The 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

It is the dream of every lady to have a faithful, loyal, and loving guy who will treat her right. Ladies try as much as possible to avoid guys who cheat. Cheating usually destroys every good relationship, ruins reputations, and sends a message of discard to the person who is cheated on. You need to know the type of men that you chat with and move around with, why they cheat, and any suspicious signs of having an affair. Keep reading!

The types of men who have affairs include:

1. The Opportunist Type

As much as some men are happy in their relationships, they cheat whenever they have the slightest opportunity. These types of men hardly ever stop cheating because flirting is in their nature. Opportunist cheaters usually crave adventure and excitement, and they will do everything to have it when the opportunity sets in, even at the expense of cheating on their partners.

You can call this type of cheater “sneaky cheaters” because they usually cheat underground without coming out openly. Sometimes, they cheat to test their partner’s loyalty. If your partner is the opportunist type, he may be madly in love with you and delighted in the relationship, but he will always flirt with others and may even cheat if you do not meet his demands.

Reasons Why Opportunist Cheaters Have Affairs

They see opportunity

Having opportunity is the first apparent reason why opportunist cheaters usually cheat. Seeing someone available and interested in them will cause them to unwittingly cheat on their partners. The more opportunities they have to meet people, the higher the risk of cheating.

For instance, working in a social environment with many available and attractive women can make them cheat. They can’t stop themselves from flirting with others, which 90 percent of the time results in relationships.

They want excitement

Looking for excitement is a common reason men cheat, not only opportunist cheaters. They usually believe sex with other women is very pleasurable, making them feel excited for the time being. Sometimes, when they think their partners possess everything they need and there is nothing more, they feel bored and have the urge to cheat to explore more opportunities with others. They believe they will get more excitement from other women than their partners.

They have a Narcissist way of expressing love

Some men think flirting and having intimate relationships with others is a unique way of expressing love. They believe the ability to lure other people into their beds means they are more significant than their partners. They feel it is a way to make their partners more committed to relationships.

They think cheating is a way of showing how others admire and are attracted to them. Opportunist Cheaters feel they are valued less in a relationship, and wanting more regard is what makes them cheat.

2. The Erotic Cheaters

Erotic cheaters can also be called “horny cheaters.”  This type of cheater is just like an opportunist cheater. They don’t feel attached to the people they cheat with; they only care about sex. They have a strong desire for sex, which they think cannot be satisfied by having regular sex with their partners.

Their main reason for cheating is an insatiable desire for sex, and they are so sex-crazed that they can cheat for a bit of sex adventure. They usually go for a “nightstand” because they feel the easiest way to get sexual gratification is without strings attached.  Honey cheaters can cheat in both serious and casual relationships.

Reasons Why Erotic Cheaters Cheat

Insatiable Sex Desire

Wanting more sex than they can get from their partners will always lead to cheating. This makes them want to explore any opportunity they see to have sex. They don’t always care about the consequences of cheating. All they care about is the pleasure they will derive from having sex.

They Feel Sexually Bored

Erotic Cheaters feel having sex with a single partner for some months or years is boring. So, they want to explore something new, which is the main reason for cheating at the slightest chance of sexual experience when they meet a new person.

3. The Frustrated Cheater

Some men feel the urge to cheat whenever they think they are neglected or restricted from doing things they desire. Whenever he feels you are not meeting his demands, he will go elsewhere to get them. Slight Frustration and lack of happiness will make them cheat on their partners with other women.

This type of cheating usually results from prolonged, unfulfilling, and boring relationships, and the cheaters will eventually break up with their partners at some point in time to connect with someone they find more attractive who and can fulfill their desires.

Reasons Why Frustrated Cheaters Cheat

Feeling of Being Unwanted, Unappreciated, And Unloved

When men feel unwanted and unappreciated, they think they are not wanted in the relationship anymore. So, they feel frustrated and cheat easily.

They Feel Neglected

There are many things a lady can do willingly or unwillingly to make her man feel neglected. These include ignoring him, spending more time with others, and pursuing new opportunities such as carrier day-in, day-out, and others. All these can make men feel emotionally neglected, and when they do so, they tend to find new places where they can get what they lack in their relationships.

Signs of a cheating partner

Suspicious Phone Usage

When you notice your man is more inclined to protect his phone, there is a high probability he has started cheating. He might tend to change his password, always put the phone on silent, make calls when he’s alone, receive calls, and frequently say it’s a wrong number, among other things.

Not interested in sex any longer.

It’s being said that men can’t do without sex, so whenever your partner is not interested in sex anymore, there is a high chance he’s getting it somewhere else.

Staying Out Longer

Whenever your man starts developing the habit of staying out longer without any reasonable reason, it’s a sign he might be seeing someone else. He might use the excuse of going out with friends and having more work at the office, among others.

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Wrapping Up

Having affairs is the main reason why many reputations and relationships are ruined. Frustrated, opportunistic, and exotic guys always tend to cheat for one reason or another. Cheating could be caused by a partner’s lack of care, an insatiable need for sex, or a lack of excitement in recent relationships. Staying out longer and making suspicious phone calls might be a sign of cheating in a relationship.