13 Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

When texting with a guy, you may want to know signs he is slowly falling for you over text. When you are having an in-person conversation with him, you may want to know some physical signs he’s falling for you.

However, not everyone is good at reading people’s characters, gestures, or emotions, but every single thing someone does means one thing or another. You’ve been going out with him for a while now, and he may look genuinely interested in you, but you need to know if he is falling for you.

Men are known to be very straightforward with what they want. So if he has started falling in love with you, it is certain that the signs may already be there and you haven’t seen them, but if he hasn’t started falling for you, the signs are still there; you just need to read the signs and know.

Once you see any of these subtle signs, just know that he is 101% falling for you already;

1. He wants to be with you more often

Whether it’s a date or simply watching a movie at home, cooking together, or making plans together. This shows that he enjoys being with you and spending time with you, which is another sign that he is falling for you.

2. When he is being more attentive to you

Women love attention; it’s the way they were born. If he is paying attention to you by remembering things you said before even when you didn’t place much importance on them, pausing his games to hear you rant even if you keep saying the same thing over and over, when he knows your likes and dislikes just by listening to you talk and watching how you act towards certain things, he is falling for you.

3. He becomes protective of you

He assumes the responsibility of taking you home on days you have to stay out late; he makes sure you don’t drink with the wrong crowd, and he tries to be sober when you have to drink. He worries about the people you hang out with and where you go, and he is always fast to rescue you from bullies and men who might want to take advantage of you. No man does this unless he is attempting to make a bold statement.

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4. When he is jealous of your male friends

Jealousy is one emotion that can’t be taken away from love. Even if your partner trusts you, certain situations may arise that cause him to be territorial with you. If he acts jealous when you have to go out with your male friends when he is not in town, then he has started falling in love with you.

5. He compliments you all the time

Telling you that you look beautiful, noticing when you change your nail polish and complimenting it, complimenting your dress or shoes Just by saying anything to make you smile or blush, he is falling for you because it takes effort from someone who genuinely likes you to make it a regular habit.

6. He looks genuinely happy to see you at all time

Regardless of how bad his day was or what is going on at that moment, if he is always happy to see you and accommodate you, then he loves you. If you always bring him joy and his eyes light up when he sees you, his thoughts about you have progressed far beyond mere likes.

7. He introduces you to his friends and families

It is different when he always wants to take you; this shows he likes you, but when he takes you to meet his parents or his friends, he is trying to make a statement to show that he wants you to be part of his life. Taking you to meet his family is not an action he might take with every other girl, but with you, he will do it because he is trying to make his family start getting used to seeing you because you will be there for a very long time

8. He buys you gifts

If he knows that receiving gifts is your love language and becomes fond of giving you gifts, no matter how small they are, this means that he is thinking about you.

9. If he treats you with respect,

Men respect the women they plan to spend their lives with, and will also not entertain anyone disrespecting them in their presence. If he is falling for you it will tell in the way he speaks with you with respect and the way his family and friends alike speak to you.

10. When he goes out of his way to do things for you

When he goes out of his way to always make you happy and make sure you are comfortable, then he is slowly falling for you. Doing things that on a normal day he won’t be caught doing simply because you like them. These are signs that you’ve caught him in your love web.

11. He is always staring at you

He may not be conscious of this fact, and at times he may do it unknowingly, but you always catch him staring at you. He might be admiring your beauty or the way you talk, or he might be mesmerized by your smile, but he is also slowly falling for you without even knowing it.

12. If he opens up about his past

Men can be a little less talkative about their feelings and their past than women, and they don’t tell things like their past to just anyone. If he has started telling you about tiny details of when you were not yet in his life, then the chances that he has started falling for you are very high.

13. When he starts being touchy with you

He starts holding hands with you every time you go out, hugging you regularly, and kissing you on the forehead; he always wants to cuddle you and always seeks physical closeness with you; the chances are that he is slowly falling in love with you.


Falling in love and being loved is a beautiful feeling that everyone needs to experience, and if you find the person who loves you, even if he is yet to put a name to what he feels for you from the signs you can already tell he is falling for you already, hold him tight.