10 Ways To Make Him Think About You Always

How do you make a guy go crazy thinking about you?

The mind can be a very busy place in the body, always crowded with numerous thoughts, and your boyfriend’s mind is not an exception. Do you feel he’s not thinking about you as supposed, or does his mind seem to be thinking about other things and forget about you and what you share? You can get him to always think and dream of you by reading this content to the end.

We understand that you’re not saying your thoughts should be the only thing he thinks about daily. After all, work, business, new projects, family, etc., are there for him to think about. But you desire your thought to be the first and the last thing he feels daily. In this guide, we’ll discuss ten ways to make him think about you constantly.

How to make him think about you constantly

1. Be Real Yourself

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to learn how to make him always think about you is to be your authentic self. Do not try to imitate another person’s personality. Have this in the back of your mind: you are unique. Your type is rare, so you ought to carry yourself that way. Make him feel the impact of the genuine and unique you, and it will trigger your thoughts in his mind constantly. Why try to be unique when the fantastic and honest you can always keep your thoughts in his heart?

2. Be Romantic

Men love and always think about a romantic girl. Show him your love and care by being romantic to him. Surprise him with early morning romantic text messages. If you’re together with him, hug him from behind and kiss him on the forehead. Dress sexy around him, always, and your thoughts will never leave his mind. Paying attention to him when he talks is also part of being romantic. Understand his love language and send him gifts as well.

3. Share Your Visions With Him

Always share your visions with your man and the well-detailed way you intend to achieve them, and let him do the same. Your long and short-term goals should be discussed, as this will make him always have you in mind, especially if your goals and plans perfectly align. Encourage him to try out big things and pursue his visions. Make him know that they are doable no matter how massive they seem. Please share your experiences at work and let him do the same.

4. Don’t Always Reply To Him

To make him miss and think about you for some time, disappear from the picture. Deny him access to seeing or meeting with you for a little while. Refrain from picking up his calls or calling him back right away. Do more things that make you feel special and happy to let him know that you are perfectly content on your own.

He will want more of you as he has less of you. Don’t give him all your time to prove your love for him; make him demand it. He’ll place more value on you whenever you show up, and your thoughts will stick in his mind.

5. Show Up Unexpectedly

Visit him unexpectedly by popping up at his home or place of work out of the blue. However, this act requires carefulness, so you don’t show up when he’s busy with work or trying to push a deal since he’s not expecting you. Being spontaneous will leave a lasting thought of you in his heart. You could surprise him by taking him out for a lunch or dinner date. Never forget to make your dressing and fragrance count.

6. Keep To Your Words At All Times

Keep to your word when you promise to call or text him. Inform him if you plan on arriving late to a date or a visit at his house. Your man will think of you more often if he believes he can depend on you to follow through. Keeping your word demonstrates your dependability and reliability, which are crucial traits in a relationship. He will think about you more as his trust strengthens your connection.

7.  Tell Him How Good He Is In Bed And Be Good As Well

Every man enjoys being praised, and believe me, your boyfriend would appreciate it if you adored him and complimented him on his sexual prowess. Praise his sexual abilities and always build yours as well. So, you can always have a great time together in the bedroom. Here is how this works: if you always praise him, he will constantly develop new techniques to spice up your sex lives.

8. Always Wear A Seductive Fragrance

Find a sensual, seductive fragrance that will enable you to create your signature scent. Don’t be hesitant to invest in anything pricey. These generally stand out more and give off a more pungent, sweet smell. Wear his house clothes to leave your fragrance on them.

Embrace him while around at his place and try to leave a seductive fragrance behind by sleeping in his bed or doing everything else. He’ll smell it after you’re gone and think of you.

9. Send Him Text Message Early In The Morning

You can use any modern technology for communication to hit him up. It could be a “do you miss me” or “I love you” text message sent early in the morning. This can stick in his mind all through the day. You could send him a sexual text to lighten his mood, and he’ll think about having a romantic moment with you after work. Do some dirty talking with him, but that should be at night.

10. Always Send Him Hot Photos Of You

Do you like to take pictures? Then set aside some time to take some hot and sexy photos of yourself and send them to him on occasion. Watching those pictures will make your image stick in his mind, and he will always virtualize you. Take photos of you in sexy lingeries and nighties and send them to your boyfriend. Snap while on the bed as well.


He will always think about you when you pop up out of the blue at his place of work or home on a less busy day. Take him on a surprise vacation or dinner and foot the bill using your credit card. Don’t hesitate to make him miss you when the need arises. Dress seductively and wear a sensual fragrance whenever you are around. Being able to follow everything that has been discussed above will keep you in his mind at all times.