50 Romantic Texts To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Do you wish to boost his longing for you? Send him these romantic texts to make him miss you like crazy, and he will also feel your affection. 

As a result, you’ll make him rush like the wind to meet you and give you more love and affection than ever before. The importance of texting in a relationship can never be overemphasized; certain types of texts can keep a smile on the face of your boyfriend/husband for the rest of the day.

Your partner occupies an important part of your heart. If you want your husband or boyfriend to miss you dearly, you must find a way to capture his attention by sharing one of the many texts on our long list.

50 Romantic texts to make him miss you like crazy.

  1. I am the luckiest girl, you are not just a person I know in my life, but you are mine too. I miss you so dearly 
  2. I had a bad day at the office today,  but I will look past it because you are the one I will be talking to once I leave here. Damn! You are my source of joy. 
  3. Today I don’t want to do anything. I just want to lay close to you, kiss your lips and touch every part of you, cuddle you, and see your pretty pupils dilate when I climb on you. 
  4. Do you know that I miss you? If your answer is no, then tell me what you want me to do to make you believe that I do. Or you can go ahead and ask for my pillow? 
  5. Do you know you are my favorite person in this world? Just a reminder in case you don’t. Look now, I’m blowing you a sweet kiss. 
  6. I want to be with you, while you have your arms around me, whispering dirty nothings to me. I don’t just want that in my dream, I miss you a lot. 
  7. I just saw the picture you posted, and I’m here smiling ear to ear, saying that’s my man. 
  8. Hey handsome. The sweetest person to rent my heart and has refused to move. I feel your presence in my heart every day but I do still miss you, darling.  
  9. I am imagining you standing tall over there, looking sexy as h*ll, while you are starting down on your screen reading my text. Now imagine me standing on my tippy toes to kiss you. 
  10. You are the best. I wish I can scream it enough and let the whole world know how amazing you are, not just to me but to everyone you come across. I love you a lot and I truly do miss you. 
  11. I prayed for the man of my dreams, then you came along and became my reality. I am indeed lucky to be the one you love.
  12. Thank you for always being here for me, you are very special to me and I won’t ever forget that. 

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  1. You make me so happy, and I love the way you treat me so delicately. I miss being in your care. 
  2. Is the way you look at me with your sexy eyes, it’s the way I can’t help myself but strip for you. 
  3. Hey, sexy, what are you doing in my mind today? You are here to finish off what you started in my dreams? 
  4. Anytime I remember you, I just begin to crave your presence. Are you coming over or should I pull up?
  5. I am listening to the playlist you shared with me, and I wish you are here. 
  6. What is happiness? It’s a new day and you are still my man. 
  7. Send him a very cute picture of you and write. Congratulations lucky man, I’m all yours.
  8. I walked past the restaurant where we had our first date, and I’m smiling home. I wish we could do it again, that was one of the best times of my life.
  9. All I have done all day is think about you. 
  10. I woke up this morning feeling lonely, I wish you were here. 
  11. I wish you are here with me, all cuddled up. 
  12. I have a surprise for you, dinner at my place tonight. Eat before coming. Winks*
  13. It’s my turn to plan a date, guess where I’m taking you this time. 
  14. I have been thinking about us lately, I guess it’s time I use my magic wand and get to you. I miss you so much. 

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  1. I am imagining you are here with me and you don’t have something on.
  2. Going to bed alone it’s so hard, it could’ve been better if you were here. 
  3. I believe in you so much. You are a star born to shine. The world isn’t ready for what you got for them.  
  4. Tonight it’s just me and you and nobody else
  5. Your place or mine, do you wanna work out? 
  6. Do you know what drives me wild? The thought of you coming home today. I can’t exit to jump onto your arms, oh! How I’ve missed you.
  7. Do you remember what we did at…I wish we can go back. 
  8. You are my favorite person in the whole world and beyond. But you make me miss you a lot.
  9. You are the one I want to be with this holiday, I have a lot of surprises in store for you. You will be amazed. 
  10. I just realized I don’t think of anything else, you have occupied my mind. 
  11. Your smile is the only thing stuck in my memory, keep smiling and I will be driving to you now. 
  12. It’s so hard to concentrate at work, you had better come around and do something about it tonight. 
  13. I am the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, then there’s you, Mr handsome. I am so blessed. 
  14. I was busy at work when my mind drifted to something. I want to tell you about it, but I will blush while at it and people will see. 
  15. I am thinking about having your lips on mine right now. 
  16. You sexy beast! Can I book you for a private strip show in my room?
  17. I am imagining how handsome and dashing you are this morning because you never fail too. The only thing missing is my good morning kiss.
  18. How much do you miss me? Is it the size of the mountains?
  19. I love you always and forever. 
  20. How are you doing today? Thinking about me wearing nothing but…a smile? Winks*
  21. Do you wanna come over, I learned I give the warmest hug. My pillow said so. 
  22. The best feeling ever is you on my mind
  23.  I want all of you, I can’t get enough. Your smiles, your chuckles, your arms around me, you whispering sweet nothings in my ear, your eyes staring deep into my heart and soul, your sarcasm, your love, and all of you. A complete package just for me. I love you and I miss you, baby. 
  24. Listening to all of these love songs and it seems you are speaking to me. I know I wasn’t wrong when I chose you. I love you. 


 It doesn’t take much thought or preparation to send a text message. Each day, just one text message. There is no need to wait for an occasion to express your gratitude for his being in your life or your love and admiration for him to make him miss you. Simply sending one text message is all that is required. He’ll surely be missing you like crazy for that single act of love.