How To Flirt With A Guy Easily

Having a crush on a guy you fancy is quite exciting but let’s be honest, it can also be intimidating most of the time. Being able to connect with the person and feel the sparks fly is exhilarating, and often time, a little flirting will help you get there.

However, not everyone is inherently good at flirting. When you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and having those butterflies, it can be difficult to talk to your crush without feeling awkward. You can be afraid of saying anything embarrassing or unsure how to begin a conversation.

That’s normal, but it does not mean you will have to spend several years avoiding eye contact with your crush. It can only take some practice. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how you can flirt with a guy easily.

Various ways to flirt with a guy easily

Flirting with a guy can be difficult, but we’ve made it easy. Whether you’re looking for how to flirt with a guy on WhatsApp, over text messages, without talking, or in a face-to-face conversation, you will find our special guide helpful to flirt with your crush right away. So, here are fast and easy ways to flirt with a guy.

How to flirt with your crush face-to-face.

It’s usually not easy to express your feelings and get the guy’s attention when flirting with them one-on-one. However, here is how to do it in 6 ways.

1. Be your true self

When flirting with your crush, the first thing to bear in mind is to be your real self. Being true has never hurt anyone, and yours is not an exception. The guy in question will adore you more when you are yourself.

However, if he doesn’t reciprocate the feelings, you may feel hurt, but that’s one of the ways to figure out the best one for you. Being real will always attract the right people.

2. Find out his name and always call him by that

It sounds simple. Yes, it is that simple! Always call the guy by his name whenever you’re speaking to him. Use his name when addressing him since it adds a personal touch. Also, names can instantly grab someone’s attention and let them know you are paying attention to them.

3. Compliment him throughout the way

Sometimes we believe that only ladies love compliments, but that’s not true. Even guys love and enjoy it. By complimenting a guy you’re crushing on, you are letting him know you’re paying attention to him. Give your crush flirtatious remarks the next time you see him and see the magic.

4. Get talking, and don’t forget to talk about yourself

Don’t forget to talk about yourself when conversing with your crush — a far more intriguing and natural rapport results from this act.

Don’t just let him do all the talking alone; make intelligent comments. Occupy space and share some personal narratives. It will encourage him to share more personal information with you.

5. Get his attention on your lips

You can practice the act of flirting by bringing his attention to your lips, thereby establishing chemistry. This can be done in indirect or modest ways. You may, for instance, lick your lips, put on lip balm or lipstick, or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, kiss them.

6. Take a walk

Never attempt to stay around your crush for an extended period. After some time, take a walk away from him, leaving him craving more of your company and energy.

If you give them all of your attention, they might not be able to appreciate what you have to offer. Make him yearn to spend more time with you by taking a walk.

When flirting with a guy from a distance

When flirting with a guy you have a crush on over the phone, do these 5 things.

1. Look gorgeous

The easiest way to catch his attention when you don’t know each other very well is through aesthetic allure in the photos you share with him. Keep up your hair and dress to highlight your greatest features. In addition, maintaining a good appearance while flirting may help you feel more attractive and confident.

2. Don’t go too far

While going about his day, he might desire a way to stay connected to his environment, and your presence can speak volumes if you’re not too far from him.

It tells him that someone is always willing to be around him, and he will have a chance to see you and come over to you. Remember that always putting up a beautiful smile won’t hurt.

3. Use body language

Sometimes, we fail to understand that our body language at every point in time sends out a strong message to people around us. But while learning how to flirt with a guy, you must watch your body language because it’s important.

Know that your body language has the potential to break or make the message you’re sending across effective. So,  ensure that you have a demeanor so that he can feel comfortable approaching you.

4. Consider winking at him

Winking at a guy you’re flirting with is not a bad option.  You could give him a flirtatious wink. Take control of the moment by allowing him to walk up to you. The friendly wink can also help to break the ice and move things along.

5. Begin a conversation

Consider starting a conversation with a simple “hello” if asking out a guy you’ve hardly spoken to doesn’t sound awkward. A friendly and non-threatening introduction can be made by just saying hi. It may present an opportunity for you to move things forward.

Through Flirty Texts

a girl texting

When you are flirting through text with a guy you barely know, here are 5 easy ways to get his attention.

1. Pretend It’s an unplanned message

Initiating a conversation with someone you barely know is most difficult so when you want to begin a conversation with your crush, Send him a random text while pretending to be sending it to someone else. After responding, you can tell him it was a mistake but continue the conversation.

2. Show interest in him

When you’re sending flirtatious texts to him, It’s soothing to know that you don’t have to text him nonstop. Do that once in a while. Genuine interest in someone is a necessary component of flirting with them.

3. Ignore some of his questions

While having a conversation with a guy you have a crush on, over time, you’ll find out that the interest is becoming addictive. Now, get used to skipping some of the questions. Leave them unanswered he will start thinking out loud as a result.

4. Ask him some relevant questions

Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by people who love and cherish them? By asking relevant questions, you can quickly learn how to flirt with him better because It aids in making him understand that you are considering them and their life important.

5. Be open to go on a date with him

Stating the potential of meeting up is one of the flirtatious things to say to your crush. For instance, while chatting him up, you can remark briefly that it would be fun to watch the forthcoming match or see an interesting movie over the weekend together while talking about something else. Things can be brought from the virtual to the actual world with a single action.


Although approaching a guy or your crush can be nerve-wracking, have it at the back of your mind that everything you’re doing revolves around talking. You’re trying to learn more about him and showing your interest in him.

If the person is close to you, follow all we’ve discussed earlier. It’s also applicable to someone far off and when you want to flirt through texting.