50 Funny Instagram Dm Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the best pick up lines to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram? Then search no further because I will show you the best lines that work for girls and will earn you a smooth slide into her DM.

There is nothing as sweet as receiving a funny Instagram Dm. Pick up the line from someone you have a crush on or solid feelings for on social media. Sending a pick-up line to someone on Instagram is a way of trying to initiate a romantic conversation with the person in their Dm.

The use of funny DM pick-up lines is prevalent within the dating setting and can also happen on Instagram DM. Have you been thinking of a funny Instagram DM to shoot at your crush? We’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in deeper to help you get the conversation started with her, even if she’s a stranger girl on Instagram!

50 Funny and flirty Instagram DM pick up lines

1.  Wow! Do angels have a handle on Instagram? I just found one. You’re gorgeous, damsel!

2.  Are you a fine wine? If yes! I hope you don’t mind if I take a sip. You look so sweet!

3.  Has anyone told you how cute you are? I would love to make your Dm my room straight to your heart if you don’t mind.

4.  Would you let me have your heart? Please, don’t panic; I will keep it safe.

 5. Did I receive a love emoji from you as a reply? Come on; I must be the luckiest man on earth.

6.  Getting a pinch from you won’t be a bad option because you are super cute.

7.  So many beautiful things in my mind to say to you, but on getting to your Dm, I lost words. Your beauty makes you speechless.

8.  You captured my heart without saying a word; how did you do this?

9.  If we measure cuteness by time, babe,  you’re my eternity.

10.  Your eyes shine so brightly.  Tell me, do you have any connection with the sun?

11.  Passing through your handle,  I got stuck. What manner of beauty is this.? Can I get a kiss emoji?

 12. Damn! God was exploring on the day he made you because you have everything in abundance.

13.  If I were a woman, I would be called jealous because our beauty is too much to behold, and I feel ugly.

14.   What brand of liquor are you? You intoxicate me by merely looking at your display photo.

15.  Anyone that said visiting Paris is one of the best and most fun places to explore has not been to your Instagram Dm.

16.  Is God aware that an angel is missing in heaven? You’re an angel in human form.

17. Have you heard of “love at first sight” because that’s what is about to take place?

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18. Google seems not to have everything I’m searching for, but you have them all.

19.  Damsel, I’m not a photographer, but I can picture our future together. Don’t say no!

20.  I hear from people all the time, follow your dream, but I never knew you were the dream until I followed your Instagram handle.

 21.  You must be exhausted because you’ve been running through my thoughts all day.

22.  I know your first occupation is taking my breath away.  May I know the second one?

23.  What’s your name, or can I call you my special one?

24.  I know it’s too early to say I love you but pardon my manners and give me a chance to spoil you silly.

25.  I see our future kids in your eyes. Crazy but true. I’ve fallen for you.

26. Are you an electric light because gloom and darkness exist around me without you?

27.  I never knew my reasons for being on Instagram.  However, now I know it’s all because of you.

 28. Seeing pictures of you on your wall made me slide into your Dm to ask,  mum or Dad? Who did you take after?

 29. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? Can I be your mirror? So, you can do that often.

30.  They said the beautiful ones are not yet born, but I told them that’s a lie. Because I’ve seen one on Instagram, it’s you,  babe!

31.  Guess my surname because you’ll be going for a change of surname soon.

32.  If you get my favorite hang-out spot, you have a one-year alone time at the venue.  All expenses are on me because I care so much for you. 

 33. I often hear that I’m not good at starting a conversation with a cute damsel like you. Do you think so?

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34. If I can rearrange the alphabet, guess what? “U” and “I” will be fixed together.

 35. Your dad and mum must be good bakers because, babe,  you are a cutie pie.

36.  If you are a fruit, you’re a green apple.

37.   Are you a goalkeeper? Because you just captured my heart. Please,  keep it safe.

38.  I slide into your Dm to say good night to a beautiful princess. You don’t know much about me, but dream of me.

39.   I’d send a good morning flirty text message to you every morning because you deserve all the attention in the world.

40.  Hey princess, I fell and broke my legs while following you. Can you help me call the doctor?

41.  Hey beautiful, I’m Microsoft. Can you give me a chance to crash at your home tonight?

42.  I’m super excited that I bought a life insurance package.  Because the moment I set my eyes on you, my heart stopped.

43.   Do you have a connection with bees because you’re as sweet as honey?

44.   I have a crush on you because you are a beautiful damsel.  If I can get a love emoji from a princess like you, my whole day is made.

 45.  Would you need another heart? Because I’m available.

46.  Don’t get me wrong when I say you’re so hot. Your DP says it all.

47.   If having a crush on you has a jail term, call the cops, babe. I’m in for it!

48.  Damn! Your smiles make me weak in the knees. What’s your secret?

49. I know the crowd is so long. What’s my number to get a reply? I don’t mind waiting until eternity.

50.   Are you a commercial bank loan because you have my interest?

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The bottom line

Lastly, if you are looking for funny Instagram DM pick-up lines to use to capture the attention of your crush, we have 50 of them carefully crafted. You can use them to get your Instagram dream girl’s full attention by shooting your shots at her. These funny Instagram pickup lines can leave her happy and satisfied. Also,  she will be living with her response to your messages. Give It a shot!