How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him?

What hurts more: blocking or ignoring, and how will he feel if I block him?

A person who has been blocked typically experiences severe psychological effects. It has the power to affect even a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to care about anything. 

Personally, I think it’s a petty issue and a method to avoid having a serious dialogue as a woman who has previously been blocked. I find it challenging to accurately describe what someone could experience when they have been blocked by another person because feelings and behaviors differ considerably from person to person. 

However, frequent emotions that a person could feel in this circumstance are hurt, anger, perplexity, and rejection. They can think that the individual who blocked them disregarded them or didn’t value them.

It’s critical to keep in mind that everyone has valid thoughts and perspectives and that different people deal with challenging circumstances in different ways. If you are the one blocking, it’s crucial to take the other person’s feelings into account and address the problem with empathy and compassion.

Additionally, if the person being blocked was hostile, drawing unwelcome attention to themselves, or harassing them, they might view the blocking as a wise move.

Blocking should only ever be used as a last measure and only when there is actual danger or a boundary violation. However, in some instances, women have said that this one move was sufficient to correct their men without them needing to speak much. 

This might be a possibility to consider if you’ve been arguing with this person repeatedly about a certain subject and he just won’t seem to bend.

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However, because males aren’t the most expressive creatures, it might be challenging to understand what’s going through their heads. Keep reading, and I’ll explain the unstated emotions that a guy may have after they have been blocked.

1. He’ll feel perplexed

The first thing a male thinks of after being blocked is, “What did I do?” They naturally want to understand what prompted the behavior, especially if it was unexpected and sudden. He will try to recall anything that might have angered you. If he’s that kind of guy, he can become fixated on what went wrong in an attempt to solve it.

2. He would experience a sense of loss.

Similar to how you would feel if a guy you truly connected with and liked ghosted you, you would think you had lost someone. He would undoubtedly feel like something is missing from his life if you stopped communicating with him.

Since it’s common to grow accustomed to the companionship of friends and family, a sudden communication breakdown will leave the victim feeling as though he lost something significant.

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3. Remorse

He does not even have to be knowledgeable of what he did in order to be guilty; all he needs to know is that you’re so upset with him that you don’t want to speak to him or see him. The mere thought of whether he caused you such harm will make him feel guilty.

4. He’ll be obsessed to clean up the mess he created.

If this guy really loved you, he’d start thinking about solutions right away. In order to come up with a solution, he will begin to muse. Men that genuinely care about you won’t ever want to offend you. As a result, when they do, they will want to resolve the matter as quickly as necessary so they can continue to hold a special position in your heart.

5. It might undermine his confidence.

No matter how self-assured a man is, it will harm his ego if the woman he loves apparently rejects him from their life. Being rejected makes an individual seem unimportant; ignoring the guy can make him believe he has a mental illness, which will lead him to question his own abilities. If he doesn’t have a solid enough mental foundation, this uncertainty may spill over into other aspects of his life.

6. Anger

Regardless of whether the man committed a crime or not, he will be incensed that you blocked him. His pride will be damaged, and he will undoubtedly feel offended if you decide to push him away rather than try to work things out with him.

7. Sad

After you two split up, if you blocked him, it might be disastrous for him. A breakup is painful for both sides, and blocking him will undoubtedly make it even worse for him if he still loves you and wants to make things right.

8. Surprised

Are you familiar with the “he blocked me” feeling on social media? Rage? So, try to imagine the man’s thoughts. He might have understood you were upset, but I bet he never considered that you might block him. 

When you block a guy, you often mean that you want him to leave your life permanently, or at most for that time frame. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t try to contact you for a few weeks or even months; the trauma may even keep him from thinking of a potential solution.

9. Agony

As was already stated, if he still has feelings for you, it would be agonizing for him to be unable to contact you. Particularly if he is unsure of what he did to enrage you. It will also tremendously bother him that he can’t ask you. It’s challenging to move on from something with which you never found closure.

10. He might become anxious.

He might go into a fit if you two are dating or still feel anything for one another. Some males could hurriedly call your phone or make attempts to contact you via friends or family.

This is only the case, though, if he truly loves you and is committed to helping things work out between the two of you. If you cease communicating with a guy, he won’t care, but if he goes to great lengths to do so, that means he likes you.


Unless someone is abusive or harmful, blocking them is never the wisest course of action. However, some women claim that it’s the most effective method to express that a connection is truly finished. The blocked party will fully comprehend that there is no opportunity for reconciliation, which will stop any intoxicated calls or awkward situations.