Should I Block Him And Move On?

What is the psychology behind blocking someone, does blocking them help you move on?

You are just coming out of a toxic or abusive relationship, but your obsessed ex won’t stop calling or leaving you messages, and then your first thought is whether you should block him. But you’ve shared a lot of memories with this guy, and you don’t know if blocking him is the right thing to do.

Or, it’s not this but you had a messy breakup and you still hurt badly from seeing him acting like he is ok on social media when you are not and you have resulted in stalking him just to see a sign that he is also experiencing the same hurt that you are experiencing as that may give you a sense of hope or satisfaction.

Some people can be cool with their ex no matter how bad the breakup was, they see it as ‘such is life, while there are others who can’t do this. For those people, the first stage of the breakup is usually tough, and blocking their ex might be one of the ways they can get better.

Here are some of the reasons why you may to block your ex today;

1. So that you can heal

No one is happy after a breakup. Even if the relationship lasted only for two days, you will still be sad. One thing hurt people do after a breakup is stalk their ex on their social media pages. If you want to heal from all the hurt you felt while in the relationship or from the pain of losing your relationship, and you know you don’t want this guy back because of what you went through while with him, then I think you need to block him. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Not seeing him on any social media pages or hearing from him is the beginning of your healing process.

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2. You need to move on

That chapter has closed; pick up your losses, learn your lessons, and try as much as possible to move on. Blocking him will enable you to do this. especially if the relationship was a long-distance one. He no longer has easy access to reach you, so you can move on quickly. And the next time you see him, the breakup won’t hurt as much as it did before because you must have already moved on.

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3. So that you can have peace

If you broke up with a very toxic, manipulative maniac who calls you and goes from begging you and crying on the phone to sending you horrific pictures and texts to threaten you and then trying to make you feel like he needs you, then you need to block him. What he needs is mental help, not yours. Allowing him to have that kind of access to you will also mess with your mental health. Blocking him will help you bring peace back into your life.

4. To stop the break-up get back together cycle

No matter how powerful or important love is in a relationship, it is never enough. You both may love each other so much, but he is missing something you both need to sustain the relationship. It could be a lack of trust, a change in direction, or a religious difference, and this causes you to break up and reconcile so many times that your friends no longer intervene in your problems because they know you’ll get back together. If you know you will never agree and will continue to cause this cycle even in marriage, then this is the right breakup to block him. Because you both will keep going back and forth, you will never move on, and you may never know where you stand with him on the issue.

5. To avoid comparisons

After you’ve broken up with him and you’ve gotten into a new relationship with a good guy who seems to have potential, you can’t help but compare some little details between him and your ex simply because he still pops up on your timeline and seeing him reminds you of your time together. You will only end up ruining your new relationship and breaking the heart of the good guy who has done nothing but care for you if you don’t block your ex.

6. To stop you from feeling jealous

After a breakup, the two parties try to move on, but if you get stuck in the relationship and find it difficult to move on, you begin to stalk him on his social media pages. And when he finally gets a new girlfriend, you may begin to feel jealous, and most times, jealousy makes people do stupid things. It’s time to block him so that you don’t start feeling jealous; otherwise, you are only hurting yourself more and not him.

7. You need to think well

The constant reminder of your ex won’t do anything to help your thinking and may disrupt your productivity at your place of work. You need to block him to avoid his constant reminders every time you open your social media apps. This is good for you if your ex is the kind of person very notorious for playing mind games. Having him still pop up on your Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, Twitter, and Whatsapp status will only make moving on worse for you.

8. If constantly seeing him upsets you

Why do you need to constantly torture yourself when you know seeing his calls or messages upsets you? Being as selfish as blocking him from being able to reach you is a form of self-love and care that will help you in the healing process more than any other thing will.

9. If he is a serial cheat

For some, cheating can be a deal breaker; for others, cheating is a forgivable sin. But when he constantly cheats on you knowing full well you will only get hurt and cry when you find out, he doesn’t love you, and you need to break up with him and block him. Block him so that you can move on from him and his excuses; if not, you will keep going back to him, and he will never stop cheating.

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10. If he abuses you

Be it physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental or emotional abuse, and then you need to break up with him and block him. You will be doing a huge favor to yourself and your loved ones who are scared of losing you to his abuse. People like this don’t change, and most times they are very quick to apologize with gifts and sweet words. Guard your ears and heart by blocking him and trying to move on with your life.


Sometimes it seems crazy and unbelievable that you can’t go a week without seeing or hearing from someone you used to love so much, then you break up and don’t want to see or hear from the person just so you can learn to move on again. If you don’t block him, you’ll be stuck with someone who has already forgotten about you and is living his best life.