Goodnight Texts For Your Long Distance Boyfriend To Make Him Miss You

So, how do you say goodnight to your boyfriend in a long distance relationship? The best way is to craft heart-touching goodnight messages for him and send them over text.

In every romantic relationship, the absence of physical touches such as seeing each other, cuddling, and kissing usually marks the beginning of doubts, infidelity, etc. This is so common in distant relationships. However, fixing it is pretty straightforward.

You can always make your long-distance boyfriend miss you badly, especially if you can send him a romantic goodnight text that will leave him craving to have you beside him. I’m sure you’re wondering how to write a good text that will get him longing to be with you and strengthen the love and trust in the relationship.

Don’t worry; you can use one of our many romantic good-night texts, and sweet messages for your busy boyfriend over a long distance. These sweet and deep good-night messages for long-distance relationships are intended to motivate and spark your imagination. However, you can copy and paste them into your favorite messaging apps and send them to your boyfriend/husband. Although, it would be good to draw inspiration on what to write for your lover. Check them out below:

20 Good Night Texts for Your Long-Distance Relationship Boyfriend

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and desire to make your boyfriend, feel tremendous and keep thinking about you all through the night, goodnight romantic texts will do the magic. Check out our 20 well-crafted good-night texts for your boyfriend

1. I spent my whole day thinking about you, and each time I closed my eyes to sleep but couldn’t stop thinking of you. I feel your presence all over the room. I miss your cuddle, soft touches, and deep kisses. I wish to sleep and wake up beside you always. Sweet dreams, handsome.

2. Knowing you have added a lot of glamour to my life. You’ve taught me to do big things, and I’m super happy you came into my life. The distance cannot stop me from letting you know how much I love and miss you. Good night, my king!

3. I know your day may have been crazy, and you feel so stressed. I wish I were there to make you dinner, get you to shower, massage your body with expensive and good-scented oil, then cuddle you to sleep. I love you, baby!

4. At work today, and I was too busy to reach out to you. I’m home now, baby, and I’m lost in thought about how our last date went. You’re such a perfect being. Could you permit me to see you in my dream tonight? Sweet Dreams!

5. Your presence makes me fall asleep quickly because of the rhythmic vibration of your heartbeat. However, falling asleep becomes difficult in your absence. I end up gazing at the ceiling all through the night. I’m longing to see you again. Good night, love!

6. As much as I know I will, I sincerely hope you dream of me tonight. I adore you so much and am eager to see you once more. I’m patiently waiting for the day we’ll create more magical moments together. Sleep tight, baby!

7. Sleeping apart is no longer healthy for both of us. I long for the day when we’ll share a king-sized love nest forever. Sleep tight, sweetheart.

8. There are thousands of stars separating us, but our love is the biggest one. I enjoy looking up at the sky at night while thinking of you. I miss you.

9. I hope a day will come when I kiss you on the forehead and bid you goodnight. The feeling of knowing you love me keeps me going.  Good night, sweetheart!

10. My promise to be here waiting for you was never a joke. I will make up for all the cold nights you had to hold your pillow tight. Together we will build so many exciting and lovely memories. As long as I have breath, I will keep loving you. Good night, my prince charming.

11. I can’t trade your love for anything in the world. I have your heart, and it’s safe with me. I know you’re keeping mine as well. So, no matter the distance, we’re still one. Dream of me tonight!

12. If sweet words are sold at the market for $2000 per word, I will pay for them because nothing on Earth is as expensive as you. Sleep with the thought of his words tonight.

13. The first day you walked up to me at the gym, something in me told me you were the one for me. Since that day, a day without speaking to you feels like a part of me is far away. Dream about us.

14. Your facial expression, smell, and the feel of your hands are all constantly present in my memory. I’ll be in touch soon. Good night, special one!

15 I’m willing to endure the pain just for you and what we share. Even though we are separated, I can’t picture my life without you. Sweet dreams!

16. The moment the moon disappears from the sky and the stars stop shining, that’s the day I’ll give up on our love, but you know how impossible that is. So, it’s you and I forever.  Good night, sweet!

17. I was never a fan of distance relationships until I met you. I decided to try it, and now I’m stuck in love. I’m super blessed to have fallen in love with you. Sleep with the thought of me in your heart. Good night, handsome!

18. Millions of stars surround us, yet you are my brightest star.

19. You are the last thing I see each night and the first thing I see each morning in my heart. It sounds stupid to say I see you daily and feel your soft touches. But I know it’s love messing with my head. Sweet dream, my sweetness.

20. Guess who was sheepishly smiling at work today? The thought of you got me that way. Now, I know how sweet love can be. Distance makes no sense anymore.  Good night, handsome!

Wrapping Up

Lastly, sending goodnight text messages to your long-distance boyfriend to make him miss you has worked for so many ladies. Why not give it a shot and keep the connection and love flowing, not minding the distance?