include Bumble, Hinge, and many others. They let you filter users based on their religious beliefs.

Just be careful not to overlook it and then feel overly optimistic whenever you view a cute profile only to find out your religious beliefs don’t align.

8. Check Out The Qualities You Would Like In A Spouse

Consider the godly qualities you would want your prospective spouse to have because they are those things to look out for in a person you want to be with. During Christian dating, please pay attention to things that matter because they may result in marriage.

You would therefore be sensible to avoid dating solely for the sake of dating. Make a goal to exclusively date people who seem to have godly attributes since you’ll fall in love with someone you’re dating.

9. Set Your Boundaries

To maintain a good relationship, you should set limits. Create boundaries and choose your dating style. Decide where you will draw the line regarding your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

How can this connection best honor God should be your first concern? When that is your aim, creating the proper boundaries to save oneself from potential future hurt is not too difficult.

10. Have Some Expectations

Please don’t take your expectations for granted regarding Christian relationships.

It would help if you had some expectations before entering a Christian dating relationship.

Please do not enter any dating relationship without sitting down to analyze the things you want out of it.

First, know the kind of dating you want. Is it casual dating or serious dating? Make your expectations clear, and go for it.

Final Thought

As a Christian, you should not imitate the world style of dating. Your dating should be based on the scriptures. According to 2 Cor  6: 14, ensure you go to a person of like mind and belief for a Christian relationship.