12 Best Wedding Speeches For The Bride And Groom

Wedding speeches are used to express emotions, acknowledgments, or even Prayers. It is important that you deliver speeches that come right from the bottom of your heart, the one people hear and their heart melts, the one the Bride or the Groom hears and can’t wipe the smile off their face. 

For the bride and groom, your speeches should be as spectacular as your day. You may start by acknowledging everyone’s presence and then turning to your spouse to profess your love yet again in words that sound and are read immaculately. 

Traditionally, the groom’s speech kicks off the wedding reception. The father of the bride makes the following toast. The maid of honor speaks last but certainly not least, and the best man’s wedding speeches are typically saved until later. The best man, maid of honor, father of the bride, parents of the groom, the bride, the groom, and any honorary guests are other options you can consider. 

Brides traditionally don’t deliver speeches. While their father, the best man, and the groom make speeches, they sit calmly and pay attention. Brides are to be admired, and not say a thing. High five to you if you’re a bride who wants to speak at your wedding! We wholeheartedly support a bride’s right to be heard on her wedding day.

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The speech listed below can be used for your wedding speech. There are various ways you can structure your wedding speech, whether you want to talk about your spouse, want to thank people, want to speak of the bride or groom, want to pray for them, or want to acknowledge someone special. Make an original and heartfelt speech by using the speeches written below. 

12 best wedding speeches for the bride and groom. 

Wedding speech from the maid of honor or best man to the bride and groom

  1.  To the newlyweds. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to meet your soulmate. To you and your entire line of offspring, I send forth health and wealth. We appreciate you sharing your delight with us all. And may the flame of love burning within the hearts of a love-tied relationship remain divine. I hope and pray your hearts never lose it.
  1. My greatest prayer for you two is that your love for one another would become so strong and enduring over the years that you will remember your wedding day as the day your love led you to the altar to become one and vowed nothing will break your marriage. 
  1. A real lady has the power to make a man believe that he has won even though she did. Take a careful look at the groom. He indeed appears to be a winner. Wishing you lots of success in life for this tremendous win of the most beautiful bride on earth.
  1. To the groom and the bride, he will wed. May all your worries fade away and your marriage blissful for it was made in heaven. May you have abundant love, health, and wealth. And may you always have time to celebrate it all. 

Wedding speech for guests to the bride and groom/Wedding speech from parents to bride and groom

  1. I fell in love the first moment I held you in my arms. My tiny infant grew into a clumsy toddler and eventually a bright kid. You were just a little girl the other day when all of a sudden, you were a woman. I am impressed by you. With everything you’ve accomplished, you’ve made us proud. And we send our best wishes for a wonderful marriage today.
  1. Marriage is a commitment, to be understanding and kind, thoughtful and courteous, reasonable and easygoing. A marriage is a commitment to live as one, a love-filled vow meant to be cherished forever. Wishing you a long-lasting marriage! 
  1. To the bride and the groom, I send forth to you my wishes for your marriage. A peaceful marriage and I ask that you two have good fortune during all of life’s ups and downs. One piece of common knowledge holds the key to a happy marriage: you don’t need to love as much as you can, only as long as you can! So persevere and let your passion last a lifetime!
  1. Let your union flourish! Live in harmony and love. We always want our happiness to last a long time, so I wish you eternal happiness, radiant love, and a successful union!

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Groom to bride/Bride to groom

  1. Ever since I met you, I couldn’t let you go because I knew you were the one for me. You captivated me with your intelligence, humor, and sweetness. When I understood that we shared similar lifestyles, I knew then that the universe was working in my favor. Your affection for me is the nicest piece. I am so lucky, and I’ll cherish you until the day I die.
  1.  One of the best successes in life is finding someone who accepts you for who you are. They stick with you through the good, the dreadful days, the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Stay with them once you’ve found them. I found mine and today we became one. A good and sweet woman, a wonderful woman, a woman who owns my heart. 
  1. I used to daydream about getting married when I was still a young girl. The lovely white dress, the lovely flowers, and the delectable cake would come to mind. And I have to say that each of those aspects of my wedding has been positive. Nevertheless, without my gorgeous groom, our great friends, and our incredible families, none of it would matter. The people you love are what give a wonderful day like this such meaning; other things are just extras. And indeed I am a lucky woman. 
  1. Because of how much I genuinely love you and how much you love me back, being in your presence brings me the utmost joy. They say that instead of marrying someone you can live with, you should choose someone you can’t imagine your life without. That defines our union well.

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Nothing beats crafting a good wedding speech, your speeches have the capacity to stay in the hearts of the celebrants till the end of time and that’s why we have carefully made them to help you achieve your goals for speech presentation in the forthcoming wedding ceremony.