How To Give A Hickey To Someone In 7 Simple Ways

Hickey, also commonly known as a love bite, is one of those pleasurable acts that lovers perform on one another to delineate a specific area of intimacy. Or perhaps it’s just to feel kinky, and many lovers do this.

Although you can give someone a hickey virtually anywhere on the skin, it’s typically done on the neck. Many believe this behavior is outdated and should not be practiced anymore, but I believe in people doing what works for them.

Although it can be slightly unpleasant on the visible neck region, I think secret hickeys between lovers are more attractive. Giving your lover a hickey is not difficult, but you need to be careful when doing so.

Without the appropriate movements, there is a good probability that you’ll come out as creepy. In this article, we’ll discuss the proper way to give a hickey. These processes explain how you can easily give a hickey without hurting someone.

What Is Hickey?

So many people attach different meanings to hickeys. It could be just a heartfelt gesture to someone you love. Giving someone a hickey is much more than that; it’s a powerful gesture that conveys to others that this particular person is absolutely mine and we share the love.

It denotes a deep sense of affection, ownership, and, most importantly, trust. You won’t need to study complex science to give a hickey; follow the steps, and you’ll get the hang of it very soon.

Before we continue, you can accomplish this by kissing your partner ferociously, nibbling on their neck, elbow, or thighs, and sucking, trying to target areas of their body with delicate skin along the edges.

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7 Most Effective Ways To Give Your Partner A Hickey

If you’re thinking of the best and simple ways to give your partner a mind-blowing hickey, here are 8 most effective ways to do that below;

1.   Discover A Perfect Spot In Your Partner’s Body For It

When thinking of giving your partner a hickey, look quickly over your partner’s body while you are still talking to them and decide where you want to leave the hickey.

Always keep in mind that hickeys are transitory love tattoos that you can place anyplace. The neck is a safe place, but it’s been overused and therefore is apparent. Be creative.

2. Let Your Partner Grant You Permission

It’s important to obtain full consent from your partner before giving them a hickey. You must be cautious before giving your partner a hickey because love bites can rupture some blood vessels underneath the skin.

Your partner ought to understand the side effects involved if you go too deep, you’ll hear a great deal of medical jargon at the hospital. So, before you give and take a hickey, be sure you both understand what’s involved.

3. Ensure You Both Are Properly Washed

Before giving your lover a hockey, endure that both of you are properly washed. You can enjoy this and be safer when you first take birth, scrubbing places like the neck, thighs, etc. Stay Clear from licking dirt just because you want to bond more through giving your partner a hockey.

4. Pick A Suitable Position

One of the key advances in observing the love mark is choosing the ideal location for it. Choosing a location on your partner’s body where the target would love nothing more than to be nibbled or sucked is what I mean.

Compared to lips, elbows, or thighs, the best spots on the neck are softer and much more sensitive; however, if you must look at some other spot, choose the body’s sides and corners.

5. Keep Away From Your Partner’s Face

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid touching your lover’s face while giving them a hickey. Other than the face, you’ll probably search out other spots in their body to explore.

Now, here’s a quick.tip: stay far away from their faces because if it’s done on their face, it will appear horrible, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your partner looking horrible.

6. Do Not Overlook Your Partner’s Body Language

One of the most important things to consider when giving a hickey is your partner’s body language. Their body will tell you when they feel you ought to halt or whether they are relishing the treatment.

However, If your partner experiences pain and abrasion during the first attempt, your chances of ever giving a hickey will be entirely erased. You can’t blame your partner if they decide not to consider it again. Always observe your partner’s body language. Know when to stop!

7. Make Sure You Caress The Person

When making proper use of your tongue to give your lover a hickey, always learn to caress the other portions of their body that are within reach with your hands. Romantically do this.

This encourages you to pay attention to more of their body than just the spot where the hickey is being given. Plus, if that’s all you do, it starts to feel awkward after a few seconds. Spice it up by caressing your lover’s body thoroughly.

Video On How To Give Someone A Hickey

Some Things You Should Know About Hickey

Giving and receiving hickeys in a loved-up relationship might look so romantic, but there are things you should know about hickeys. Check them out!

Some Hickey Can Leave You With Scars

​Being given a hickey has the chance of leaving some permanent scars on your body. Some scars can last weeks, months, or even years because they are so severe. This also depends on your skin tone, how fair you are, how serious it was, and whether biting was involved.

Hickey’s Are Bruises Sustained From Love Bite

Hickeys are more like bruises sustained from making out with your lover. The blood veins, also known as capillaries, are located directly beneath the skin’s surface, and when we strike the skin so hard, they break, which is why it hurts or leaves a bruise. Breaking these capillaries sometimes results in deep bruises.

Chances Of Curing A Hickey Is Rare

Chances of curing a hickey scar are rare. However, ​you can add some ice; sure, it works sometimes. But there isn’t any other way to speed up their natural disappearance. The rescue is provided using scarves, collars, high necks shirts, or highlighters. These are simply the easier ways to conceal it.

It Can Result In Oral Herpes

If you believed a condom was your only line of defense against STDs, you are mistaken. You will contract herpes if your partner has it and gives you a love bite, causing the skin to rupture. Make sure you take precautions to prevent contracting any infections.


Lastly, everyone does not enjoy getting a hickey. Many people like the pressure on their skin, while others find it irritating. Until you have a hickey, you cannot determine which group you fall into. The pleasant aspect of the experience is the build-up to the hickey; the skin is a delicate part of the body. Give it the utmost respect.