10 Signs Your First Date Is Going Well

First dates are daunting. Whether you’ve been on many dates before or not You are unsure of what to say and concerned about how you come off. You are pondering lots of what-ifs. What if everything ends up being awful or messy? Again, you’re on a date, but you’re puzzled and trying to tell if the first date is going well. 

Reading the signs can be challenging, especially in today’s world where everyone is so preoccupied with swiping on dating apps and passing on to the next person.

I will give you a heads-up, so do not panic. These ten signs of a good first date will shed light on the situation. 

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You should also be aware of how to determine whether a first date went well before going on one. This prevents you from worrying about everything when you go home. Additionally, it comforts you during the date.

10 Signs your first is well going

You do not need to get to the house after a date to know if it went well, you can possibly know how well your first date is going when you begin to have conversations together.

1. If you feel at ease right away

First impressions don’t always matter, but they do have some weight. It’s a good sign that your date is going well when you meet your date and feel at ease right away. This means there won’t be a lot of awkward silence on the date. If you think about it, the first five minutes of a date usually give you a good indication of how it will flow.

2. Was the date planned creatively?

It’s just awesome when a man can get creative. It’s not always easy to come up with date ideas. While there is nothing wrong with simply going out for dinner or drinks, it is always wonderful to have a thrilling “next thing” planned. That can include picnic dates, bowling, a dinner cruise, or camping. It’s a positive sign if your partner took the time to plan a memorable date for you. 

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3. The dialogue is going so well

Have you ever been on that kind of date, where the other person never lets you speak, much less asks you a question, and instead spends the entire conversation talking about themselves? On the other hand, do you feel like you each contributed equally to the conversation? If you think that the other person showed genuine interest in what you were saying and that you discovered a few things in common. Then your date is going well. 

4. If you haven’t checked your phone

You are aware that it is impolite to check your phone while on a date, but it probably hasn’t hindered you in the past. When we feel uncomfortable or bored, the majority of us reach for our phones and begin checking our social media accounts and checking for new messages. It’s a good sign if you didn’t pick up your phone once. 

Of course, this also applies in the other direction, so your date shouldn’t have been staring at theirs. It’s great that neither of you felt the urge to visit their social media app to see the latest news.

When you realize you haven’t picked up your phone in the past hour and a half, you know it’s a perfect first date.

5. There was a steady eye contact

When someone looks into your eyes rather than looking around, that is one sign that they are into you. If a person is drawn to you, they would maintain eye contact with you during conversations. Uncomfortable people will frequently distance themselves from you or cross their arms

Your date is going well if they make eye contact with you and turn to face you.

6. They flirted with you

This one is very clear, but it’s still important to keep in mind. The date was successful, and you can be quite certain it will result in something if you thought the chemistry was there and that they were trying to make a move on you.

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7. You are both laughing 

How wonderful is it to find someone who matches your sense of humor? There is something there and you may anticipate going on a second date if you were both laughing and having fun.

Nobody frequently smiles and laughs without a good reason! A successful date is that one that leaves you with a facial ache from smiling when you think back on it. And if your date has you with these same feelings too, you’re having a good time. 

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8. Your date treats you with decency and respect

It’s not always about how it went and whether there will be another date to determine if a first date was successful. How did you feel on your date? 

If they treated you with respect and decency, your first date was wonderful. You had a wonderful experience, even if it doesn’t progress to a repeat performance.

9. The date is taking longer than expected

You may have imagined your first date would last an hour or two. Now a few more hours have passed, and you two are still chatting laughingly. This is a positive sign that all is well because when a date goes poorly, one of you may try to arrange an early exit. But if you stayed longer than anticipated on the first date, it’s obvious that you two enjoyed yourselves.

10. They propose a second date

Again, this is a simple concept, but it’s a wonderful feeling when someone expresses a desire to see you again. If they provide a suggestion based on how much they’ve learned about you during the date and somewhere they’d like to take you, it means they’ve given it careful consideration and want to see you again.


First dates can be nerve-wracking because you want to make a good impression. There may be a thousand thoughts racing through your head or this anxiety in your stomach as you search for signs that your first date is going well. I can reassure you that you need not worry; simply be yourself and enjoy the moment. 

The date will undoubtedly be successful if you participate in talks that highlight your abilities, practice active listening, and share your ideas. Observe these clues and know if your first date is going well, and if you recognize any of them, you may put your apprehensions to rest.