100 Hard Questions For Your Boyfriend

What are the hard questions in a relationship? They’re simply serious questions to ask your boyfriend and get to know him better. Such questions are cute because they can make him laugh or think deeply to give an answer. From questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship to the very quick and hardest questions to ask him, I’m sure that this compilation will help you engage in deep conversations with each other.

Before you met your boyfriend, he had a life going on. He’s got both good, bad, and rough life experiences that range from a beautiful life with outstanding achievements to life challenges, failed relationships, job failure, etc. So,  if there are things you wish to learn about his past life, you should ask him about them.

Some of these questions can be termed hard or soft questions, depending on where the relationship is headed. If the connection is becoming more serious, it’s essential to ask him some hard questions to know if you both share the same values and life goals.

By asking your boyfriend some hard questions about his past life, you’ll know what brought about specific incidents that took place in his life and how to position yourself better. Remember, in some cases, these questions may bring about the abrupt end of the relationship or strengthen the bond. Without much ado, let’s dive into it right away!

Are there reasons for these questions?

Yes. There are a lot of reasons for asking your boyfriend some serious questions about the future, which include knowing where you stand in the relationship, what his likes and dislikes are, what brought about the breakup in his past relationship, things that are currently happening regarding his career and business, how you could be of help to him, etc. All these are a few of the many reasons you need to ask your boyfriend some of the most difficult questions ever in a relationship.

100 Hardest and deep questions to ask your boyfriend

Are you curious about the reasons behind your boyfriend’s actions and things to always expect from him? Ask him these 100 hard questions below;

1.  What was your childhood upbringing like?

2.   Were you raised by a single parent?

3.  Are you an indoor person?

 4. What is your perception of family, and do you love family?

 5.  What are those things that inspire you the most?

 6. What are your orientations about sex?

7.   Which one are you out of these three,  optimist, realist, or pessimist?

8.  What will be your first reaction if a lady slaps you in the face?

9.   Can you stand up for me if need be?

10.  Do you believe in keeping a female best friend aside from me?

11.   Do you think it’s good to spend extravagantly on the one you love?

12.  How do you react to name-calling from a lady?

 13.  What’s your idea about family and partnership?

14.  What do you think about couples keeping a joint account?

15.   Do you believe in going into partnership business with the woman in your life?

 16  What do you think of your parent’s marriage?

17.   What are those past life decisions you regret?

18.   Can you briefly share where you visualize yourself in the next five years?

19.   What is the happiest thing that has happened in your life?

20.   Have you been heartbroken before?

21.  What tradition can you recall taking part in during your childhood?

22.   What family size do you prefer?

23.  What’s your take on having more than one wife?

24.  What was your childhood dream profession, and did you achieve it?

 25.  Sex before marriage or sex after marriage, which do you prefer?

26.   What is that childhood dream that you can still remember?

27.   Life at 50, what do you see it as?

28.  Where would you like to be in 20 years?

29.   What are the striking changes you’ve noticed in your life from the last three years?

30.   Have you ever fallen in love?

31.  What were your last relationship challenges?

32.  At what age did you fall in love the first time?

 33.  Do you have any insecurity, and would you love to Share in detail?

 34. Who was your role model as a child?

35.  When was your first love date?

36.  What broke your first relationship?

 37.  What is your deal breaker in a relationship or marriage?

38.  Do you value physical appearance more in a woman you love?

 39.   What do you look out for in a life partner?

40.   Do you want a business or career woman?

41.   Do you take money-saving seriously?

42.  Do you have health and life insurance?

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43.   What is your favorite outdoor game?

44.  What is your best sex position?

45.  Do you see investment as an essential thing to do?

46.  What is your take on relationships?

47   Would you like to raise a family in the future when you meet your soulmate?

47.  What do you think about emotional cheating?

48.   Do you believe emotional cheating is the same as having sexual intercourse with someone else?

49.   Would you like your spouse to have a male best friend

50.   Would you encourage your partner to continue communicating with her exes?

51. Do you think having an affair is healthy for both partners?

52.   What do you think or feel about open relationships?

 53.   What do you treasure about me?

54.  Do you think you love me enough to want to keep me as your soulmate?

55.  Do you think we have anything in common?

56.   What are the four things you think we share in common?

57.   Do you believe divorce is the best way to solve a marriage crisis?

58.   What is the one striking difference between us you’ve discovered?

59.   Do you think I love you?

60. What area of my life do you feel I need to work on?

61.   Is there anything you would never compromise on?

62.  Do you like clubbing?

63. How do you love your weekends and vacation trips?

64. Do you think your spouse can be your best friend and soulmate simultaneously?

65. What kind of environment would you love to live in?

 66. What do you think of children—blessings or added burdens?

67.  How many kids would you love to have in the future?

 68. Can you give up your life for the one you love?

 69. What’s your blood group and Genotype?

70.   If I am in a tragic situation during childbirth and the doctor says only one person will make it alive, who would prefer to live, I or your child?

71.  How long will it take you to move on if you lose your soulmate?

 72. Are you scared of loving deeply?

 73.   Are you scared of death?

74.   What are those things you feel I don’t know about you and you would love to share?

 75.  Do you have a messed up childhood?

 76.  Do you, at some point, question being with me?

 77.  What’s the name of your crush?

 78.   Do you have any health issues you want me to know about?

 79.  Would you be able to forgive me if I ever cheated on you?

 80.  Have you ever been through emotional brutality?

81. If you need help with something, do you ask outsiders or insiders?

82.   What do you think about being a single father?

 83. What are the things that turn you on?

 84.  What is that one thing you can’t live without?

 85.  What do you call being successful?

 86.   How do you react to negative emotions?

 87.   What do you see commitment as?

  88.  Apart from your parents, who else was your role model during childhood?

 89.  How do you handle stress?

 89   When was the last time you cried, and what made you cry?

 90.  Have you ever been laid off from work?

91.   Do you feel there’s anything special about our sex life?

 92.  What is the biggest goal you think working on will change your financial life in the next ten years?

 93.  After your life on Earth, what would you love to be remembered for?

 94.   What is your bucket list?

95.   What do you think about having Real estate investments?

96.   What bedroom activities make you feel like a baby?

97.   Do you like flaunting your partner on social media platforms?

98.   What do you see as great sex?

99.   Are there any sexual fantasies you haven’t shared with me?

100.  Do you like public shows of affection?

Final Thought

Finally, do not shy away from asking your boyfriend those above-mentioned 100 hard questions because it can help you know what is best for your relationship. Ensure to ask some of these questions during fun times together when there is an ongoing relationship crisis.