31 Obvious Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

How do you know if he wants you to be his girlfriend?

The saying goes well that “actions speak louder than words,” and it is a very wise saying because words, despite having a great impact on us, do not represent a guarantee of something concrete. That’s why you might want to know the signs he sees you as girlfriend material and wants a long relationship with you.

Of course, when someone “gives you his words,” it’s a promise to be fulfilled, but… how can you be completely sure of it? That is why words should always be accompanied by actions that support them and attest that what has been said is true.

The field of love is increasingly complicated, and knowing (or recognizing) if a person wants something with you or not is not as obvious as it may seem.

It is more than clear that each person is a world and that you never know what happens to each one’s mind. No one has telepathy; no one reads minds; or is it so intuitive as to know what another person has in mind to do (or say)?

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Although there is no manual as such or a clear way of knowing it, there are signs or attitudes that make you see or know if the person you are interested in feels the same way about you. It may not be the definitive manual to know it but, at least, with this, we are going to avoid unnecessary headaches.

But how can we discover and read those signs well? Here we will give you some tips about that person’s actions so that you can take them into account.

31 Obvious Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

Whether you’re looking for the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon or his wife, the following points will help you know where the relationship is heading.

1. Greater Dedication

Whether they are dating, or if they already have a relationship but they do not yet formalize, your partner begins to dedicate more time and space to you, the messages become long calls, the visits are more regular and the outings begin to be more diverse. But above all, he begins to worry about your day to day, what bothers you or the things that can make you happy and

2. Good Communication

It tends to happen at the beginning of relationships that there is no good communication channel between the couple. Either because they are afraid to bother the other, because they believe that what they have to say is not important or because they believe that they will not be able to express themselves well. So the first conversations are banal and superficial, but then they are transformed into talks about personal space, confessions about fears, and small details that are important to the other and that they want to share.

3. He Has Confidence In You

You can notice that in particular if your friend or that special person you date is reserved and shy about sharing personal things or telling you about their problems, but who is now a little more open, tells you about his day-to-day life, to share funny anecdotes from his past or looking for some advice about a particular problem.

4. He Makes You A Priority

It may be that at the beginning of a relationship or at the time of courtship and exit, your partner does not exactly show that you are a very significant person to him. In the sense that he can go on a date with his friends before going on a date with you, or that he has a lot of problems that include you on his agenda.

For this reason, when you begin to observe that he spends more time with you, he asks you which days you have free, invites you to go out spontaneously, and looks for certain ways to please you. Then he is making you his priority.

5. Most Public Relationship Returns

It happens in many couples, especially before establishing a relationship and showing it to the public. So if he loves begins to express his feelings more publicly through gestures, such as holding your hand, giving you more hugs, sitting next to you, taking the initiative when writing to you, etc. Until there comes a time when he admits to others about their intentions with you or the nature of their relationship.

6. Talk To You About It

Likely, he will not tell you directly about his intentions to advance the relationship or formalize it, but he can begin to ask you questions about it. About your opinions about commitment, what you expect in your partner, or how a more serious and stable relationship is for you. You must always speak honestly, that way he can be clear about your position so you will know if your relationship has a future or if it is only something temporary.

7. He Is More Interested In Your Things

As we have already mentioned, he not only shows an interest in your most cheerful and superficially attractive appearance. But he begins to show special attention to the problems of your daily life and how he can help you solve them, as well as your defects or your performance in the rest of the areas of your life, such as your professionalism, the dreams you want to pursue, the things that make you happy, etc.

8. He Looks For You By Any Means

No matter how busy you are both, your special person will find a way to see you or maintain continuous communication, so that they can be together even remotely. This shows in particular that your beloved wants to have a more committed relationship with you.

9. He Asks You To Share More

He may start visiting you more often, invite you to family reunions, or if they are already in a relationship, he may invite you to stay at home longer and longer. This makes them take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other more deeply and evaluate how they conduct coexistence. So that they can see whether or not a greater commitment is possible.

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10. He Starts Using More Meaningful Words

Although that person is reserved in expressing his feelings to you or in talking about more formal stability in his relationship, he can begin to use more loving words such as ‘I adore you, I love you, I love you or call you affectionate pseudonyms. This shows that there is trust between the two and a lot of affection they do not have with any other person.

