When Men Do ‘This’ What Does It Mean?

This question “when men do ‘this’ what does it mean? Is a popular question that lots of people have tried to get answers for. But luckily for you, you are reading the answer here.

Sign Language or nonverbal communication has been in use for decades and is still in use to convey meaning instead of spoken words. Men and Women oftentimes show their expressions in different ways. It could be through physical gestures, facial changes, and more.

An expert psychologist, Powell said that men use these signs and expressions mostly because they sometimes find it difficult to communicate their feelings through spoken words. And that’s why it’s vital you know some of these signs so that when your man does it anytime you’ll easily comprehend what he means.

Although these expressions can be complicated to figure out sometimes mainly if he belongs to the class of people who withheld their feelings. In this case, it’s often difficult to read the meaning.

But trust us, we are going to make it simple and easy for you to understand men better. Just read all to learn more.

9 things men do and what they mean.

Here is stuff men use to communicate their feelings sometimes which people around them may find confusing when they do it. We have listed the meanings below so that you easily understand when next he does it.

They are as follows:

1. He slightly raises his eyebrows with a subtle smile.

2. Being protective when crossing a road.

3. He kisses you on the forehead.

4. He gives you a flirty touch.

5. Scratches his eyebrows or head.

6. He tries to know you deeply.

7. He sees you as his library.

8. When a man says funny things around you.

9. He doesn’t bother about you.


He slightly raises his eyebrows with a subtle smile.

This is one of the things men do that can be quite hard to figure out what it means. According to a Psychologist, when a man slightly raises his eyebrows with a subtle smile either during conversation or maybe you both just met each other at a party it simply means he’s being friendly and confident around you.

Being protective when crossing a road.

Although the need to protect and show care for both men and women, men are always more protective of women. And this is an obvious non-verbal sign that he is seriously falling in love with you.

He may do this by using his body to cover in between you and a busy road in a way to protect you from any harm or try to prevent you from being hit by a heavy object.

When he does this often, know that he is aiming to look out for you to ensure that you’re safe and taken care of, especially when you’re around him.

He kisses you on the forehead.

Nothing is sweeter than when your lover kisses you on the forehead in the middle of the night thinking you are already sleeping.

Of course, a kiss on the forehead is something else. It shows that your man adores, loves, and respects you. When a man gently kisses you on the forehead, he’s showing you a sincere love that goes beyond sexual attraction and also hoping to be together with you forever.

Also, check the meaning of other ways he may use a kiss to express his feelings:

A kiss on the stomach signifies: I’m ready.

A kiss on the cheek means: We’re friends.

Laughing while Kissing implies that: “I am completely comfortable with you.”

A kiss on the palm denotes: I adore you.

A kiss on the neck says: We belong together.

A kiss on the ear says: You are my everything.

A kiss on the shoulder tells me: I want you now.

Kiss on the Lips says: I love you, etc.

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He gives you a flirty touch.

Giving you a flirtatious touch is another signal men use to communicate their feelings that you need to know.

When a man is physically attracted to you he tries to show it through by touching either your waist, the tip of your shoulder or just mashing your arms. It’s a light-hearted sign that shows that he has nothing serious with you, usually, no goals, except for the fulfillment he gets from satisfying his emotions and just needing to be near you, Says Siggy Flicker, a relationship expert.

Scratches his eyebrows or head.

Although both women and men do this, when a man does ‘this’ it’s a sign he is feeling nervous around you.

You might have been witnessing that your male friends often respond nervously to particular topics, especially when discussing their little secret that they think you never know about or when discussing the topic of their past life.

A man may also feel nervous when it gets to a discussion of your relationship with him, he might feel nervous if he hasn’t defined where he stands in the relationship, and so any time you bring up the topic, he feels worried and scratched his head or eyebrow in a way to avoid you reading his mind or his feelings towards you.

He tries to know you deeply.

You may not have read the meaning of this, but when a man tries to know you more than ever before by asking lots of questions trying to know everything about you, from your favorite color to your childhood memories and your friends and family members, this is a pure sign that he cares for you, have plans to marry you and will like to spend forever with you.

He sees you as his library.

When a man wants to keep in touch with you or wants to keep a communication line open with you, he turns you into his library.

He requests movies from you and asks you to borrow him some books as if you owe a library at home. He does this borrow, reading, returning, and asking for another one just to keep seeing and hearing from you every day.

When a man says funny things around you.

When a man says funny things in your presence or tries to laugh over little things you say whether it’s funny or not, he’s using this way to seek your attention, or your presence is putting him in a happy mood.

Also, a relationship expert, Siggy said, “If a man smiles at all the things that you say, it indicates that he’s honestly paying attention to you rather than acting to listen to you,” this may yet imply that he finds your discussion or chat entertaining and deserves a laugh.

He doesn’t bother about you.

When a man does as if nothing about you, whether you respect him or not doesn’t concern him or care less about knowing your friends and family members, it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t love you and never has any intention of spending the rest of his life with you.

If you are in a relationship with such a man, then you need to watch it before someone breaks your heart knowingly.

What is next?

Well, having read and understood the question when men do ‘this’ what does it mean?” We hope you find the information here useful and fun.

Please, feel free to provide in the comment section other non-verbal stuff you realize men do to convey their feelings.