How To Talk To Girls And Make Them Like You

Have you been wondering how to talk to a girl that will make her like you? If your answer is yes, we’ve got something incredible for you. As we proceed further in this article, we’ll discuss extensively how to talk to girls and make them like you. Naturally, men and women are opposite regarding physique, choices, etc.

Sometimes, they have little or no hope of understanding each other. However, there are some buttons that, when you click on,  you can get the full attention of a lady to like you and give you an audience.

Also, don’t forget that all the girls differ. Ranging from different choices in men, they have the things they like/hate and other goals.

So, starting a conversation with a stranger girl and making her to like you, may sometimes be a hard nut to crack. However, we’ve put together something unique in this guide; here is how to talk to girls and get them to like you.

How to start conversations with different girls and keep them interested

1. Look Past The Mask

Have you ever thought about the person beneath the beautiful clothing? Deep inside, there is a person that exists that is perfect and doesn’t want to be reminded of the painful experiences they’ve had in the past. This is the person you should be looking at.

Not the outward appearance that is filled with strange pseudo-personalities. Beneath every girl, there is a sweet person, and trust me, that’s who you’re looking for. If she is making it hard for you to access the person beneath the mask, move on.

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2. Get Real, Man!

Being who you are and not taking the place of a different person to prove a point gives you a better chance of winning her over. Yes, we know you want her to like you, but you should maintain your personality. Be real!

We’re in a world where people would want to take on the qualities of another to be loved. Remember that this character trait is not the person’s, so their actual self will always show up from time to time. So,  to get her to like and desire you, be authentic. Showcase your real identity.

3. Hey! Come Ready

Do you know some of the reasons that talking to a girl are difficult is because most guys don’t come prepared? There is a place for preparation, don’t neglect that. When you have so much to say that is inspiring, you can talk to the girl to make her like you.

Remember, it may not be about social media lifestyle, memes, and maybe YouTube videos you watched; you may end up sitting with her for an extended time with nothing to talk about.  Hey man, Come prepared and ready to get girls to like you. Use talks about those exciting things that make you happy to open the ground for more communication.

4. Be an Active Listener

Being an active listener is one of the qualities many girls look out for in the man she wishes to love. So, if you want to talk to a girl and make her like you, you must become an active listener. When you’re with a girl, and she is talking to you, do not cut her short.

Instead,  make mental notes of all she says and ensure she has all your attention. You can ask her a few questions about all she said earlier. This will show her that you paid rapt attention to all she’s been saying. Girls like men that are active listeners.

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5. Learn to Maintain Suspense

Uncertainty and excitement are put together to create suspense. And by keeping a girl in suspense, getting her to like you will be easier. If you constantly admire her and pay close attention to her, she will know she can reach you whenever she needs you. However, don’t be surprised that in most scenery, she will find it boring, and it breaks the suspense.

When you pay attention to her without speaking up, she will always think about you. Since the human brain seeks clarity, the likeness will begin to develop. So, learn to maintain suspense and see her start to like you.

6. Study Her Body Language

Learning to read her body language to know if she is interested in you is one of the things you should also focus on. A girl’s body language says a lot more than her words. From her body language, you will get to find out what she wants. When talking to a girl, you must also learn to observe her nonverbal signals. When you ignore a woman’s body expressions, you could be dooming yourself to denial without knowing it.

7. Don’t Invade Her Privacy

Respecting a girl’s privacy is one of the ways to get her to like you. When talking to a girl,  know when she needs space and does not violate that. Do not get too close when her words and body language are otherwise. When you reak a girl’s privacy, she may never consider having anything to do with you. So, do not cross boundaries and limits. Could you respect that and win her over?

8. Don’t Affirm Love too Early. Why Talking to a Girl

Proclaiming your love or feelings too early to a girl you’re talking to doesn’t go so well most of the time. So,  give it some time. Nurture the feelings and be sure she is reciprocating them before proclaiming the love to her. Like I said earlier, maintain suspense. This is also part of the suspense.

Many guys ruin their chances by confessing their feelings to the girl immediately. It only puts pressure on the girl to feel the same way in return, and if she hasn’t yet experienced the same intensity of sensations, she will want to avoid that pressure and may never like you.


Lastly, if you’ve been searching for how to talk to girls and make them like you, all we’ve discussed earlier will guide you on what to do. Go through everything and get her to fall in love with you. Do well to follow through, like,  comment, and always check here for more successful relationship tips.