11. Introduces You To His Social Circle

This is a very important point to which you should pay close attention to determine if your partner wants something more serious with you. Introduce yourself to their circle of friends, invite you to family reunions, wanting to meet your loved ones and mix very well with the environment or strive for you to feel comfortable in theirs. It is a great sign that he sees you as someone to maintain a formal and stable love relationship with because he considers you important.

12. He Is More Interested In The Future

Again, he may not express it or stop to talk to you about his plans with you, but he can start talking about how he would like his relationship to be in a few years, what he hopes to achieve, his stance on commitment, and above all, he will seek to know your opinion about it.

13. The Way He Looks At You

The look does not deceive! A man who looks at a woman he intends to have something with looks at her with some intensity at some time. The intensity of the gaze betrays emotions and feelings. If your partner’s eyes shine as soon as he sees you, you can rest assured he is in for you.

14. Seen In His Attitude

A man who wants something deep with you will always show it in his actions starting he feels good in his head, and in his body, reconnecting with the child’s carefree attitude, and feeling incredibly light whenever you are with him. 

15. He Is Jealous Of Other Things That Does Not Have To Do With Him

Love has its setbacks. Know that a man who wants a relationship with you is also very possessive and jealous. It, therefore, risks monitoring you, stalking your Facebook profile, rummaging through your pockets, and monitoring your text messages on your cell phone. He wants to know where you are and goes crazy as soon as you’re away from him.

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16. Trust

A man who wants something with you confides more easily, in a more expansive way, It shines and his confidence is communicative.

17. Physical Attraction

A man in love will have a hard time hiding his radiant complexion when he is around you, but his ability to control himself and go according to your wish is a key sign you should look out to. 

18. Respect Your Individuality

Knowing how to maintain individuality is one of the main secrets of lasting relationships. We are whole individuals with our hobbies, dreams, and resources. When a person wants to have something with you, Respect your space, support your goals and rejoice in your successes.

19. Do Some Plans With You

Having a purpose in life is what allows us to create a story that leaves its mark. If he has never asked you where and how you imagine yourself in the coming years, whether he avoids topics regarding more serious issues – such as, for example, having children or not – or if he or if he or she never proposes to fight for a meaningful goal in common, it can be a negative signal, but if he constantly asks you for that, it can be a serious signal

20. He Pays Attention To You

When you are very much in love and he wants a relationship with you, it is natural that all our attention is focused on you. He is interested in every detail: your way of dressing, your ideas, your history.

21. Show Physical Affection

Physical contact strengthens the bond in the couple. It’s one of the main ways to show love and it’s not just about sex. A hug, for example, has the power to improve our mood. This is a key sign you should look out to

22. He Stays By Your Side Even In Difficult Times

Being together in good times is easy. However, life is also made up of difficult times. We are all going through stages where we have to deal with problems. A person who wants to be with you will not abandon you at a difficult time. He will remain by your side. He will support you by trying to show you the bright side of things and help you find solutions to those problems that overwhelm you.

23. Forgive Your Mistakes

There is no perfect person. We make mistakes all the time. His ability of him to understand this and put it into practice is one sign you should not overlook.

24. He Introduces To Family And Friends

Once a man wants a relationship with you, he is not afraid to introduce you to family and friends. He tries not to hide you from them and always talks about you to them.

25. He Confides In You

Men are usually secretive but a man who wants a relationship with you opens up to you and this helps in developing an emotional relationship.

26. Cherishes Your Opinion

Once you are worth something to a man, he will include you in his big and small decisions and also allow your ideas to count.

27. Subconsciously And Effortlessly Makes You Laugh

Your happiness, laughter, and smile mean a lot to you. So if he constantly makes you laugh without forcing it, then have in mind that something is cooking.

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28. Reveals His Past To You

Men these days do not talk about their past unless you mean something to them, if he wants to be honest with you and opens up about his past be it good or bad, then bear in mind it’s a positive sign.

29. He Is Loyal

Loyalty is a rare feature and once you can find it in a man for you, then rest assured he truly wants something with you.

30. He Is Over Protective Of You

If he calls you to check if you have reached home safely or wait waits for you to enter your house before he leaves and many other things, then you need to know that he was genuinely interested in you and your safety.

31. He Is A Supportive And Reliable

A man who I willing to be there for you at every step and is ready to support your life goals and career is super interested in you.


We have seen that when a person wants to be with someone, he is ready to get involved and open his heart to that person. This means that an interested person approaches in different ways, both physically and emotionally, and mentally, and tries to involve you in the different areas of his life.